What Is Poshinaya Foam From Gaslit? John Dean Tapes Reveals New Details In The Finale Episode

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Poshinaya Foam from Gaslit is explained as a high-density cushion foam. It was mentioned in the final episode of gaslit by John Dean. 

Some people are still confused if John Dean said Poshinaya or Ocena when agreeing to testify to Mitchell. So here is what it means per the explanation given in the final day's episode of Gaslit. 

What Is Poshinaya Foam From Gaslit?

Poshinaya Foam from Gaslit is the world's best high-density cushion foam. Unfortunately, they only exist in the Eastern Bloc. It is said that sitting in a seat made of Poshinaya foam makes you feel as if you are floating on air.

When talking about it, he said that someone informed him in law school that Jack Kennedy arranged for the CIA to make a special deal with Khrushchev to have every seat on Air Force One padded with the substance.


And, when he heard about that, he thought he would do anything to sit on one of those seats before he died. He further explained if riding with a president 30,000 feet above when your bottom is cradled by a cloud, who would want to leave that and go back to ordinary cushions or ordinary existence. 

Thus, with the term Poshinaya Foam, he tried to explain why he supported Nixon for a long time even though he knew of the Watergate scandal. 

John Dean Tapes In Gaslit Mentions About Poshinaya Foam

John Dean's testimony tape in the final episode of Gaslit mentions Poshinaya foam. The foam used to make seatings that make one feel like floating on air is compared to the Dean's experience of being by the side of a president who can enjoy great things in life. 

When Dean was asked if he ever got to sit on the cushion used in every seat on Air Force One, he said he did and further added it was an incredible experience. 

Nevertheless, it is unknown whether the story about the foam is true because there is no mention of such foam. 

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Gaslit Episode 'Final Days' Recap

In the Gaslit episode, 'Final days,' recap, viewers can see John Dean with FBI agents Lano and Magallanes. He agreed to testify against Mitchell. 

It showed Nixon's resignation from office in 1974. He is also asked to share the Watergate tapes with Judge John Sirica.