20 Best Potato Companion Plants for a Thriving Potatoes Garden

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Are you looking to maximize your potato harvest and create a thriving potato garden? Choosing the right companion plants can greatly enhance the growth and yield of your potatoes.

By strategically planting certain vegetables and herbs alongside your potato plants, you can deter pests, improve soil quality, and even boost the flavor of your potatoes.

In this article, we will explore the best potato companion plants that will help you create a bountiful and healthy potato garden.

1. Horseradish

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Horseradish and potatoes are an unexpected yet brilliant duo in the garden. Horseradish's pungent aroma repels pests that often trouble potatoes, creating a natural shield for their delicate tubers. These partners thrive in similar climates, favoring cool, moist conditions.

They share a love for well-drained, loamy soil, where horseradish's deep roots help break up compacted earth, enhancing aeration for the potatoes. Moreover, horseradish's nutrient requirements complement potatoes, ensuring a balanced, bountiful harvest. It's a flavorful alliance where one's zest fortifies the other, resulting in a deliciously fruitful garden partnership.

2. Garlic

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Garlic and potatoes make a dynamic duo in the garden, enhancing each other's growth and flavor. Garlic acts as a natural bodyguard, deterring pests that often trouble potatoes. This pairing thrives in temperate climates, enjoying similar preferences for well-drained, loamy soil.

They're not demanding when it comes to nutrition, but both benefit from a bit of extra potassium. Together, they create a balanced partnership, with garlic protecting potatoes from unwanted intruders, and potatoes providing shade to their pungent companions. It's a culinary and gardening delight rolled into one, making your harvest a flavorful masterpiece.

3. Onions

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Onions and potatoes serve as great companion plants in the garden, each offering unique benefits. Onions act as natural pest repellents for potatoes, deterring insects and protecting the spuds. They both prefer a sunny, well-drained garden bed with slightly acidic soil.

Onions are modest feeders, while potatoes are more voracious. However, they can share the soil without competing for nutrients. Onions enrich the soil with organic matter, benefiting potato growth. This partnership thrives in a temperate climate, delivering a harmonious, flavorful yield that's not just delicious but also naturally protected from pests.

4. Peas

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Peas are fantastic companions for potatoes because they act as natural trellises, saving space and providing support for potato vines. These companions prefer cool climates, thriving in the spring and fall. They share a love for well-drained, loamy soil that's rich in organic matter.

When it comes to nutrition, peas fix nitrogen in the soil, giving potatoes a boost, and in return, potatoes offer shade to peas as they grow. It's a partnership that's a win-win for your garden and your taste buds

5. Beans

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Beans and potatoes make an excellent gardening pair. Beans, with their climbing nature, provide living trellises for potato vines, making the most of vertical space in your garden. This companionship suits temperate climates, and they both appreciate well-drained, loamy soil.

Beans, being nitrogen-fixers, enrich the soil with this essential nutrient, benefiting the potatoes' growth. Meanwhile, the potato plants offer shade to their bean buddies during hot spells. Together, they create a thriving, space-efficient ecosystem, where each plant's needs are met, resulting in a bountiful and harmonious harvest.

6. Corn

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Corn and potatoes are an unlikely but remarkable pair in the world of companion planting. Corn stands tall and provides a living trellis for sprawling potato vines, maximizing garden space. This partnership thrives in sun-drenched, warm climates, and well-drained, loamy soil.

What makes it truly fascinating is their nutrition balance – corn offers vertical support, while potatoes anchor the ground, and together they create a harmonious ecosystem that discourages pests. It's a dynamic duo that not only yields a bountiful harvest but also showcases the art of collaboration in nature's garden.

7. Lettuce

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Lettuce and potatoes make a delightful pairing in the garden, a true dynamic duo. Planting lettuce alongside your potatoes brings both practical and culinary benefits. Lettuce's leafy canopy provides natural shade for the spuds, shielding them from harsh sunlight and preventing weed growth.

They share a preference for temperate climates and well-drained, loose soil. When it comes to nutrition, potatoes offer essential starch, while lettuce brings a dose of leafy greens to the table. This partnership is not just about harmony in the garden but also a culinary symphony on your plate, making your harvest a balanced and flavorful feast.

8. Spinach

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Spinach and potatoes are like the best of friends in the garden, creating a symbiotic partnership that benefits both. Spinach, with its low, leafy growth, provides the perfect living mulch for potatoes, shielding their roots from the sun and keeping the soil cool and moist.

This dynamic duo thrives in cool to temperate climates and prefers well-drained, nutrient-rich soil. While potatoes crave more of the underground goodies, spinach is content with what's above, ensuring a balanced nutrient utilization. Together, they not only maximize space but also enrich your plate with a bountiful harvest.

9. Thyme

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Thyme and potatoes are ideal companion plants to grow together in the garden. Thyme's aromatic leaves not only deter pests that bother potatoes but also enhance their flavor. This companionship thrives in sunny, well-drained soil, making it perfect for many climates.

Thyme's shallow roots prevent soil erosion and complement potatoes' deeper roots, ensuring efficient nutrient uptake. Together, they create a harmonious garden symphony, enriching the soil and yielding delicious, earthy potatoes, all while providing a fragrant backdrop to your culinary adventures.

10. Basil

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Basil and potatoes are excellent and delightful companion plants. Basil acts as the guardian of your potato patch, keeping harmful insects away with its aromatic charm, while also enhancing the potato's flavor. This dynamic duo prefers a warm, sunny climate and well-drained soil.

Basil's nutrient needs complement the potatoes, creating a mutual benefit, and the lush green basil leaves provide a pleasant contrast to the potato vines. This partnership not only yields a bountiful harvest but also adds a touch of culinary creativity to your garden. Basil is also perfect for planting together with peppers.

11. Sage

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Sage and potatoes are the perfect culinary companions in your garden. When grown together, sage acts as a guardian, keeping away harmful pests that may trouble your precious potatoes. These harmonious partners prefer sunny, well-drained soil and thrive in climates that offer plenty of sunshine.

The beauty of this alliance lies in the mutual benefits – sage's aromatic foliage enhances the flavor of potatoes, creating a delectable symphony of tastes in your dishes. What's more, they have similar modest nutrition needs, making them ideal neighbors in the garden, ensuring a bountiful and flavorful harvest.

12. Nasturtiums

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Nasturtiums and potatoes create a delightful partnership in the garden, where each plant plays a vital role in harmony. Nasturtiums, with their vibrant flowers and pungent scent, act as natural bodyguards for potatoes, deterring pesky pests and unwanted critters. This companionship thrives in temperate climates, enjoying the same sun and shade preferences.

They're both humble in their soil requirements, favoring well-drained, loamy earth. What makes this union truly magical is the way nasturtiums enrich the soil with their nitrogen-fixing abilities, providing a nutrient boost to the potato crop. It's a garden collaboration that's both protective and nurturing, resulting in bountiful harvests.

13. Borage

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Borage, with its vibrant blue flowers, not only adds a splash of beauty but also acts as a natural bodyguard for potatoes making them perfect companion plants. Its strong scent deters pests like the infamous potato beetle. These partners thrive in temperate climates, enjoying well-drained, fertile soil.

Potatoes appreciate the extra nutrients borage provides, while borage benefits from the shade and protection of its leafy potato neighbors. It's a harmonious partnership that not only improves the potato crop but also creates an aesthetically pleasing garden retreat. Borage also bonds well with cucumber as a companion plant.

14. Cilantro

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Cilantro and potatoes compliment one another when planted side by side. Cilantro's fragrant leaves act as a natural pest repellent for potatoes, keeping unwanted critters at bay. They share a love for cool, temperate climates and thrive in well-drained, loamy soil.

This partnership enriches the garden soil as cilantro's roots help to break it up, making it easier for potatoes to grow and absorb nutrients. The duo's nutritional needs align, making it a convenient and harmonious pairing, while adding a dash of cilantro's zesty flavor to your potato dishes.

15. Radishes

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Radishes and potatoes make an unexpected yet brilliant pair in the garden. Planting radishes alongside your potatoes is like having a natural soil therapist for your spuds. The radishes' quick growth and pungent aroma act as a natural deterrent for potato-hungry pests like Colorado potato beetles.

They both appreciate similar cool climates and well-drained soil, making them great gardening buddies. Moreover, radishes loosen the soil with their taproots, allowing the potato roots to spread more easily and access nutrients efficiently. It's a symbiotic relationship that promotes healthier, pest-resistant potato crops and ensures a harmonious garden partnership.

16. Yarrow

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Yarrow serves potatoes as an excellent companion plant. Yarrow's feathery leaves and delicate flowers bring not only beauty but also essential benefits to potato plants. It acts as a natural pest repellent, deterring harmful insects and nematodes, and protecting the potatoes.

Both these companions enjoy full sun and well-drained soil, making them an ideal match in the garden. Yarrow's deep roots also help improve soil structure, while their shared preference for lower nitrogen levels ensures potatoes focus on tuber development, yielding a bountiful harvest. It's a win-win collaboration, enhancing your potato crop with elegance and practicality.

17. Parsley

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Parsley and potatoes form a harmonious alliance in the garden. Parsley's fragrant leaves act as a natural pest deterrent for potatoes, keeping unwanted critters at bay while adding a burst of flavor to your culinary creations. They both enjoy cool climates with well-drained, slightly acidic soil, making them excellent bedfellows.

Parsley, being a nutrient-packed herb, complements the potato's starchiness with essential vitamins and minerals. This partnership not only defends your potatoes but also elevates their taste and nutritional value, making it a winning combination for both your garden and your plate.

18. Sweet Alyssum

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Sweet Alyssum and potatoes form a garden companionship that's both charming and beneficial. The delicate blossoms of Sweet Alyssum not only add a touch of beauty but also attract beneficial insects, like ladybugs, which help keep potato pests in check.

This dynamic duo thrives in a variety of climates but especially loves the cool embrace of spring and fall. They both prefer well-drained soil that's rich in organic matter, and Sweet Alyssum's shallow roots are a perfect complement to the deeper-reaching potato roots. While potatoes crave a bit more potassium, Sweet Alyssum is content with less, making them a harmonious pair, benefiting from each other's company.

19. Cabbage

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Cabbage and potatoes form an excellent companion plant situation in the garden. Cabbage, with its leafy allure, acts as a natural pest repellent, deterring unwanted critters that may harm potatoes. These companions flourish in temperate climates, enjoying cool weather together.

They both appreciate well-drained, loamy soil, and their nutritional needs complement each other, making the soil a balanced feast for both. Together, they create a garden synergy that not only saves space but also enhances the overall health of your crop, ensuring a bountiful and diverse harvest.

20. Cucumbers

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Cucumbers and potatoes, when planted side by side, are excellent companion plants in the garden. Cucumbers, with their sprawling vines, offer a natural ground cover that shields the soil from excessive moisture loss and helps suppress weeds, benefiting the potato crop.

They both thrive in temperate climates, enjoying full sun and well-drained, loamy soil. Cucumbers are light feeders, while potatoes are heavier consumers of nutrients, which makes them a well-balanced pair. This collaborative planting not only maximizes space but also encourages a bountiful harvest of both crisp cucumbers and hearty potatoes, making your garden a flavorful haven.