Pregnant Model Kayla Itsines Shows Off Baby Bump- Update On Her New Boyfriend Jae Woodroffe

Fitness Model Kayla announced her pregnancy with Jae
Source : instagram

Model Kayla is currently in the limelight along with her boyfriend Jae after the announcement of her engagement with him and the news of her second child, which is due in January 2023.

Kayla Itsines is a Greek-born Australian personal trainer, author, and businesswoman born on May 21, 1991. She is the author of the Bikini Body Guides fitness ebook series and the meal-planning and exercises app.

"Sweat with Kayla," her exercise app, brought in the most money in 2016. Itsines was recognized as one of the 30 most influential people online by Time in March 2016, praising her proficient use of social media to advance her business.

Itsines claims her love of sports, including basketball, started her interest in fitness. She recalled being initially scared by the gym until a fitness trainer urged her to "simply start someplace."

Pregnant Model Kayla Itsines Shows Off Baby Bump

The model and fitness influencer, Kayla Itssines, is currently pregnant and expecting her second child, due in early January 2023. She seemed genuinely thankful, happy, and eager to begin her future chapter with Jae, Arna, and the unborn child.

Kayla has more happy news to share with her fans and followers worldwide just a week after confirming her engagement to her long-term lover, Jae Woodroffe. Through Instagram, Kayla revealed she is pregnant with her second child and her partner, Jae.

Despite her massive success as a fitness coach and trainer, she thinks that her most significant achievement in life is becoming a mother to Arna, who is now 3 years old.

The model confessed her regret for keeping her emotions to herself while carrying her first child. But she feels great and very different this time.

She has already captured many moments of her journey up to this point and is eager to share them with everyone, in addition to her usual trainer content.

Kayla Itsines Met Her New Boyfriend Jae Woodroffe After Divorce

Kayla Itsines, a businesswoman in the fitness industry, has declared her engagement to Jae Woodroffe, whom she has been dating for a year.
A sequence of pictures displayed her diamond ring after Jae proposed to her. In January, the couple announced their relationship to the public.

On July 19, they shared the news of their engagement on Instagram. In addition to being a soon-to-be father, Woodroffe works as a personal trainer in Adelaide.

Both are residents of Adelaide who first connected as friends before love started to fly with the Australian health coach. For Kayla and her partner, family is essential. The health coach has made a lot of statements about wanting a large family.

Jae is available on the Instagram platform under the username @jaewoodroffe, with more than 29.2k followers and 70 posts. He is often seen posting photographs of himself with his girlfriend.

His Instagram profile is full of photographs of his wife-to-be, Kayla. He seems to be very happily engaged with his girlfriend and eagerly waiting for the birth of their biological child.

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Kayla Itsines Ex Tobi Pearce Now

Tobi Pearce and Kayla Itsiness were previously engaged and were in a relationship for eight years in Adelaide, South Australia, where they grew up.

They had been together for a while and were reliable business partners. Kayla and Tobi's first kid together was born in 2019. However, when the couple became parents, they started facing problems in their relationship.


The couple released official declarations on Instagram in 2020 but did not disclose the cause of their breakup. In 2012, the Sweat co-founders initially met at a gym in Adelaide.

Kayla and her ex-Tobia later collaborated to develop the Bikini Body Guide exercise program, which helped launch their SWEAT app. In April 2018, the fitness instructor announced her pregnancy after six years. Not long after that, they got engaged.

Itsines and her ex-partner Tobi Pearce were listed in the BRW "Young Rich" list of the richest Australians under the age of 40 who had not inherited their wealth in October 2016. Their net worth was estimated to be $46 million in 2016.

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