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R5 Band Members Names And Ages

R5 band members Rocky Lynch (left), Rydal (second from left), Ross (middle), Riker Lynch (second from right), and Ellington Ratliff (right) in a single frame
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R5 band members names and ages are Ross Lynch (27), Riker Lynch (31), Rocky Lynch (28), Rydel Lynch (29), and Ellington Ratliff (30).

An American pop-rock band, R5, was established in 2009 in Los Angeles. Initially, the band began with four siblings, and later they added Ellington Ratliff and pursued their musical careers together.

R5 gained popularity and a huge fanbase after Ross got the role of Austin Moon in the Disney Channel series Austin & Ally.

The band's music was known for its catchy pop-rock sound, which incorporates elements of different genres such as pop-rock and power pop.

The band has released two studio albums, five extended plays, and thirteen singles throughout their active years. In 2010, they released their debut EP, called Ready Set Rock, which has five tracks in total.

Who Are The Members Of R5?

The members of R5 are Ross Lynch, Riker Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Rydel Lynch, and Ellington Ratliff. Here is the list of band members and their roles in R5.

Band Members NamesRole
Ross LynchLead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Occasional Piano
Riker LynchBass, Co-lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
Rocky LynchLead Guitar, Backing Vocals, Co-lead Vocals
Rydel LynchKeyboards, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Ellington RatliffDrums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Ross Lynch

Ross Lynch is an American actor, singer, and musician who gained fame for his role as Austin Moon in Disney Channel's series Austin & Ally.

Ross appeared on the TV show Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in formal attire
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Born on December 29, 1995, Ross started his career at R5 in 2009. He served as the lead vocalist for R5.

The singer also pursued a solo music career aside from his work with R5. He was cast as Jeffrey Dahmer in the biographical film My Friend Dahmer and Harvey Kinkle in the Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Riker Lynch

An American singer and actor, Riker Lynch, was born on November 8, 1991. He is now 31 years old.

The singer clicked a picture in a tie suit. His photo was taken by E Studios.
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The singer is best known as a member of the band R5, where he played bass guitar and sang. Riker is the oldest of the Lynch siblings and has played a significant role in the band since its formation.

The actor has also appeared in numerous movies and television shows, and one of his most notable roles was that of Jeff Sterling in the television series Glee.

Rocky Lynch

Rocky Lynch, born on November 1, 1994, played lead guitar and provided backing vocals in the R5 band.

The guitarist, Rocky, posing for a photo
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He is one of the talented siblings in the Lynch family and also plays piano besides guitar. His versatility and skills have had a remarkable impact on the band.

The singer also acts in several projects occasionally and has garnered a huge fan base for his charming personality and talent.

Rydel Lynch

One of the founding members of the R5 band, Rydel Lynch, was born on August 9, 1993. She is the only girl of five siblings and the oldest child in the Lynch family.

Rydel seems happy at Los Angeles International Airport, wearing MSBLUE jewelry
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Rydel learned how to dance, play the keyboard, the tambourine, and the double shaker. In addition to her music career, the singer has also appeared in several commercials.

She is also active on social media, especially on Instagram, where she shares updates about her music and her interest in fashion.

Ellington Ratliff

Ellington Ratliff, an American drummer, and actor, was born on April 14, 1993. He served as the drummer and backing vocalist in the band R5.

Radio Disney posted a photo of Ellington on Facebook on the occasion of his birthday in 2017
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Joining R5 in his early career, the drummer played a vital role in the band with his energetic performance as well as his musical talents.

Besides his music career, the singer has been involved in various acting opportunities, such as in television shows and projects.

R5 Band Songs

R5 band songs are Smile, (I Can't) Forget About You, Hurts Good, and more.

The band released several tracks during their active years, and their records feature rock and pop elements. The best and top ten song lists of R5 are given below:

  1. Smile
  2. (I Can't) Forget About You
  3. Hurts Good
  4. Say You'll Stay (Acoustic Version)
  5. Wild Hearts
  6. Dark Side
  7. Let's Not Be Alone Tonight
  8. Repeating Days
  9. Lightning Strikes
  10. F.E.E.L.G.O.O.D.


Smile was released from the album Sometime Last Night on November 14, 2014. It encourages the audience to let go of troubles and worries and enjoy life.

It is a power-pop record that provides the message to embrace the joy in life and find happiness in the simple things.

Penned by Leah Haywood, Daniel James, Brian Lee, and Matt Thiessen, the track gained positive reviews and was described as sweet, catchy, and great by Bop and Tiger Beat magazines.

(I Can't) Forget About You

Released from the album Louder on December 25, 2013, (I Can't Forget About You explores the memories and feelings after the end of a relationship.

The lyrics show the struggle of moving forward from the past relationship and the difficulties of forgetting the memories and emotions that they shared with each other.

The track gained positive reviews from critics for its relatable lyrics and infectious hooks. It became a fan favorite and remains one of the most recognizable tracks by the band.

Hurts Good

Hurts Good was produced by Pete Nappi and Rocky. It was released from the self-titled album on September 15, 2017.

The single was penned by Ross Lynch, Rocky Lynch, and Ellington Ratliff. Recorded from 2016 to 2017, the track lasts for three minutes and forty-three seconds.

Lyrically, the single shows the attraction of a protagonist towards a girl who does not seem to love him back. He wants her to fall in love with him, but none of his attempts will work.

Is R5 Band Still A Band?

No, the R5 band is not still a band. It was officially disbanded in 2018.

Five members of R5 clicked selfies at the radio Disney
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There is no official announcement about the reunion of the band, and all siblings expressed their desire to be involved in several projects.

Ross and Rocky Lynch formed their musical duo, The Driver Era, in 2018, which allowed them to explore different styles and continue making music together.

The Driver Era also maintained a family affair with Riker, Rydel, and Ellington, who all participated in their tour as part of the backing band.

Where Are R5 Band Members Now?

The band broke up in 2018, but Riker and Rydel still go on tours and perform as members of the band.

The band members during their performance
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Ross and Rocky Lynch focused on their music duo, The Driver Era, after the hiatus of the R5 band. They released three songs together and also went on tour, showing their creativity, talent, and versatility.

Another member, Ellington, also joined The Driver Era and toured as a member of the band. He pursued various creative ventures and also explored acting careers aside from his musical career.

After disbanding the band, Riker released solo songs and developed his career in the entertainment industry, while Rydel showed her interest in the fashion industry.

R5 Band Lynch Siblings Parents And Family

R5 band Lynch siblings, parents and family have resides in Los Angeles since 2007. R5 band father is Mark Lynch, and their mother is Stormie Lynch.

R5 band Lynch Siblings parents Stormie Lynch and Mark Lynch clicked a selfie with their grandchild
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Father Mark Lynch

Mark Lynch was born on January 5, 1962, in Colorado. He is a pilot by profession and has an interest in skydiving.

Mark is the best dad in the world, as he helps his children with everything. Mark's birth sign is Capricorn, and he has dark brown grey hair.

The pilot is active on Instagram as mlynch2020, where he has 53.5K followers and 123 posts. Mark loves to document his travels on social media.

Mother Stormie Lynch

Born on August 23, 1967, in Littleton, Colorado, Stormie is now 55 years old. Her birth sign is Vergo.

In 2007, she relocated her family to Los Angeles to get her career going.

Stormie is active on Instagram as stormielynchr5, where she has 352K followers, 202 following, with 1,840 posts. She posts her family's activities there.