Who Is Rapper Bkb Pole? Donald Corsi and Howard Hughes Racially Profiled Him

Rapper BKB Pole on Instagram ( Source : Ibtimes )

Racial profiling is still a serious and prevalent issue that also so publicly is still unsettling. When we thought the kind of mindset had been left down in the 90s, here we are still talking about people abusing in the name of people's skin color. The police have to arrest a human being for not having basic decency. 

A recent happening about rapper Bkb Pole being targeted for being a certain skin color is going viral on the Internet. He was not only abused but attacked as well. They have been reported to be arrested, and social media does not seem to keep calm. Let's get to know more about the rapper and the racists.

Who Is Bkb Pole? Rapper Alleged Two People Of Racially Profiling Him

Bkb Pole is a rising star in the rapping scene. Just at 16, this one has put his hand into music and entrepreneurship and influenced thousands of teenagers like him to make it big in their life. 

Of course, following your passion is what matters the most in life, but when it comes to securing your future with financial reliability, he is an inspiration to all of us.; not just people of his age group. 

He is present on YouTube with over 185k subscribers already under the username Bigkaybeezy. His most viewed video has over 25 million views, and his latest release is 'Shoe Box baby,' which is on the way to being a hit.

The musician joined YouTube in July 2018 and has 53 million views on it today. Having a good social media presence, the rapper has over 21 thousand followers on Instagram. 

Further, he has a shoe brand named JJ that is present on Insta as @ jresellsfl, and that alone has 2800 followers. So, we can well imagine the power he holds among the public.

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Donald Corsi and Howard Hughes Arrested For Racially Profiling Bkb Pole

Donald Corsi and Howard Hughes are two people who racially profiled rapper Bkb Pole. After the rapper put it out on his handle, the video goes viral on social media platforms. 

In the video, we can see that the two men are abusing him and asking him to leave the area. This incident occurred while Pole was in a neighborhood to meet his friend. 

We can hear them using racial slurs and see them hitting his car with rocks, damaging the window, and showing a gun to threaten him. Watching it is quite difficult as, in today's day and age, people still have such a backward mindset in unusual. 

Even though both have been detained, the specifics of their charges have yet to be published. They are likely to be jailed and fined for the offense. 

On the other hand, the video put out by the rapper himself is also getting quite a big reach. It has over 25 thousand likes and over 6 thousand comments. People are engaging with it and expressing their opinion regarding the happening.

Clinton Dix writes, "What neighborhood this is, bra. We were swinging through on da daily" Similarly, another user called @seo.soto said that he was impressed with how BKB handled the situation. He further hoped that everything would work out in his favor.