Reddit: Was Cyclops Really Inspired By Pygmy Elephant Skulls? Reddit Discussions Explained

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The Cyclops, a one-eyed enormous methodological creature inspired by Pygmy Elephant Skulls found across the Greek Islands, has become the subject of heated dispute. Let's see what theories Reddit users have come up with.

People on Reddit are having a debate about an old methodological creature being related to an ancient elephant. The majority of the people are convinced that the statement is true, while others are debating against it.

The ancient discovery of fossil fuels speculated that prehistoric skulls influenced Greek myths. According to Reddit users, the story of the Cyclops is thought to have originated when Greeks uncovered dwarf elephant skulls and misread the trunk hollow as a single eye socket. 

Did Pygmy Elephant Skulls Inspire Cyclops?

Cyclops is the giant one-eyed creature in ancient greek mythology. 

The Greeks envisioned a whole race of cyclopes living in a remote world free of rule and order. They were a race of dim-witted, violent, one-eyed shepherds dwelling in the caves.

Pygmy elephants, often known as dwarf elephants, were compared to Cyclops. Greeks who had never seen an elephant before discovered the petrified skulls of Pygmy elephants with skulls twice the size of a human head in regions of Italy and Greece.

A side-by-side photo of Cyclops and a pygmy elephant skull
A side-by-side photo of Cyclops and a pygmy elephant skull

These fossils are especially abundant in Sicily, where most of the Cyclopes stories begin. Elephants have trunks as their nasal cavity, and when the animal became a fossil fuel, the nasal cavity remained a large hole in the center of the elephant's skull. 

Therefore, back in the day when the Greeks discovered the skull, they did not have much understanding of elephants as they had never seen one before. Thus, with no understanding of evolution, it stands to reason that they would imagine them as giants, monsters, sphinxes, and so on and called them Cyclops, a one-eyed giant. 

What Do They Look Like?

The Pygmy elephants were smaller than our revolutionized elephants and were named dwarf elephants. The process of migration caused the size reduction. 

They were stuck on islands and had limited resources to survive. To survive with less food, elephants shrunk, and in Sicily, they reached as little as 3 feet tall and 250 pounds thus, caused them to become dwarfs. 

The elephants adapted naturally with no predators until man arrived eleven years ago, and early tribes hunted the small elephants to extinction. Some of their remains were discovered in caves where tribes lived or cooked, and the Greeks found them hundreds of years later.

According to the Greek methodology, the Cyclops had the same features as the dwarf elephants, with skulls twice the size of humans. There are few interpretations of Cyclops.

Cyclopes are frequently shown with only one round eye instead of the two they usually have. On the other hand, some believe they have two empty eye sockets and one eye in the middle of their forehead. They are shown as ogre-like at times and as nearly, if not fully, human at other times.

Reddit Discussions Explained 

According to the Reddit discussions, most users are convinced by the scientific discovery that the ancient Greeks were farmers and had never seen an elephant before.

Thus, when they came across fossil bones, they misinterpreted them as giant one-eyed creatures that roamed around the earth before human civilization. This explains that some mythological creatures were born when ancient cultures discovered fossils and created stories to explain them.

On the other hand, half of the users believe it to be a giant one-eyed creature that existed on the earth and went extinct, similar to the dinosaurs.