Richard Pusey Background And Wikipedia- His Truck Driver Video Makes Him Hated In Nation

Richard Pusey 'Australia's Most Hated Men' ( Source : Theage )

Richard Pusey, a Porsche driver from Frankston, is a  mortgage broker who was discovered to have been photographing the truck accident that claimed the lives of four police officers and involved two police cars.

Four policemen who were conducting a regular highway patrol were killed on April 23, 2020, when Mohinder Singh, a truck driver under the influence of drugs, drove his truck into a Porsche 911 and two police vehicles on Melbourne's Eastern Freeway.

Prior to the incident, the cops had stopped Richard Pusey, the Porsche's driver, for speeding. After the truck struck the officers, Pusey recorded them for a while making crude comments as they lay dying.

Richard Pusey Wikipedia Bio: Background Of The Mortage Broker

Richard Pusey will go down in history as one of Australia's most hated citizens despite not being a murderer, rapist, or child abuser, as per his bio documented by The Daily Mail.

Melburnians were caught in its first COVID-19 lockdown when four police officers were killed on the Eastern Freeway on the evening of April 22 of last year.

The mortgage broker who had earlier been stopped for speeding managed to avoid being hit by the killer truck only because he was peeing off the side of the road during the accident.

The 42-years-old made degrading comments while he recorded the police dying after the accident and then posted the video to Facebook.

Besides, Richard was born in Melbourne in 1978 and raised there with his mom, a nurse, his dad, a tiler, and two brothers, one younger and one older.

Prior to enrolling in Mount Eliza Secondary College, he studied at six primary schools and served as a paperboy when he was about ten years old.

Richard Pusey Truck Driver Video Makes Him Hated In Nation

Richard Pusey earned the nickname Australia's most hated man after filming a police officer who was dying in a truck accident on the 2020 Eastern Freeway.

According to Wikipedia, Pusey was caught going 149 km/h over the speed limit. When Pusey's oral drug test revealed he had MDMA and cannabis in his blood, the cops requested assistance to seize his car.

The Melbourne native didn't get injured, so he recorded the sight with his cellphone, zooming in on the injured cops and shouting, "That is fucking justice, that is fucking great," as they lay dying on the street.

Richard stated that all he wished was to get home and eat some sushi, but the cops had already ruined his car. He recorded more than three minutes of nasty talk before running away on foot and posting the footage to Facebook.

Richard Pusey Sentence And Update Today

Richard Pusey was accused of two counts of obstructing the course of justice, careless driving risking life, destroying evidence, and failing to help a victim of an event.

Following a guilty verdict for violating public morality, drug offenses, reckless behavior risking severe injury, and speeding, he was sentenced to ten months in prison.

Pusey reportedly lives in Melbourne and goes about his regular business there these days. ABC News mentioned that he was let out of jail last year, but he is again back in the custody.

His decision to record the cops as they died was only responsible for three months of his imprisonment. Richard is being held on bail on two charges of performing an actual crime and two counts of using a phone to commit an offense.

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