Rico Abreu Girlfriend Meagan Droud and Family Life

Rico Abreu and his girlfriend Meagan Droud enjoying their a romantic outing in April 2020.
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Rico Abreu and girlfriend Meagan Droud have been dating since 2013. Meagan is a merchandise and brand promoter for Abreu.

The 2014 USAC National Midget Series champion enjoys a fantastic love life when he returns from his hectic track racing days.

As the shining star of the dirt track and sprint car racing, Abreu has hopped on a successful career with constant support and cheering from his significant other.

As a couple who have been going strong for a decade, their closeness is unmatched, making them an inseparable and inspiring couple.

Rico Abreu Girlfriend Meagan

Rico Abreu started dating his girlfriend Meagan in 2013.

The couple is still on their romantic journey ten years later. An Instagram post on May 5, 2013, confirmed that they were going out.

Rico has also not forgotten to post about Droud on his social media handles.

Abreu and Meagan have been in a long-term relationship since 2013
Source : instagram

Both have grown closer to each other's families and celebrate festivals and special occasions with them throughout these years. 

From visiting wineries to going on tropical vacations with each other's friend circles, the racing icon and his beautiful woman have found a way to enjoy life besides their hefty travel schedule for racing. The couple travels together throughout the country for Abreu's races. They even spent twenty-six days away from home in 2020.

Droud helped her beau's merchandise promotion by selling it behind a van during the racing days.

Aside from her sales hours, this supportive sweetheart also joins the audience section and cheers on a racing Abrei much loud and clear.

A June 2020 snap of Meagan and Rico after his right after his race.
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Likewise, Droud's Instagram handle also features her former NASCAR driver boyfriend's merch sales page, indicating that she regularly looks after the department.

As this duo makes a great pair of lovers and business partners, the two took a step forward on November 20, 2020, when they adopted a pet dog.

The toy poodle is named Gus and has grown immensely popular among Abreu's fans. Apart from sharing a home, these two have shared their parenting duties.

Rico and Meagan are fur parents to their two-year-old toy poodle baby, Gus.
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Rico and Meagan were busy in early 2021 as they had been tending to Gus and training him well as a pet. Apart from the training, the two make sure their fur baby goes to dog parks and attends play dates. 

Is Rico Abreu Married?

Abreu is not officially married coming into late 2022. He is in a long-term relationship with Droud.

They share a house and a pet while maintaining close bonds with each other's folks and friends.

Droud had hinted at a possible wedding, and her wish to be called his wife, Mrs. Abreu, in a Valentine's Day Instagram post in 2021.

Rico and Meagan celebrating the 2021 Valentine's Day at PRESS Restaurant, St. Helena.
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Meagan wrote in the caption that he was just happy to be eating out and deliberately grabbed the attention of netizens with her next where she wrote out to look at her left hand. It was because Abreu had "STILL" not proposed to her even on that particular day.

Hence, her well-wishers were sure to get good news about her being a bride, but the news held till 2022.

Even so, Meagan and her supporters eagerly await when the racer gets down on one knee with a precious stone-fit ring in 2023.

Rico Abreu Family Life

Abreu hails from a big household that supports his racing career and his love for Meagan. 

All the other Abreu members make their presence known while their dear Rico races on the track. 

This fun and nurturing household give off some of the best moments for Rico.  

Rico Abreu Parents 

David Abreu is a war veteran turned farmer and adventure seeker.
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Rico Abreu was born to father David Abreu and mother Christy Abreu-Pestoni. 

David is a vineyard manager and a nature lover. He enjoys his time around the sturdy trees and has outdoor hobbies, passing down fishing knowledge to Rico. he elderly Abreu is also fond of pet dogs and enjoys his time with them, away from social media, unlike his children.

David is also a war veteran who fought in the Vietnam War. 

Rico's mom continues to spend time with her Abreu children even after her divorce.
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Meanwhile, Rico's mom Christy is of Italian origin. 

Unfortunately, Rico's parents are no longer together. Christy is currently married to her new husband, Eric Hall. She and her Eric exchanged their wedding vows in 2019 in the presence of her kids.

Her Instagram handle mainly features pictures of her kids and attending races. Abreu-Pestoni is also an executive figure at Pestoni Family Estate Winery.

Rico Abreu Has Two Siblings 

Rico has two siblings with a brother Matteo and a sister Lucia.

Rico, Matteo, mother Christy, and Lucia (in order from left to right) during a family event.
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The three are close and are on good terms with their divorced parents.

Who is Matteo Domingos?

Matteo Domingos looks after their family business, harvesting grapes, olives, and sunflowers. Besides his everyday schedule on the farm, he also takes time to play soccer and go to a racing kart to support his elder brother.

Matteo regularly posts on his IG to share these special moments with his followers, including his love relationship with his partner, Isabella Kane.

Who is Lucia Abreu?

Lucia Abreu is the youngest child of the Abreu household.

She graduated from high school in 2020 and celebrated her 19th birthday on March 21, 2021.

Lucia Abreu is the youngest child in the Californian Abreu bloodline.
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This 20-year-old is equally daring as her father and brothers and often joins them in hiking in the woods. She joined David, Rico, and Matteo in their January 2022 conquer of Deer Park in California.

Lucia has also kept her Instagram private from the public.