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Robert Ri'chard Girlfriend Meg Ellspermann Is A Amateur Boxer

Robert with his long time partner Meg at the City of Mysteries in 2019
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Robert Ri'chard girlfriend Meg Ellspermann is the founder of EMP. Meg is also an amateur boxer and an entrepreneur.

The 40-year-old actor is known for his time as Arnaz Ballard on the UPN sitcom One on One and Bobby Walker on the Nickelodeon sitcom Cousin Skeeter.

Although most of his roles were more like guest appearances, he had a breakthrough when he starred in the television special, In His Father's Shoes.

By the 2000s, he had become notable for his work on the sitcom One on-One, alongside Flex Alexander and Kyla Pratt.

For six years, he continued to play the role unit he came across the part of Derek Porter in the sitcom Meet the Browns.

His entry may be late, but the buffoonish frat student burrowed his way into people's hearts, getting promoted to the main character in season four. 

Since then, he has also been a recurring cast member in Empire and Harlem.

Meg Ellspermann Is A Business Owner

Robert Ri'chard girlfriend Meg Ellspermanm is a business owner. Meg and Robert have been together for five years.

The blonde lady from Newport Beach, California, got her high school degree from Waubonsie Valley High School as a part of the class of 2010.

But she was already seeking a way to earn cash and used her athletic build as a swim lesson instructor for Oswego School District.

She was tasked to observe and record each pupil's progress and gave them the green light to advancement. 

Meg with her boyfriend Robert at Four Seasons Hotel Chicago in Nov 2019
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While still in high school, she recognized the rewards waiting for her in sales, as she became an associate for Under Armour. She continued her journey through college, growing as a leading sales and marketing representative in Naperville and Illinois while producing the highest number of overall leads.

After side hustling as a Sales Associate for XSport Fitness Center for six months, she set foot in the service industry, where she operated as a server and bartender, getting awarded for her excellent conduct in Potters Place and The Crossing Four Corners.

Meanwhile, her aspirations bore no bounds as she pressed for a bachelor's in communications, public relations, and marketing at DePaul University. 

Meg Is The Founder Of EPM

Meg Ellspermann is the founder of EPM, a therapeutic-grade biblical oils company based in Newport Beach.

The institution hopes to incorporate earth’s powerful healing ingredients to solve problems with highly potent multi-focal proprietary formulas that promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.

She explained her aim at Facebook in 2019, where she clarified her past as an amateur boxer.

The occupation came with its danger, with bruises marring her face. The pain added to her agony as she wished to find a product to cure her troubles. 

Meg talking about her product in a Facebook post in 2019
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The drug store promised relief with no actual results as they have minimum active ingredients but an abundance of excipients.

The lies compelled Meg to initiate a change, as they formulated the mixture with active ingredients with the help of her background in microbiology.

She asked God for help, as she referred to the bible for the healing oils and created EMP as a better medicine.

Besides, she had enough expertise in working as the sales manager on the district and national level for ADP. But she would be nowhere if she did not have the inbuilt belief in her craft and her need to succeed.

She swears by Winston Churchill's quote that motivates youngsters to make mistakes as failure are the pillars to success. 

How Did Robert And Meg Meet?

Among the various mysteries, one such calamity that boggles the mind is how Robert and Meg met.

Initially, the actor got rumored to be close with Vivica A. Fox, his co-star from Chocolate City. The relationship ruffled a few feathers as there was a two-decade age difference.

In addition, their on-screen relationship caused controversy, as they played a mother and son. 

Meg and Robert became Instagram official in Oct 2017
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In 2017, he was seen at an intimate party with someone close to his age, Meg. She wrote the people in the picture were her favorite, with her and Robert getting smitten with one another.

A few months later, he got invited to their family vacations, with her parents giving him the green light. He became her best friend, confidant, and partner for three years as they did everything together. 

Robert's lover wished him on his birthday on Jan 2020
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She wished him on his birthday in 2020, adding adorable words to state his worth in her life. She talked about his age-defining ability, growing younger like Benjamin Button as she fell more in love with him every minute.

His company gave her peace as time spent with him became more fun. She praised his unmatched intelligence and hard work, calling him the best gift God had ever given her.

The next natural step is to combine their income sources as they begin doing sponsored posts. In August of the same year, they collaborated with Wanakome Clothing to promote premium attire at the Newport Beach Yatch Club.

He has made it a point to support her brand, making frequent posts about the uses of EMP on his Instagram.

Meg and her partner did a sponcered post for Wanakome Clothing in 2020
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Having such a bombshell on his arms would mean he would never have to stress about a date to the red carpet as his partner is camera ready.

In 2021, the couple arrived in matching colors for the Amazon prime series Harlem premiere in New York City.

Meet Ri'chard's Parents Whom He Calls Family

Robert Ri'chard was born to parents Andrew Ri'chard and Beverly Ri'chard in Los Angeles. His dad was a recognized basketball player and his mom is a gym instructor. 

Athleticism got inherited in his lineage as he got inclined to play basketball, football, and baseball. His academics got kept at equal standards, with graduations from Palms Middle school and a later degree from Loyola Marymount University.

Robert Respects His Dad Andrew

In a Facebook post from 2018, we found the extent to which the junior Ri'chard respects his dad Andrew. 

The sentimental post detailed him thanking his father and brother for being the most significant influence in his life, teaching his kids through example rather than words. His principal kept him grounded while affecting every decision he made. 

Robert wrote an ode to his father and brother in 2018
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