What Is Robert Sheehan Pronouns? Meet 'The Umbrella Academy' Actor Partner

Robert Sheehan Has Transformed After The Umbrella Academy ( Source : Looper )

Robert Sheehan is an actor from Ireland who is best known as Klaus in The Umbrella Academy. The actor grew interested in performing when he portrayed Oliver in Oliver with a Twist in primary school.

Sheehan auditioned for Song for a Raggy Boy at fourteen and earned the part, spending three months filming in Cork. Later, he became a member of the Laois Open Door theatrical company, where he played the disabled boy. Robert made her television debut at 16 on the Australian show Foreign Exchange.

What Is Robert Sheehan Pronouns? Netflix The Umbrella Academy

At the Umbrella Academy presentation, Robert Sheehan was asked about pronouns for Klaus by women. At first, he laughed and said Klaus's pronoun is he.

Robert also stated that Klaus has a sexual preference and that omnivorous would be the right word to describe it. He said that if he is above the age of consent as a heartbeat, "Let's Part."

Klaus Hargreeves, previously known as Number Four and better known as the Séance, is among the forty-three superpowered newborns. Among these abilities are telekinesis, conversing with the dead (primarily through ouija boards), channeling the dead, speaking through airwaves, possessing humans, immortality, and levitation.

Sheehan During The Photoshoot
Sheehan During The Photoshoot ( Source : Thetimes )

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Girlfriends And Dating History Of Robert Sheehan

It seems like Robert Sheehan doesn't have a girlfriend, but he has a dating history. He had openly admitted to experimenting with his sexuality when he was younger, although he identifies as heterosexual.

Robert With His Ex Girlfriend Sofia
Robert With His Ex Girlfriend Sofia ( Source : Independent )

Robert's most publicized relationship was with fellow actor Sofia Boutella, whom he began dating in 2014. (per LiveRampUp). Sofia is most recognized for her work in films such as Star Trek Beyond (2016), Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014), and Climax (2018).

The two were seen together multiple times in public over the years, but by 2018, the Klaus actor announced he was single.

In an interview with the magazine Hot Press, he remarked about their post-divorce relationship. He added that they still love and respect each other a lot and are aware of it.

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How Did Robert Sheehan Get His American Accent?

Robert Sheehan is from Ireland, which you would not expect based on his American accent in Netflix's The Umbrella Academy.

But if you recall Robert from Misfits, this isn't surprising because he preserved his Irish accent in the British series. He has refined his accent over time, and now it is flawless.

He has also appeared in several English films and television programs, which has aided him in learning faster. People are frequently confused as to whether the actor is genuinely Irish based on his interviews.

Sheehan went on to play Louis XIV of France in Young Blades, as well as roles in The Clinic and The Tudors. In 2008, Robert participated in the two-part television comedy-drama Rock Rivals and Bitter Sweet. During this period, he also appeared in films such as Ghostwood.