Rodrygo Goes Has Christian Religion Is His Parents Denise And Eric Batista de Goes Background

Rodrygo Silva De Goes shows excitement for the upcoming World Cup during the press talk.
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Real Madrid Forward Rodrygo Silva de Goes follows the Christian religion, being born in a family who follows Christianity. The Brazilian football player Rodrygo inherited his faith from his father and mother. 

Rodyrgo is a young football star who has represented the La Giga club Real Madrid and the Brazil national team internationally in many tournaments and leagues. 

Born in a small family of three, Rodrygo was raised by his parents, Denise and Eric Batista De Goes, as their only children. His father, Eric, is a retired footballer, and his mother, Denise, is known for being the wife and mother to a football player.

Rodrygo Goes Follows Christian Religion

Brazilian football star Rodrygo De Goes is a devout Christian who puts his faith in god and shows his belief even on the field after the games.

Born to his mother, Denise, and father, Eric Batista De Goes, Rodrygo is a talented football star from Brazil.

Real Madrid Star Rodrygo De Goes received Man Of The Match award recently.
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Growing up in a family and community where most people had the Christian faith, Rodrygo also puts his belief in God. There are even instances when people have noticed him thanking God after a good game, as reported in an article by Evangelic Focus. 

Rodrygo Is The Second Neymar From Brazil

Home to the celebrity footballer Neymar, Rodrygo is also called “The Second Neymar,” as mentioned by the LifeBlogger. 

Considering his talents, the La Giga Club Team quickly roped him into their team, and he has shown his brilliance in many games with them. 

Dailymail reports that Real Madrid and Santos agreed on the trade of Rodrygo on June 15, 2018, with the midfielder joining Los Blancos in June 2019 and signing a contract until 2025. The rumored fee was €45 million, with Santos collecting €40 million because the club controlled 80% of his rights and Rodrygo's representatives owned the remaining 20%.

The Brazilian football star is best known for his work with the Campeonato Paulista team, for which he earned the Best Newcomer award in 2018. After agreeing to a five-year contract, he signed his first professional contract on July 21, 2017.

Rodrygo De Goes Was Raised By Christian Parents

Real Madrid Star footballer Rodrygo Goes was born to his parents, Denise and Eric Batista De Goes, on January 9, 2001. The Brazilian footballer grew up in his birthplace Osasco, Brazil, in a middle-class family.

Rodrygo and his family are celebrating the birthday of his mother Denise
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His father, Eric Batista, is also a former footballer who played for local teams and had printed a great impression on him as he grew up watching him play. While he had his motivation from his father, Eric was also determined to make his son a star football player. 

Similarly, he holds his father as his inspiration and follows his instructions at every step of his life. Whenever he feels troubled, he consults with him to guide him in the right direction.

On the other hand, his mother, Denise, has always been a devoted housewife and a caring mom to her children. Rodrygo once shared a heartfelt post on his Instagram, wishing her a happy birthday, thanking her for all her unlimited love, and claiming that he always wants to see her happy. 

Rodrygo shows love for his mother Denise on the occasion of her birthday
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In addition to Rodrygo, his mom is also responsible for raising his little sister Ana Julya. Being his only sibling, he adores her quite a lot and spends most of his free time with her. They have a good relationship, as witnessed by his posts on Instagram.

Rodrygo shows love for his sister Ana Julya, on her fourth birthday, thanking the god for bringing her into his life.
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The Real Madrid football star feels blessed to have such caring parents and shows gratitude towards them whenever he obtains an achievement.