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Roger Howarth Daughter Langston Howarth and Family

Roger is an American actor
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Roger Howarth daughter Langston Howarth is 20 years old as she was born on 11 April 2002. Langston has an elder brother named Julian Howarth.

Roger is an American actor who portrayed Todd Manning on the daytime serial One Life to Live. His character garnered Howarth a Daytime Emmy Award in 1994 and is regarded as a legend in the soap opera genre.

He left the show in 2003 to join the serial opera As the World Turns, where he portrayed Paul Ryan until the show's last episode in 2010.

Howarth rejoined One Life to Live in May 2011, finally selecting to stay at General Hospital until March 2012.

He returned to General Hospital as Franco, the character previously developed and played by James Franco. When the character passed away in March 2021, Howarth reappeared two months later as Austin Gatlin-Holt.

Moreover, Howarth has guest starred in television shows such as Prey and Dawson's Creek as Professor Greg Hetson. He played the part for nine episodes from 2002 to 2003.

Langston Howarth Is The Youngest In The Family

Roger Howarth daughter Langston Howarth was born on 11 April 2002 and is currently 20 years old. Her parents Roger and Cari Stahler are actors.

She is the lastborn in the Howarth family. Her elder brother Julian Howarth was born in July 1992. Langston and her brother have an age gap of 10 years. Julian works as a model.

Langston has maintained a low profile and is not often seen by the masses despite his dad being a star. She was spotted by a Shutterstock photographer while shopping with her parents in Soho.

Roger with Langston at Daytime Emmys Awards 2008
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She wore a colorful purple jacket with a t-shirt and pants with brown boots. Langston attended Daytime Emmys 2008 with her father when she was six years old. 

She wore a cute blueish dress and a blue hairband. Langston also wore son bangles in her hands and silver shiny shoes with dark socks.

She has blonde hair and a slim body type. Her skin tone is fair. Her father was dressed in a suit.

Roger And His Wife Cari Stahler Met At Cafe

Roger wife Cari Stahler met in 1991 at a New York City cafe where she worked. Cari asked Roger for the date and the duo went to Coney Island.

Roger with his co star Rebecca Herbst from General Hospital
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Roger and Cari got married in 1992. She has been married to Roger for 30 years now. The couple shares two children named, Julian and Langston.

Cari is an actress who played the role of Officer Agnes Copland in Raw Nerve in 1999 and Sandra in Guiding Light. She only played for one episode in 1997, as per IMDB.

Roger Loved Playing Soccer In His Early Days

Roger was born on 13 September 1968 and raised in Hastings on Hudson New York. His father was interested in acting and wrote plays.

Howarth was interested in acting and at the age of seven, he performed in the play The Grand Duke. He was engaged in his high school's theatrical unit and appeared in several school productions.

He played soccer since he was a small boy and continued until he was 19. He took benefit of the chance to play in other countries with the Puma Shoes United States National Soccer Team.

Roger played soccer in his childhood days
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He reaffirmed that he played soccer as a child and into his late youth and that he was on a group that traveled to Europe, Brazil, and other nations, but said it was a non-professional team. He never got paid to play.

Howarth initially denied to follow acting as a profession and rather studied political science at George Washington University. He dropped out of college after one semester to follow intensive acting training at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center in Connecticut.

Roger is not so active on Instagram. However, his social site is under the name @rogerhowarthofficial. He has 2752 followers and he has posted only six times.

His Twitter account has 2005 followers and 52 followings. He has not tweeted since December 2013. His last tweet was on November 25, 2013 which says that he is going to try verify his twitter Account if he can.