Who Is Romana Didulo? QAnon Queen of Canada Claims Herself As World Leader

( Source : Vice )

 Romana Didulo is a British Columbia resident, reportedly in her 50s. She has taken a leadership role in the Canadian QAnon community.

A QAnon influencer, Romana, whom some people believe to be the true Queen of Canada, took a quick break from her months-long tour of the country to announce her intentions to go global. 

Who Is Romana Didulo? Her Wikipedia

Romana Didulo is a QAnon influencer notorious for starting a revolution with her own set of draconian goals. On Wikipedia, she can be discovered, but only in the French version.

On September 17, 2021, she posted a video on YouTube. According to the movie, the Queen of Canada was the head of state, commander in chief, and head of government, succeeding Queen Elizabeth the Second of England.

Romana Didulo salutes her followers
Romana Didulo salutes her followers

In June 2021, she asked her supporters to file bogus formal notifications against pharmacies, "police stations, and health care providers" to stop the Covid-19 pandemic in Canada from spreading. This is how hundreds of people delivered the document to these various organizations.

She got detained by personnel of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at the end of November 2021, who also searched her residence in British Columbia.

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How Old Is Canada Deutsch QAnon Leader Romana Didulo

Romana Didulo was born in the 1960s or early 1970s, making her roughly around 50 years old, according to her Wikipedia. She moved to Canada from the Philippines when she was a child.

The QAnon leader, Romana, is continuously touring Canada and is progressively demanding that her supporters impose her many decrees on the rest of the world.

Romana with her supporters
Romana with her supporters

QAnon promotes a variety of bizarre conspiracy theories, the most popular of which is Donald Trump's false claim to be fighting a global cabal of elitist pedophiles who abduct children, traffic them, harvest their organs, and consume their blood.

The latter is referred to as adrenochrome by QAnon. It is said to deliver a psychedelic high and the promise of immortality. In her videos, she promotes these lies and has attracted prominent QAnon members.

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What Did Romana Didulo Say?

Romana Didulo uses the Telegram app to appeal to Canada's far-right conspiracy theorists with her speech. The QAnon leader has previously called herself Queen of Canada, and now she is calling herself Queen of the World.

Romana during a video message
Romana during a video message

According to Vice, she and her team revealed to fans that she is the queen of the globe as she continues her tour across Canada.

She has issued 'royal decrees' to her 70,000+ Telegram followers since proclaiming herself Queen of Canada. Some examples include advising people not to pay their bills because it is "unethical" and naming Victoria, British Columbia, Canada's capital.