How Many Tattoos Does Ronnie Radke Have? Meaning Design And Photos Revealed

Ronnie Radke's Tattoos have deep meanings ( Source : Peakpx )

Ronnie Radke is the current lead vocalist of Falling in Reverse and the previous lead singer of Escape the Fate. He is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, musician, and record producer.

He has been convicted of a crime involving the 2006 killing, which led to him being kicked from his former band. He served a prison sentence in 2008 for violating probation concerning his involvement in the crime.

How many Tattoos does Ronnie Radke Have?

With his body completely covered in ink, Ronnie has 42 tattoos that have significant meaning to him. He has recently tattooed the word "Unbreakable" on his forehead. 

In an interview, Radke has revealed that despite having countless tattoos on his body, his favorite is the one on his neck that says, "Dad." He says he is proud that his father raised him as a single dad after his mother abandoned them shortly after his birth. 

Ronnie Radke's shark tattoo on head
Ronnie Radke's shark tattoo on head ( Source : Pinterest )

Other tattoos on his body have meaningful messages and contain many of his life experiences. His tattoos include many portraits of a female figure, musical symbols, animals, and birds, along with words that impact his life.

Radke began recording with Falling in Reverse, a new band he had founded before going to prison after his release. He has recorded at least four albums with the band, all on Epitaph Records.

Radke has been detained at least twice since his release from jail in 2010. The first time he was arrested was in August 2012 for domestic abuse against his then-girlfriend Sally Watts. He got freed on a $30,000 bail. 

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Radke's Tattoos and its Meanings

Among the many tattoos covering his body and face, Radke has a self-portrait on his chest. 

Ronnie's Self-Portrait Tattoo on chest
Ronnie's Self-Portrait Tattoo on chest ( Source : Pinterest )

An owl is mounted on his head with open arms, which he has described as his guiding force. His portrait is surrounded by roses, which symbolize love and positivity. 

Another noticeable tattoo is the one above his right ear, covering his head. The tattoo displays a shark with an open mouth. Traditionally shark tattoos have long been associated with protection, direction, and bravery.

Usually, it is believed to provide protection and a barrier against evil and life's perils. On his left shoulder, Radke has a tattoo of a nautical star in red and black. 

Most of his tattoos denote messages related to guidance and direction, which could signify that he is looking for a sense of direction in his life and feels lost and unguided.

Ronnies Girlfriend, Paige

Radke is currently dating the retired professional wrestler Saraya-Jade Bevis, widely known as Paige. The couple has been together since the end of 2018. 

Radke with his girlfriend Paige
Radke with his girlfriend Paige ( Source : Thesun )

Even Paige's former partner, Del Rio, has expressed that he is happy with her new steady relationship. His past relationships include Caroline Burt, Jenna King, and Crissy Henderson, who is also the mother of his daughter.

He has a daughter born in 2013 named Willow Grace Radke. He broke off his engagement with Crissy, the mother of his child, after he confessed to cheating on her while she was pregnant.