Russ Bray Net Worth 2023

Russ is a professional Darts referee in the PDC since 1996.
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Russ Bray net worth is 3 million dollars. Bray is a professional darts referee in PDC tournaments since 1996.

Russ played for Hertfordshire for many years. Also, his interview on SkySports stated that he was not good at playing the game anymore and could be beaten by most fans. 

The former Hertfordshire player officiated his first match in World Matchplay at Blackpool. After that, his career has seen lots of refereeing in the PDC tournaments and made a great figure of career earnings.

Russ Bray Net Worth

Russ Bray has a net worth of 3 million dollars which he gained as a long term referee. 

Bray has gained fame and money from his profession
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The veteran referee earns up to $200,000 per year. He earns a monthly salary of approximately $20,000 as well. As per The Darts Referee channel, the YouTuber explained that a PDC Darts referee salary pays well for some while it can create more expenses for others. 

The darts referee does not have the privilege of getting accommodation and facilities from the tournaments. If your house is near the venue, it becomes easier as the income starts to get bigger than the expenditures.

However, as experience accumulates, the referees start to get well paid. And Russ is a referee with over 20 years of experience. 

PDC Darts Referee Russ Bray Salary

Russ has accumulated $3 million in career earnings from 1996 to 2023. 

Russ has collected millions from his paycheck since he became a professional referee in 1996
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As the official referee recognized by the Professional Darts Cooperation, Russ Bray has made a $100,000 salary this year. And over the past years, he has gained similar figures.

Combining all the earnings, he has collected a hefty sum.

Moreover, Russ is not shy to show his love for his job. He stated in the Darts Show Podcast to Dan Dawson that he loved the game and its refereeing actions very much and had the same buzz as he had two decades ago. 

Russ has also traveled to various places for Darts activities, like the Netherlands, Ireland, Australia, Asia, and so on. However, he has not lived an extravagant lifestyle like other celebrities, which cuts down his costs too.

Russ Bray Has Officiated For 26 Years

Russ has been a prominent figure in the Darts industry with many achievements. 

Bray has made many achievements in Darts and has shared his experience through podcasts and social events
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The referee has been known as 'The Voice' due to his unique calling style and raspy voice. Many Darts fans know him by this name in the community. 

Russ' voice has found its uses too. He was selected to be the referee in the PDC World Championship Darts, the 1st published video game by the PDC. He earned significantly from his voice acting there too. 

The referee has made many tours refereeing outside England, like the two matches he did in the Asian Tour. Bray is also honored to officiate the final match in the World Darts Championship 2022/23. Every eye will be on him for his calling for the players.

Moreover, Russ has been invited to various talk shows and events like the King's Lynn Town FC evening show that called him to speak with tickets. The event has also been promoted on Twitter. His fame has undoubtedly helped to grow his status as a veteran darts referee.