Sal Paolantonio New Teeth Shines Brighter Than The Sirius

Sal has underwent a Sirius transformation in his mouth section
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Sal Paolantonio implanted his new teeth and now has shining pearly whites. ESPN reporter Paolantonio did dental surgery in 2012.

Sal is an insider known for his NFL coverages. He has contributed to various shows like NFL Matchup, SportsCenter, and Monday Night Countdown. 

The veteran reporter started his journalism career in 1993 with the Philadelphia Inquirer. Before that, he served in the US Navy as its Lieutenant.

Sal has received many awards for his dedicated career. He got the Associated Press Sports Editors Award for Reporting in 1994 and recently got the New York Daily News Jack Newfield Courage in Journalism Award in 2017.

Likewise, Paolantonio has been in the spotlight due to his dental makeover, and the NFL community has been interested in this pearly transformation.

The Secret Behind Sal Paolantonio Shiny Pearls

Sal Paolantonio showcased his new tooth line in 2012. 

Some celebrities noticed the transformation and talked about it on Twitter. 

Richard Washington III, the News director of Fox61 news, also posted on Twitter questioning whether it was only him that saw Paolanttonio's teeth look so enormous. He also shared Sal's pearly look image.

Sal has captured the eyes of many football fans on his enhanced smile while he delivers sports news
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Sammy Adams, an artist and producer, tweeted on January 19, 2014, about how Sal's denticles were so phosphorescent.  

Busted Coverage, a sports stories website, also got hold of his new transformation and observed his fangs on Twitter.

Many football fans reacted surprisingly to his new look and gossiped about him on social media.

One user posted on Twitter that his teeth shined like Jonah Hill from The Wolf of Wall Street. Another person commented how Sal had the fakest dentures.

There were also humorous reactions to his new makeover. A fan stated that the whiteness of Sal's teeth blinded him. Another person also funnily remarked that his teeth were indeed the whitest in ESPN. 

Moreover, they have also got the attention of the famous Dan Le Batard show. One show host, Mike Ryan, also an ESPN analyst, had made fun of Sal's pearly teeth by calling them bleached, resulting in his temporary suspension from the firm.

One Reddit user stated that ESPN didn't like employees bad-mouthing each other.

ESPN's Mike Ryan was suspended because he made fun of Sal's new facial appearance
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Tooth Whitening Procedure

Sal had a tooth whitening procedure to make his smile brighter like the night star.

Since Sal is working as a Journalist, which primarily requires a good appearance, it is his personal decision to opt for such a dental operation to enhance his facial look and build a significant presence on TV. 

According to Forbes, whitening procedures require two powerful ingredients: hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. These ingredients should only be used under the guidance of certified dentists. 

Along with the use of such concentrated chemicals, doctors will also utilize LED, UV, and other laser methods. After the surgery, a patient will need to visit the dentist for more appointments to check for teeth stability. 

People should be careful while going for such procedures since it has the side effects of gum and mouth irritation.

Was Sal Paolantonio In The Sopranos?

Sal is known for his hate for The Sopranos TV show alongside his new glamorous smile. 

Sal has never like the superhit TV show 'The Sopranos' as he feels that it portrays Italian American badly
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Sal is of Italian American origin and is proud of his heritage. 

The reporter had played himself in one of the episodes of the Sopranos and there too he could not hold his smiling face. He wrote an article on ESPN detailing the situation. 

After the episode had been released, Sal was called by various radio stations, family, and friends to talk about the golden opportunity he had received. However, he stated that he didn't like the show and had gone there against his will. 

Paolantonio believes it portrays a harmful depiction of real Italian Americans. He gave an example of how Ton's son in the show repeatedly cusses in dad's presence.

However, in real life, no Italian household would tolerate that. He wants to convey that the Sopranos is not embraced worldwide as the mainstream media like to portray it.