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Sam Carlson Port Protection Singer Son Kelly Carlson Makes An Appearance On The Show

Sam the self-made engineer who stayed his whole life in Alaska Island
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Sam Carlson Port Protection son Kelly Carlson is a musician. Kelly made a sudden appearance at the family fishing trip.

He was born on 24 March 1959 in Alaska, United States, and has been the oldest Port Protection community resident for over 50 years.

Before beginning his career as a member of the National Geographic Reality show, he attended Garfield High School and later moved to Ketchikan to complete his education.

Then, Sam worked for Kawanti Adventures, a travel and tour agency specializing in karts, flightseeing, wildlife, nature walks, and customized tourist adventures.

In July 2015, he made his appearance as an original cast for the Port Protection survival programs. Sam has appeared in over 35 episodes until 2023, with a new adventure every time.

The community participants are self-sufficient and must rely on themselves for survival without law enforcement or government supervision in the northwestern region of Prince of Wales Island, Alaska.

Despite his weak academic qualification and his love for science and innovative mindset earned him the nickname "Engineer".

Once, Sam accidentally cooked the improvised version of Smoked meatloaf and is known for his unique hunting skills. 

Sam Carlson Son Kelly Carlson is a Musician

Sam Carlson son Kelly Carlson is a musician from Seattle. Kelly goes by the stage name Kelly Carcinogen. 

Kelly plays bass for the band Raw Dogs, a Blackened Thrash Crossover from the dreary Northwest. They are famous for their Anthems of the apocalypse theme.

Some of their songs are Violent Horror, Extinction and Feel the Disease. The band sells merchandise on their website RawDogsofficial and has performed in several nightclubs and events.

Kelly enjoying the vacation at Las Vegas, Nevada with his fiancé Celeste Mora
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Besides music, Kelly has a beautiful partner Celeste Mora Carlson. Celeste and Kelly met at the Thrash Metal events and fell in love, and got married on 25 November 2018.

She is from Harbour City and has previously worked as Customer Service Assistant at Timber Coast Properties and Helm's Deep Tavern. Celeste is fond of thrashy songs.

Kelly's wife, Celeste Mora Carlson, accompanied him to Alaska during filming in 2022 and shared some behind-the-scenes footage of their time there on her Facebook page.

Kelly performances as bassist on Wasteland on 3 October 2022
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In one video, Kelly and Celeste investigated a log covered in seagulls while on a boat in Alaska. Her love and support for Kelly are immeasurable.

Kelly Carlson On The Port Protection

Kelly Carlson appeared on the third episode of Port Protection in 2023 with Matt Carlson.

Despite being a musician, his sudden appearance on the show sparked concern among fans about Samuel's health. A post on a Port Protection Facebook group states that Sam was airlifted to a hospital for a mild heart attack but is now doing well.

Kelly with his brother Matt and Father Sam at Alaska smoking the meat on 21 April, 2022
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Matt Carlson confirmed the information on his Facebook page. Previously, Kelly has been featured in the Port Protection drama with his wife.

In recent shows, he visited his father, Sam and brother Matt during his free time from the music. Kelly went into the river for halibut fishing in a boat.

The guitarist went to Mt. Rainier National Park with his wife and enjoyed speed boating, went on jungle hikes, grazed the animals, and prepared pizza with his dad and brother.

Sam's Son Matt Carlson Is A Regular On The Show

Sam Carlson has another child named Matt Carlson, who grew up in the harsh environment of Alaska.

During his childhood, he learned the ways of living his father used, including fishing techniques and precise hunting skills. However, his dad's hunting tactics are different from his.

In addition, his mother stays away from the camera and they often wave goodbye on the boat after the meeting.

Sam went to the school situated right across from Gary's home and became the first graduating student of that institute

Matt has appeared in more than 24 episodes of Life Below Zero shows, including Darks days and Collapse. His gun skills and survival instincts are appreciated by the audience.

Matt with his other half and daughter Shipley on 29 December 2019 enjoying holidays
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He works as a captain for Baranof Fishing Excursions, which specialized in Salmon and Alaskan Fishing & Wilderness Dining Charters out of Ketchikan, Alaska.

On 31 March 2020, Matt headed out from the dangerous area covered with ice in their skiff with his little one Shipley to the mainland along with his fiance Kaylee.

On February 4, 2021, he returned to Port Protection to spend quality time with his father and reconnect with his roots to experience the thrill of living in the lawless area.

Matt Carlson Wife

Matt and pregnant Kaylee on 9 August 2016 at riverside road
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Matt Carlson had a beautiful wife named Kaylee Burk who starred in Port Protection for 3 episodes of season 3.

He married her back in 2015 after dating for some years. Kaylee is proficient in medical knowledge and has played a vital role in providing healthcare to the community.

In season 3 episode 7, she turned a frightening spikey plant named Devil's Club into a useful item that works as a healing agent for bruises and cuts and stays with Matt in a life-threatening situation.

Matt got divorced from Kaylee in 2021 despite their beautiful marital relationship. Currently, She is staying on the mainland and raising her only child.

Matt Carlson Children

Shipley and Matt enjoying the evening walk on 17 November 2022
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Matt Carlson has only one kid named Shipley Carlson with his former partner.

Shipley was born on 17 August 2016, staying on the Keitchan with her mother, and is curious and imaginative. She loves making snowmen and chocolates as well as spending time with her grandmother.

Previously, she stayed with her grandfather and family on an icy island till she was age 4. Shipley experienced the thrill of being in the wilderness.