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Shonee Fairfax and Pro Skater Husband Benny Fairfax Are Separated

Shonee received air flyers while staying at Noosa, Queensland on 20 April, 2020
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Shonee Fairfax husband Benny Fairfax is a professional British skateboard expert. Shonee tied the knot with Benny on 6 April 2017.

Born on April 26, 1992, she is the first contestant in the Australian version of the popular reality TV show "Survivor".

She has appeared in three seasons of the show, Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders (2018), Australian Survivor: All Stars, and Australian Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains.

In the first season, Shonee formed a duo with Fenella McGowan called "Shonella," and played a crucial role in early voting decisions.

During the second season, the contestant formed close bonds with Harry Hills and Nick Iadanza and flipped on her tribemates to join the Vakama alliance, but was eventually eliminated.

In the third season, She was again voted out after a failed plan to vote out David Genat at the final seven. Despite not winning any of the seasons, Shonee was a formidable player who demonstrated her social and strategic skills.

In addition, the junior member of the real Mokuba tribe is an expert in staff resourcing and has worked as an Interim HR assistant for Hill+Knowlton Strategies.

Shonee Fairfax Relationship With Her Former Husband

Shonee Fairfax met her former partner Benny Fairfax during a skateboard event in 2012.

Benny and Shonee fell in love with each other and dated for five years before getting tied into a marital relationship in 2017.

After falling for each other, they went to spend holidays in Barcelona on 2 August 2012.

Later on, the beautiful lovers went on an adventurous journey of hiking, sightseeing and coral exploration all around the globe including Lagos beach in Portugal, Effiel tower in Paris, Egypt, Sri Lanka and the Nine arch bridge of Ella.

On the fourth anniversary, Benny surprised Shonee with a tattoo of her name on his left chest and gifted her designer beautiful shoes.

Shonee and Benny started their conjugal relationship in presence of all beloved relatives on 6 April 2017.
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On 6 April right before their fifth dating anniversary, they exchanged vows in Noosa Heads, Queensland in presence of friends and family including Shonee's bestie Emma Brogan.

After marriage, Shonee pursued her career as a contestant in the Australian survival series and made her name throughout the world. Similarly, Benny focused on his professional skating career.

In an interview after joining the Survival show, She stated that "Her's husband achievements are endless and she is 100% sure that she can fight against the upcoming challenges and will make a name for herself".

In March 2020, the survival participant told that she wants to have a twin baby with her lover Benny who is a pro athlete and an actor by profession.

Till 2021, The couple were living their best years of life which was full of adventures and romance. The previous HR assistant supported her husband and helped him to become a better partner and athlete.

Shonee Fairfax Divorced Benny Fairfax

Shonee Fairfax broke her marital relationship with Benny on November 2021.

Their marriage lasted for four years and the court documents stated the reason for the divorce is Irreconcilable Differences.

The beautiful model and athlete were in a loving relationship for almost a decade despite all the memories and success, their wedding took a negative turn.

The Fairfax couple at the Jimmy and Sarah wedding on 2 March 2018
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Shonee shared the pictures of her in a beautiful dress after splitting on November 22, 2021.

Recently, Benny launched his product Nan’s Rum Punch which was Uncle Ernie's innovation in Beach Bar in 1984. Whereas his former wife of Benny is working in Australian TV series and modelling for brands.

Shonee Fairfax New Relationship Status

Shonee Fairfax is exchanging flirty comments with Jonathan LaPaglia who is the host of the Australian Survival drama.

Jonathan is married to Ursula Brooks and has a daughter Tilly.  Previously Fairfax and now Bowtel is officially single right now after ending her marital status with Benny.

Through an Instagram post on December 16, 2021, Shonee Bowtell updated the stunning mirror picture in which the host of Survival show commented "Damm!". In reply, she responded with devilish and flirty emojis.

Right after that on February 14, 2022, the contestant updated another gorgeous picture of her in the sauna adding It's getting hot in here" to which Jonathan responded with "Damm it is and That's some serious Shonent".

Jonathan handing Shonee the Immunity on 3 March 2020 on the Australian Survivor drama
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In response, she replied with shocking flirty texts telling him there is room for two. The devilish replying to an Instagram post continued.

Again when the anchor uploaded his shirtless picture on his Instagram, Bowtell commented with crazy hot emojis.

Although Shonee is officially single and has not shared any further information. She is heating up social media with the matured texts with the anchor.

Shonee Fairfax Parents and Siblings

Shonee Fairfax parents raised her in Tewantin town of Queensland province.

Father Jones and mother Coco looked after her while she was studying at Sunshine Beach State High School.

Fairfax's birth givers supported her during her teenage and guided her to become a better woman. She often visits her hometown and loves spending quality time with her Papa and Momma.

Fairfax with her Papa Jonas and Momma Coco at the Restro Bar on 25 May, 2015
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Jones Bowtell and Shonee love skateboarding and luxury cars. Mr and Mrs Bowtell supported her decision to appear in the Australian drama program.

Her guardian is the greatest fan of her acting and performances in the Adventure reality TV series.

Shonee has two Siblings

Shonee grew up playing with her two sisters.

Emma Brogan is the elder sis of the Fairfax who is married to Andrew Brophy and has two children named Jagger and Ziggy.

Erinn Bowtell is the other blood relative who was born on 14 November. The three girls are often seen enjoying their get-togethers at nightclubs, Queensland seashore and Festivals Eves.

During Shonee's wedding with a former lover Benny, Emma and Erinn tagged her and made the occasion more special with beautiful photographs and gifts.

Shonee with her best girls Erinn, Emma and Coco during the Christmas Day on 2013
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Despite their busy schedule, the three daughters of the Bowtell family enjoy life by riding bikes in the yard and drinking wine on special occasions.

Both Emma and Erinn show full support to Shonee and help her regain the winning mentality and inner strength she deserves.