20 Short Haircuts For Mens For Stylish Look

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Short mens haircuts look stylish and are very easily manageable as well. Caesar Cut, French Crop, and Military Haircut are prime examples of attractive short hairstyles.

Some men prefer to keep long hair while others want a much shorter and manageable hairstyle. While the options for medium-length and long-length hairstyles are in abundance, finding the perfect short hairstyle that looks stylish at the same time can be a bit tricky.

We have collected 20 hairstyles that suit short hair and are very easy to maintain as well. Let us jump right into the list without further delay.

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1. Caesar Cut

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Men's short hair cuts list is incomplete without Caesar Cut. Caesar cut is one of the most iconic hairstyles for men who love to keep their hair short.

The style is simple and attractive haircut for men with round faces, the style does not require any attention or maintenance apart from occasion trim and works great on all outfits as well. The haircut gets its name from Roman Emperor Tiberius Caesar Augustus.

Caesar cut is characterized by horizontal bangs running through the top of the head and layered texture. It is a low-maintenance good haircut for men. Many notable people including Mark Zuckerberg have donned the style.

2. Short Afro

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Shorter men's haircuts like Short Afro are perfect for people with dense curly or kinky hair.

Although the hairstyle might not be available for everyone to get as it requires a special type of hair, it is one of the most popular among people with dense curly hair. The haircut strikes the perfect balance between style and manageability.

The style can be achieved by trimming the sides a bit shorter than the top but not fading. Moreover, the style also does not require many haircare products to maintain but hairspray or hair gel once in a while will make it much better.

3. French Crop

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Shorter men's hairstyles include the famous French Crop. The hairstyle is easily manageable and very stylish at the same time.

Although French Crop shares appearance with Caesar cut mentioned earlier, they have subtle differences setting them apart. the French crop features a long fringe, while in a Caesar cut, the fringe is short.

The hairstyle can be achieved by trimming down the sides and back, but not fading them, and styling the bit longer top straight towards the forehead creating a fringe. It is also easily maintainable and does not require much attention or haircare products.

4. Crew Cut

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Crew Cut is one of the best short haircuts for men. The hairstyle is both elegant and manageable at the same time.

The minimalistic style has been men's favorite hairstyle for decades now and hopefully, remains the same for decades to come. The short trimmed hairstyle provides versatility and goes well with any type of face or hair making it universal.

The style is achieved by trimming the sides and back and letting the top grow a bit longer, but all sides are super close to the head. Sides can also be faded for added style.

5. Ivy League Haircut

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Ivy League Haircut is one of the trendiest short hairstyles for men. The haircut is also known as Harvard Clip or Princeton.

The hairstyle features short sides and back. The top front area has voluminous and long hair enough for staying with a side bank or sweep while the hair on the crown part is trimmed short.

Ivy League haircut falls among the low-maintenance hairstyles for men but does not lack versatility and style. The hair does not require much care but styling with hair wax or similar haircare products is encouraged.

6. Short Messy Hair

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Short Messy Hair is a great haircut for men looking for a short and attractive hairstyle. The style enhances the natural texture of the hair.

The style has its charm and although the haircut looks great and confident, it provides the illusion of not working too hard to get the look. The short hair is versatile enough to go well with any face shape.

The shorter hair also means there is very little struggle to maintain the cut, moreover, the style does not require many haircare products to retain the look as well.

7. Military Haircut

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Short hairs men's style is incomplete with a Military Haircut. The hairstyle popularized by military personnel is both confident-looking and easy to manage.

The prime example of a stylish short hairstyle, the military haircut features well-groomed sides or sometimes shaved and a bit longer tops but not more than an inch. The haircut does not require time to style as well making it perfect for men who are always on the go.

Although the hairstyle is easy to maintain and style, it does require a visit to the barbershop every couple of weeks. On the bright side, the expense of haircare products will be cut to a minimum with this style.

8. Fringe with Taper Fade

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Fringe with Taper Fade is one of the coolest hairstyles for men with short hair. The style combines fringe cut with taper fade to create a unique haircut.

The fringe at the top is perfectly balanced by the taper fade on the sides making this timeless hairstyle a masterpiece. The fringe looks great on curly hair but works just as fine with the hair types as well.

Just like other styles on our list, Fringe with Taper Fade is also a low-maintenance short hairstyle.

9. Bowl Cut

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Bowl Cut is easily a showstopper and works best with a round face and straight hair. The iconic hairstyle has been one of the boldest cuts for men in decades.

The style is exactly like it sounds, the haircut features low faded sides and an upside-down bowl-like cut on the top as seen in the image above. The haircut can be done in any length and the short bowl cut is equally impressive as the longer ones.

Although the haircut is short and simple, it can get quite tricky to maintain and manage. The hair requires frequent brushing and hair products on top of frequent visits to the barber shop for adjustment and trimming.

10. Short Spiky Hair

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Short Spiky Hair is one of the best short haircuts for men. The shorter sides and spike on top help men achieve an elongated face appearance.

The hairstyle is characterized by a shortcut on the sides and back while the top is kept a bit longer and faced upwards. The raised top form spikes on the head, hence the name of the style.

However, the haircut is just the first step in achieving the desired look. Men are also required to use hairspray or hair gel to lock the spikes on their position and get a damp and shiny texture. Furthermore, the haircut also requires a few layers for the texture.

11. Butch Cut

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Butch Cut is one of the most versatile and universal shorter men's hairstyles. The haircut is low-maintenance and does not require any styling time as well.

The hairstyle features an even-length cut on all sides and tops but can be paired with a low fade to add more texture. The even length allows the haircut to follow the natural contour of the head and enhance the natural textures of the hair.

As the style does not involve any fancy cuts or styles, it does not require any time to style, and using haircare products is optional. However, spraying the hair with hairspray or applying hair wax now and often helps to take better care of the hair.

12. Short Wavy Hair

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A Short Wavy Hair is one of the best styles for men with short hair and a round face. The style suits men with curly hair more.

The hairstyle is characterized by the short trimmed sides but not faded and longer and wavy top. The curls on the top form a wave just above the forehead swept towards either side.

The wavy style looks attractive but can be tricky to maintain. The style requires constant trimming and adjustment from the barber and multiple hair care products to take care of the curls and the shiny look. Moreover, the hairstyle looks better when it has a wet appearance.

13. Brushed Up Pompadour

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Brushed Up Pompadour is by far the most recognized and iconic haircut for men. The style suits people with short hair as much as it suits people with long hair.

Brushed-up Pompadour has been a top choice for men since the 1950s when it was popularized by the king of rock and roll Elvis making the style timeless and classic. The hairstyle is one of the best for men with short hair as it eliminates the long hair problem of getting sloppy.

However, maintaining a perfect pompadour style can get tricky as it requires constant trimming and adjusting and extensive use of hair-care products to lock the top hair in a brushed-up position.

14. Curly Hair Undercut Look

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Curly Hair Undercut Look is iconic and fits well into mens haircuts short category. The curly makes the hair look much shorter than the actual length.

This style is suitable for short hair and consists of a longer curly top with a faded undercut. The haircut is easy to style, as you only need to keep the sides short and leave the top and back natural or slightly trimmed.

However, the haircut can be challenging and costly to maintain, as curly hair needs a lot of hair care products to keep its shape and regular brushing to avoid tangles.

15. Short Mullet

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Short Mullet is a classic and stylish haircut that works very well for short hairstyles as well. The Mullet hairstyle is easily among the top 5 favorites for men.

Although the traditional mullet haircut features a longer top, a short mullet is a variation of the haircut where the sides are shaved or faded and the top is kept just a few centimeters longer than the sides for aesthetics.

Short Mullet style is easy to take care of as it just requires a visit to the barber shop twice a month and limited use of haircare and styling products will do the trick.

16. Peaky Blinders Haircut

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Peaky Blinders Haircut is made famous by the protagonist Tommy Shelby. The hairstyle has short or shaved sides while the top is kept much longer.

Although the top of the hair is kept relatively longer to achieve the style, the crown region is cut short and only the front area is left to gain length. However, due to the very short or shaved sides, short hair at the top also goes well with the style.

On the bright side, taking care of Tommy Shelby's hairstyle is relatively easy as visiting a barber every two or three weeks for trimming and applying hair wax or gel gets the job done with ease.

17. Layered Brush Up

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Layered Brush Up is a hairstyle suitable for men with short hair. The style incorporates elements of spiky cut and pompadour.

The haircut goes well with a round face and even better with a well-maintained thick beard. The haircut is characterized by skin fade on the sides that transitions seamlessly with a beard and brushed-up top with layers and occasional spikes here and there.

The style is also suitable for men who have little time to care for their hair or don't want to spend time on maintenance. Unlike pompadour, layered brush-up does not require a ton of haircare products, but occasional hair gels or sprays will make it look better.

18. Short Choppy Top

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The short choppy top is one of the most casual haircuts for men with short hair. The hairstyle looks messy but in a good sense.

The hairstyle is perfect for men trying not to look like they are trying very hard for the perfect haircut as it looks messy and wild. However, the simplicity of the cut makes it look attractive and suits the short hairstyle very much.

The style is characterized by a choppy and layered top with a bit shorter sides. The layers help define the curls and spikes at the top.

19. Short Flat Top

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The Short Flat Top is the hairstyle to get if you have dense and tightly curled hair. The style looks excellent when paired with short-standing hair at the top.

The hairstyle is achieved by fading the sides and keeping the line to the top of your hair. Keep the height of the hair long enough so it can stand up without falling and ask your barber to flatten the top off, or you can let the top grow freely for more textures.

The flat top hairstyle works best for people with round faces as the length of the hair will help them achieve a long and elongated face look. The hairstyle will go great with a long beard trimmed into a similar shape.

20. Bald Shave

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Bald Shave is the hairstyle to go with for short-haired men. Shaving off the hair will help you escape the burden of styling it.

Although a head full of hair is better than a head without hair, at least to some extent, if you are suffering from hair fall issues then shaving the remaining hairs off is a viable solution until you find a more permanent one.

Many actors and personalities shave their heads from Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The style looks awesome when paired with a thick beard.