Simon Nemec Brother Adam Nemec Is A Slovakian 2026 Draft Prospect

Adam is the only sibling of Simon who is also a professional hockey player.
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Simon Nemec brother Adam Nemec is a hockey player from Slovakia. Adam began his career in the U17 league in 2022.

Simon is a professional hockey player for the same nation and has been Adam's encouragement. They are both ice hockey players.

Adam is the leader of the under-18 leagues in Slovakia. At only 14 years old, the youngster is currently selected second overall. Nemec is a draftable player for 2026.

Adam and Simon are regarded as representatives of the development of the newer Slovak ice hockey generation.

Simon Nemec Brother

Simon Nemec brother Adam Nemec is an ice hockey player from the Liptovsky Mikulas in Northern Slovakia.

Adam has had a tremendous start for a player under 18. He was born on October 18, 2007, in Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia. 

With legendary twenty-three points after eight games for Mikulas, including twelve goals and eleven assists, he is unquestionably in the lead of the statistics. In three games, Adam has successfully added five points.

After successfully defeating Dukla Trencin by 2:10 points in the U-17 league, Adam became the spotlight.

Adam for his game for Under 17 leauge in Hoba Bratislava.
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He strives to pay attention to the little things while playing, focusing mainly on accurate shooting and passing that throws the opposing player off guard.

Adam is a striker who likes to play the left flank position. Nemec always wanted to score goals as a child, and because of this, he is indeed a striker.

Although Adam plays hockey, he has always enjoyed football and is a huge Cristiano Ronaldo supporter.

He used to participate in high school football. The hockey superstar that Adam admires the most is Auston Matthews.

Simon giving an interview while joining NJ Devils.
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Adam formed his games while watching Simon play since he learned from Simon's behavior by observing him. Adam often talks about learning tackle mechanics from his only sibling.

Simon's Family Life

Simon was born on February 15, 2004, in the Nemec family in Slovakia. Jen Nemec is the father of Simon Nemec.

 Simon used Mysasy application to monitor his body's adaptation.
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His hockey adventure has a solid foundation, thanks to his parents. The parents of Simon never anticipated their children playing ice hockey because they were much more of a football family.

But Simon's passion for ice hockey prevailed, and his parents decided to support his hobby.

Simon with NJ Devils officials on July 9, 2022.
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Simon’s father, Jen Nemec, and grandfather were the ones who taught him to skate. He improved so quickly that he joined Nitra from the very beginning at the age of fifteen.

He was constantly under his father's authority and was taught to approach everything with the utmost meekness. Jen has managed his son while also disregarding numerous proposals for Simon to perform in Nitra.

On the other hand, Simon was selected by the Devils as the No. 2 pick in the 2022 NHL Draft. He was the first defenseman selected which is rare for a Slovakian defenseman.