What Does Solomon Do For A Living? How Rich Is The 'Snowflake Mountain' Contestant?

Solomon from the Snowflake Mountain ( Source : Dailymail )

The Netflix reality shows Snowflake Mountain has introduced a bunch of spoiled children from wealthy families who have "hate walking." The show has exposed the group of 10 other gen-Zers who are challenged to survive the harsh wildlife adventures without luxuries.

Solomon is one of the contestants on the show who has attracted the viewer's attention. He was raised by servants and had no idea how to care for himself as an adult. 

It is exciting to see someone who claims to have never even cleaned a plate his whole life facing the dangers of the wildlife without the basic amenities such as Wifi and running water. 

He has never felt the need to make his living, as he was always provided for since a young age. After experiencing the hardships on the show, he might change his perspective on life and consider pursuing a career to provide for himself. 

What does Solomon do for a living? 

The aspiring influencer, Solomon, refers to himself as "funemployed," meaning he is unemployed, but that does not stop him from having fun. Originally from Fairfax, Virginia, Solomon currently lives a lavish lifestyle in Los Angeles. 

His expenses are fully-funded by his parents are happy to spend their earnings for their son's happiness. Solomon spends $500 weekly on grooming services such as manicures, pedicures, haircuts, and facials and eats takeout daily.

His parents have expressed their desire to see their son become a renowned lawyer or pursue a career in the government service. However, Solomon has stated that he wants to become an influencer and expects his parents to continue showering him with financial support until he makes a name for himself. 

He is a firm believer in Jesus and shares his ideologies from Bible on his Instagram @jesusxsolomon.irm

Snowflake Mountain's Solomon's Net Worth

Solomon is currently unemployed and lives off of his parent's earnings. Since he has not earned a single penny, it is safe to assume that he has yet to establish a net worth of his own.

However, as he belongs to a wealthy family, he may have some stocks or assets in his name.

His mother had also recently bought him an electric BMW. 

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Meet His Family: Parents and Girlfriend

There isn't much background information on his family's whereabouts except that they are wealthy enough to finance their adult son, who loves to live lavishly.

Solomon has not disclosed anything about his romantic relationship to the media yet. He is close to his fellow show member Devon in Snowflakes Mountain.

Devon and Solomon from Snowflake Mountain
Devon and Solomon from Snowflake Mountain ( Source : Nypost )

However, it seems like a cherished friendship and is not enough to conclude his romantic interests.

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More about Solomon: Age and Ethnicity

Like most of the cast members in the show, Solomon is also in his twenties. He is 26 years old and refers to himself as a Faith-based mentor/coach on his Instagram profile.

Based on his appearance, he belongs to the Black community. He is an American by nationality and lives in Los Angeles.