The Parents Of Star Soccer Sisters Alyssa And Gisele Thompson Are Proud Of Their Signing With Nike

Alyssa and Gisele Thompson are sisters and fellow soccer players from Los Angeles. ( Source : Latimes )

Soccer Sisters Alyssa And Gisele Thompson created history in May 2022 when they became the first high school students to strike a deal with Nike.

They are the first of their age to ink name, image, and likeness (NIL) deals with the world-renowned sports apparel brand.

This came after their wide success in their national-level soccer games. Daily Mail UK writes that Gisele recently won the CONCACAF championship in the Dominican Republic with her U-17 squad.

Meanwhile, elder sister Alyssa bagged gold in the last Santo Domingo match with her U-20 team. The soccer powerhouse, she is also a decorated sprinter.

She is the winner of the Southern Section track and field championships in the Division 3 100-meter race.

Alyssa And Gisele Thompson Parents Are Father Mario And Mother Karen

The "real deal" soccer sisters were born to their supportive parents, father Mario and mother Karen, in LA. The two are one year apart in age; thus, the reason behind their friendship rather than sisterhood.

Alyssa is a 17-year-old junior at Harvard-Westlake Upper School, while Gisele is 16 and a sophomore at their LA-based school.

They play for their school's soccer team and are the pride of their peers and the whole school faculty.

The Thompson family starter, father Mario, currently works as the principal of an elementary school in Encino, California.

Meanwhile, Gisele and Alyssa's beloved mother, Karen, is an occupational therapist. Since both Mario and Karen neither played soccer, their soccer-playing daughters are miracles to them.

Top Drawer Soccer writes that Mario is a competitive man, and the family is now devoted to the sport, making it a family pride.

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Soccer Thompson Sisters Have Another Sister In Their Family

Aside from their parents, Alyssa and Gisele also share a younger sister in their happy family.

Zoe is a growing little young lady who is also interested in playing soccer. Instead, she has already started to kick balls at her school.

Little Zoe is fairly younger than her elder sisters but is active in attending special events for them, showing her uttermost support for them.

Gisele and Alyssa's little sister Zoe is also a budding soccer player.
Gisele and Alyssa's little sister Zoe is also a budding soccer player. ( Source : News )

The 10-year-old little Thompson has not interacted with the media, but her parents are mindful of their words.

While the future seems bright for Zoe, there is still time for her to sign a NIL deal with bigger brands, following in her elder sisters' footsteps.

Both Alyssa and Gisele are also attentive to her and do not miss any special family time as three sisters.

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Soccer Sisters Alyssa And Gisele Thompson Family Ethnicity

The LA-based soccer-playing and loving Thompson family is of mixed ethnicity. Mario hails from the African-American community, while Karen is of mixed ethnicity.

Thus, the unique blend of the two created such prodigal athletes in their small family of three daughters.

The Thompson family includes a total of five members consisting of Mario, Karen, and their three daughters.
The Thompson family includes a total of five members consisting of Mario, Karen, and their three daughters. ( Source : Instagram )

However, the Thompsons have kept their precise ethnical background away from public knowledge. Even so, the topic of their ethnical matter has never become a problem in Alyssa and Gisele's soccer career.

Still, in high school, the two have already committed to Stanford after their graduation. 

The Thompson family's fun moments are available on Gisele's Instagram handle. Meanwhile, the proud mom Karen is also active on the platform as @karencananithompson, though she maintains a private handle.