Songs Lyrica Anderson Wrote For Other Artists

Singer and Songwriter Lyrica Anderson attend the premier of television movie No Way Out wearing a beautiful black dress.
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Songs Lyrica Anderson Wrote For Other Artists are 1. All Night Long for Demi Lovato 2. Jealous for Beyonce 3. Party for Chris Brown among others.

Lyrica Anderson is a singer and songwriter from the United States of America. She has written numerous songs for her own albums, EP, and single releases as well as for other artists.

Anderson made her songwriting debut with the song titled Walka Not a Talka for the artist Mýa for her 2007 album Liberation. Since then, Lyrica has been credited for writing songs for numerous artists including Keke Palmer, Beyoncé, Elijah Blake, and many others.

Apart from writing songs for other artists, Lyrica has also written and released several songs and albums herself as well. Her debut album Hello was released in 2015. She has since released three studio albums, three Extended plays, and one Mixtape.

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What Songs Did Lyrica Anderson Wrote?

Lyrica Anderson Wrote 1. Walka Not a Talka for Mýa 2. Together for Demi Lovato 3. Wrist for Chris Brown among others.

Anderson is credited for writing 22 songs for other artists and she has also written numerous songs for herself as well. She wrote her first song for another artist in 2007 titled Walka Not a Talka for singer Mya Marie Harrison's album Liberation, the song featured Snoop Dogg.

Similarly, she has written her debut single Unf*** You for Herself featuring Ty Dolla $ign. The song was part of her debut EP King Me 2 (2013). Her other songs Freakin for the same EP, and her non-album singles Hashtag, Don't Take It Personal, Marriott, and Act a Fool were all written by the songwriter herself.

While she has an impressive portfolio writing songs about herself, she has also written top-charting songs for other musicians in the industry. Some of the renowned artists include Demi Lovato, Chris Brown, and Beyonce, among others.

What Songs Did Lyrica Anderson Wrote For Beyonce?

Lyrica Anderson wrote the song titled "Jealous" for Beyonce for the singer's eponymous fifth studio album released on December 13, 2013.

Jealous is the only song she has written for the singer Beyonce so far, but her first collaboration with the artist landed the song a gold certification from RIAA in the United States of America selling over 500,000 copies.

Anderson co-wrote the song Jealous for Beyonce with  Noel "Detail" Fisher, Beyoncé Knowles, Andre Eric Proctor, Rasool Diaz, Brian Soko, and Boots. The track runs for 3 minutes and four seconds and it is the 7th track on the album.

Lyrica Anderson Song Writing Credits

Lyrica Anderson songwriting credits are 1. Wrist for Chris Brown 2. Distance for Omarion 3. Pretend Tinashe ft. A$AP Rocky among others.

Here is a table showing all of her songwriting credits for other artists.

Name of the SongArtists
Walka Not a TalkaMýa (feat. Snoop Dogg)
FootwurkingKeke Palmer
I Miss YouWebbie (feat. LeToya Luckett)
Freak OutJeanette
PyramidCharice (feat. Iyaz)
Are You ReadyHannah Montana
FireMatthew "Mdot" Finley
It's OnCamp Rock 2 film cast
Tear It DownMatthew "Mdot" Finley
Walking' In My ShoesMatthew "Mdot" Finley and Meaghan Jette Martin
All Night LongDemi Lovato (feat. Missy Elliott and Timbaland)
TogetherDemi Lovato (feat. Jason Derulo)
1974The Knux (feat. Natalia Kills)
X.O.XElijah Blake (feat. Common)
One DreamBoA (feat. Henry and Key)
Walk It OutJennifer Hudson (feat. Timbaland)
PretendTinashe (feat. ASAP Rocky)
I Loved YouBlonde (feat. Melissa Steel)
I Just Wanna....Elijah Blake
Love Like ThatJason Derulo (feat. K. Michelle)
WristChris Brown (feat. Solo Lucci)
Little BitChris Brown
All the TimeTy Dolla $ign
QuestionsChris Brown
PartyChris Brown (feat. Usher and Gucci Mane)
CheetahChris Brown
Part of the PlanChris Brown
You Like ThatChris Brown

Anderson has written seven songs for Chris Brown, the highest she has written for any artist. The Chris Brown songs Lyrica has received credits for are Wrist, Little Bit, Questions, Party, Cheetah, Part of the Plan, and You Like That.

Apart from writing songs for artists, she has also gained credit for writing four songs for the Disney film Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. She has written Fire, It's On, Tear It Down, and Walking' In My Shoes for the Disney film in 2010. The credits for the four songs are her only film soundtrack credits.

Similarly, she has been credited by other artists including Keke Palmer, Hannah Montana, and many others.

Lyrica Anderson famous song (Top 10)

Lyrica Anderson famous songs are 1. Feenin (2014) 2. Faded to Sade (2015) 3. Don't Take It Personal (2017).  Feenin is from her debut EP King Me 2.

Here is a list of the top 10 songs from Lyrica Anderson with their release years;

Name of SongRelease Year
Feenin (feat. Kevin Gates)2014
Faded To Sade (feat Chris Brown)2015
Don't Take It Personally2017
Act A Fool2020
Dolla Bills (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)2017
Freakin' (feat. Wiz Khalifa)2023
All Me (feat. Chris Brown)2017
Panties (feat. Kash Doll)2015

The above list of Lyrica Anderson's songs is compiled from Apple Music based on the most played and searched-for songs.

The songs Don't Take It Personal, Dolla Bills, Somebody, and All Me come from the artist's 2017 album Adia. Other songs Feenin and Freakin are from her 2014 EP King Me 2. The singer's debut album Hello gave hits like Faded to Sade and Panties, the song Faded to Sade also appeared on her 2017 EP Nasha Pearl.

Her top songs Marriott and Act a Fool are non-album singles available for streaming on most music streaming websites and applications. Apart from her 10 hit songs, she has also released numerous other music both as a single and as part of albums and EPs.

Some of her other known singles are, Unf*** You (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) and Hashtag (2015) among others.

How Many Albums Does Lyrica Anderson Have?

Lyrica Anderson has three albums 1. Hello (2015) 2. Adia (2017) 3. Bad Hair Day (2020). Anderson has also released three more EPs and one Mixtape.

Hello (2015)

Anderson released her debut album Hello in 2015 featuring 12 tracks that run for 40 minutes and 49 seconds.

The album opens with the title track Hello and contains hits such as Faded to Sade, When I Needed You, and From Scratch among others. The second track from the album Faded to Sade has over 1.4 million Spotify streams so far.

Hello was released on October 30, 2015, under the labels Lyrica Anderson / EMPIRE. Although the album is popular among her loyal fanbase it did not chart in any US Charts.

Adia (2017)

Lyrica Anderson sophomore album Adia was released on October 13, 2017, with the music label EMPIRE.

Anderson's second studio album Adia features 15 songs with a total runtime of 48 minutes and 6 seconds. The album starts with the popular song Don't Take It Personal which has over 4.8 million streams on Spotify.

Similarly, the second most listened-to song from her sophomore album Dollar Bill has over 1.6 million streams so far. Other hits from Lyrica's second albums include All Me featuring Chris Brown and Unhealthy among others.

The cover image of Lyrica Anderson's 2017 Album Adia.
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Bad Hair Day (2020)

Bad Hair Day released on April 8, 2020, is the latest full-length studio album from Lyrica Anderson.

Her third studio album Bad Hair Day consists of 12 songs playing for a total of 28 minutes and 12 seconds. It contains her hit songs like Marriott, Act a Fool, and Girls Have Fun. The three songs have been streamed over 4 million times on Spotify alone so far.

Apart from her three studio albums, Lyrica has also released three Extended Plays and one Mixtape. Her three EPs are King Me 2 (2014), Nasha Pearl (2017), and Strength (2018) among which King Me 2 is the most famous one containing 9 tracks including her most famous song Feenin with nearly 10 million Spotify streams.

Anderson's only Mixtape is King Me (2012).

Is Lyrica Anderson Coming Out With A New Album In 2023?

No, Lyrica Anderson is not coming out with a new album in 2023. Anderson released her latest album Bad Hair Day three years ago in 2020.

Lyrica has not announced anything about releasing a new album or EP anytime soon. She has not hinted at currently working on any project currently as well.

However, she recently released a new music video titled Tuff Love on May 12, 2023. The video for the song was released on YouTube on Jun 16, 2023, and already has 374k views so far.

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