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Songs Written By Barry Gibb For Other Artists

The British musician born on Isle of Man performing at Music Festival in 2017.
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Songs written by Barry Gibb for other artists are 1. Smile for Me for The Tigers 2. Emotion for Samantha Sang 3. Evening Star for Kenny Rogers among others.

Barry Gibb is a British musician, songwriter, singer, and record producer. He came to fame as a member of the group Bee Gees.

Gibb was born on September 1, 1946, in Douglas to a drummer Hugh Gibb, and Barbara Gibb. He formed the skiffle group the Rattlesnakes at the age of nine in 1955 which eventually changed into the name Bee Gees in 1958.

The singer worked in the music industry for more than 60 years. He has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Q magazine, ranked him 38 on its list of 100 Greatest Singers. The following table shows the songs written by Barry Gibb for other artists:

Songs Written By Barry Gibb For Other Artists

SongsArtists (Released Year)
Smile for MeThe Tigers (July 1969)
EmotionSamantha Sang (December 1977)
If I Can't Have YouYvonne Elliman (December 13, 1977)
Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Me From YouTeri DeSario (July 1978)
Woman in LoveBarbara Streisand (August 16, 1980)
All the Love in the WorldDionne Warwick (November 1982)
Islands in the Stream Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton (August 15, 1983)
Evening StarKenny Rogers (June 1984)
Chain ReactionDiana Ross (November 12, 1985)
Night of My LifeBarbara Streisand (September 27, 2005)

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Songs Written By Barry Gibb

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The British musician was first influenced by country music. His influencers include Tommy Steele, the Mills Brothers, and more.

Sir Barry Alan Crompton Gibb has written more than 150 songs for his former musical group Bees Gees and other artists as well. He is the recipient of the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers, and Authors.

Songs Written By Barry Gibb for his bands as well as for other artists are mentioned below:

  • Alive (To Whom It May Concern): November 10, 1972
  • All in Your Name: June 25, 2011
  • We Trying to Stay Alive (The Carnival): May 27, 1997
  • We Lost the Road (To Whom It May Concern): October 1972
  • The Walls Fell Down (The Marbles): March 1969
  • Ups & Downs (R&G: Rhythm & Gangsta Masterpiece: August 15, 2005
  • Treacle Brown: November 1968
  • Time Is Time (Andy Gibb's Greatest Hits); November 1980
  • Staying Alive (God Did): August 5, 2022
  • Sleeping Dogs: July 31, 1995

Alive (To Whom It May Concern) by Bee Gees

The song recorded by the Bees Gees was written by Barry and Maurice Gibb. It was recorded on October 21, 1971, in IBC Studios, London.

Alive, a single from the album To Whom It May Concern was released on November 10, 1972 by the band with Robert Stigwood. It has been listed on the US Billboard Hot 100 at 34 number and Netherlands at 17 number.

All in Your Name by Barry Gibb and Michael Jackson

All in Your Name is a single released on June 25, 2011. The song was composed and written by Barry Gibb and Michael Jackson.

It was released on Jackson's demise second anniversary in 2011 who died in 2009. It reflects the universal themes that express the power of love, unity, and the values that connect us all.

We Trying to Stay Alive by John Forte and Pras

The single from the album The Carnival was composed by Wyclef Jean. John Forte and Pras are featured in the song.

It has peaked at number 45 on the Billboard Hot 100, number 3 on the Hot Rap Songs, and number 14 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs list. The soundtrack peaked at number 87 on VH1's 100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs of All Time.

What Songs Did Barry Gibb Write

Barry Gibg has written the song with John Lennon and Paul McCartney. These songs record for the most spent Billboard Hot 100 number ones.

He charted as the second most successful songwriter in history by Guinness World Records behind McCarney. The following table lists the songs written and composed by Barry Gibb:

Songs Written and Perform by Barry GibbsReleased Year
I'll Kiss Your Memory1970
Shine, Shine1984
Fine Line1984
Childhood Days1988
Doctor Mann2006
Drown On the River2007
Grey Ghost2011
Daddy's Little Girl2011

I'll Kiss Your Memory

I'll Kiss You Memory released in May 1970 is the first solo single by Gibb. The song was written, composed, and performed by himself.

The single reached number 16 in the Netherlands. It was recorded in IBC Studios, London on 15 & 20 February 1970. The singer wants to share the pain and sadness feelings in losing a loved one. It describes the themes of longing and the power of memories.

Shine, Shine

The song from the album New Voyager is a synthpop and adult contemporary genre. It was his first entirely solo hit single.

The song Shine, Shine was released in August 1984, It was written by Barry along with his brothers Maurice Gibb and George Bitzer. The music video of the song describes a man who is watching a woman he loves marry someone else.

Fine Line

The song Fine Line was written by Barry Gibb and George Bitzer. It was produced by Karl Richardson and Barry. It was published in October 1984.

It is a single from the album Now Voyager released by MCA Records in North America and Poludor Records in most countries. Fine Line peaked in the top 50 on the Hot Dance Club Songs in the US.

Barry Gibb Band Members

The musical group was formed in 1955 by the three Gibb brothers Barry, Robin, and Maurice.
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Barry Gibb Band Members names are Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb, Vince Melouney, Colin Peterson, Geoff Bridgford, and Barry himself.

The band formerly known as The Rattlesnakes formed by Barry Gibb in 1955 changed into the Bee Gees in 1958. Bee Gees is a musical group that was founded by three brothers Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb.

They were the third-most successful band in Billboard lists history behind only the Beatles and the Supremes.

Band MembersYears Active in Bee Gees
Robin Gibb1958-1969
Maurice Gibb1958-2003
Vince Melouney1966-1968
Frederick Colin Peterson1967-1969
Geoff Bridgford1969-1972

Robin Gibb

Robin is a brother of Barry Gibb and is well known as Bee Gees member.
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A British musician, singer, and songwriter began his musical career through The Rattlesnakes. He spent 57 years in the music career.

Robin Gibb garnered a lot of fame as a member of the Bees Gees pop group with elder brother Barry and fraternal twin brother Maurice Gibb. He has also released numerous solo albums such as Robin's Reign (1970), Secret Again (1984), Magnet (2003), Sing Slowly Sisters (2015), and so on.

Maurice Gibb

The member of Bee Gees was performing with the Bee Gees in 2001
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At the age of 53, a British musician who worked as a musical artist for 48 years passed away in 2003. He was also involved in the musical group Bees Gees.

Gibb has released his solo singles including Railroad (1970) and Hold Her in Your Hand (1984). In addition to his success in his music career, Maurice has also appeared in movies such as Cucumber Castle (1970), Sgt. Pepper's Loney Hearts Club Band (1978), and The Supernaturals (1986).

Vince Melouney

Vince Melouney became the official member of Bee Gees from 1963 to 1969.
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An official band member of the Bees Gees Vince Melouney worked there from 1967 to 1969. Born on August 18, 1945, he is 77 years of age.

The former band member has established his own several bands such as The Vibratones (1963), The Aztecs (1964), Vince and Tony's Two (1965), and The Vince Maloney Sect (1966). He has appeared in Bees Gees albums such as Horizontal (1968), Idea (1968), and Odessa (1969).

Colin Peterson

The member of Bee Gees a British musical group Colin ‘Smiley’ Petersen back on the drums performing Bee Gee hits for the first time in decades.
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Colin Peterson is an Australian drummer and record producer. The former band member played drum for Bee Gees from 1967 to 1969.

The original band member was replaced by Pentangle drummer Terry Cox to record the songs for their album Cucumber Castle (1970) after he left the musical group. He joined Humpy Bong and worked with Jonathan Kelly.

Geoff Bridgford

The drummer Geoff Bridgford joined the Bee Gees in 1969 and left in 1972.
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The former musical group Bees Gees welcomed Geoff Bridgford in 1969. He worked there as a drummer and singer-songwriter.

Before joining the Bees Gees, Bridgford worked with Steve and the Boards. The drummer joined a soul and R&B group The Groove in 1970 and left Bee Gees in 1972.

Barry Gibb Tour 2023

The prolific singer and songwriter Barry had his first solo tour called Mythology Tour in 2013 in Australia. Barry Gibb has no recent tour in 2023.

The latest tour by Gibb was 6 years ago in 2017 at the Glastonbury Festival in England. Besides that, the reputed record producer also joined the same festival in 2016 with Coldplay.

Barry Gibb Net Worth 2023

The 1967 Bee Gees musical group looking at clockwise from bottom left in the picture, the member are Colin Petersen, Vince Melouney, Barry Gibb, Maurice Gibb and Robin Gibb.
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Barry Gibb net worth is $140 million in 2023. He is famously regarded as the former band member of Bees Gees.

Through the band, he earned a lot of fame as well as wealth. The group was one of the most successful pop groups of all time having sales records of more than 220 million.

The singer purchased a $1.58 million waterfront mansion in Miami in 1981. They again bought the seven-bedroom mansion in 2006 built in 1968 for $2.3 million but sold it for $2 million in 2014.