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Steve Harvey Brothers And Sisters Are His Extended Family

Steve while on vacation with his family on a cruise
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Steve Harvey brothers and sisters are Terry Harvey and Pauline and Mona Harvey. Steve has one brother and two sisters.

The host of the American television program Family Feud is well-known for it.

He began his career as a stand-up comic in the early 1980s and hosted his own show on The WB and Showtime at the Apollo.

Harvey made his film debut in 2000 with The Original Kings of Comedy.

He went on to appear in the films Johnson Family Vacation, Love Don't Cost a Thing and The Fighting Temptations.

In addition, he established his own media organization that contains his production business East 112,and several other projects.

He has won 14 NAACP Image Awards in various categories, seven Daytime Emmy Awards, and two Marconi Awards.

Steve Harvey Childhood With His Brothers And Sisters

Steve Harvey brother Terry And Sisters Mona and Pauline were raised alongside him. Steve came from a family of coal mine employees.

He struggled with severe stuttering as a child, but he finally overcame it with the help of his siblings.

Despite their limited resources, his family's life was rich in religion. In addition to subsistence farming, his father worked as a coal miner while his mother cared for the house.

Living on East 112th Street, which was renamed Steve Harvey Way in 2015, his family relocated to Cleveland, Ohio.

Steve Harvey siblings while inaugurating his own street
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He visits his grandfather in West Virginia every now and then. While he used to listen to them and attempted to imitate them, he showed some of the disciplines from his grandparents.

Steve wrote on paper in the sixth grade, when he was around nine years old, that he wanted to be on TV like Bill Cosby.

In 1974, he earned his high school diploma from Glenville. He attended West Virginia University and Kent State University shortly after high school.

He is a Omega Psi Phi fraternity member, but he never received a degree.

Later he admitted, "It sent my life into a downward spiral, and I regret not earning that degree," even as he spoke of overcoming his early life and educational challenges.

Steve Harvey's siblings gave him a lot of encouragement when he decided against going to college.

They helped him while he was struggling in the entertainment business.

Younger Brother Terry Harvey

Terry Harvey is the only brother of Steve Harvey. Terry is two years younger than Steve and he was born in 1959.

The Harvey brothers were raised in Cleveland, Ohio, just like his other siblings.

He is currently thought to be a businessman who lives a very opulent life and earns a respectable income thanks to his investments.

There have been tense moments between the brothers in the past. One such occasion was in 2011, following the acrimonious split between his brother and his ex-wife, Mary Harvey.

Terry Harvey speaking for his brother after Steve street was inaugurated.
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They were wed between 1996 and 2005. However, Mary continued to file lawsuits and make accusations about her ex-husband for years after the divorce because it was a contentious divorce.

A major controversy resulted from this, and Terry Harvey publicly defended his brother's ex-wife.

He also admitted that he hadn't spoken to his renowned brother in the preceding year and a half.

Such a public declaration would have badly impacted Terry's relationship with his older brother, but there is every indication that they have patched things up.

When Steve received awards from the city of Cleveland in 2015, Terry and their other siblings were present to celebrate.

He was also there when the street where they were raised was named Steve Harvey street and told that he was proud of what his brother had achieved.

Oldest Sibling Ramona Brown

Steve Harvey has two sisters and a brother with Ramona Harvey being the oldest.

She was most likely born in the middle or early 1950s because he was born in 1957, which makes it more likely. Additionally, it implies that she is currently in her late 60s.

Ramona was actually born in the city of Welch, West Virginia, just like her other siblings.

She, however, grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, with their parents, Eloise Vera and Jesse Harvey.

She attended Cleveland's east side Glenville High School, where she earned her diploma on schedule.

Ramona Brown was honored for her services as President of the Usher Board Ministry.
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Despite having a famous older brother on a global scale, she has generally avoided the spotlight.

She doesn't make it clear what she works for a living.  Her base of operations is understood to be Cleveland, Ohio.

Given that she has a son named El, she is a very proud parent of him and helps him in every part of his life.

She is a devout Christian and was recognized for over 50 years of service as the president of the usher board ministry by the Cleveland Church of Christ Citadel of Hope Ministries in 2020.

Her kid joined her in the festivities. Her well-known sibling also paid her homage. He commended her on her commitment to service and expressed his happiness at seeing her rewarded.

It is evident from these extravagant remarks that the siblings get along pretty well.

Elder Sister Pauline Harvey

The second elder sibling that he has is an older sister named Pauline Harvey.

Pauline Harvey was also born in the West Virginian community of Welch.  But she was raised in Cleveland.

Given that her parents prioritized education, she most certainly earned a high school graduation.

She may potentially have a college degree, it is also feasible.

His oldest sister with the news reporters during her interview
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Pauline Harvey has lived her life out of the spotlight like Steve's other sibling and is still a mystery to this day.

When they visit their hometown, we can typically witness the entire family sharing in the festivities.

But it is known that she continues to live in Cleveland. In honor of her well-known brother, the city's mayor renamed a section of the street where they grew up as Steve Harvey Way in January 2015, and she went to the ceremony with her other siblings.