What Happened To Steve Stricker And Where Is The Golfer Now?

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Steven Stricker's appearance on the PGA Tours Champions after losing 25 pounds has raised a question. What happened to the Golfer?

Even though Stricker was down by a mysterious illness in November 2021, he holds 6th position in Champions Tour. His fans count on him for today's Principal Charity Classic happening in Wakonda Golf Course. The tournament will start on 3rd June till 5th with a purse of $1.85m. 

In-Depth About Steve Stricker Illness: What To Happened Him?

Steven returned to the PGA Tour Champions after battling his illness for months in April. The 2021 U.S. Ryder cup winner was hospitalized in November for two weeks because of the inflammation around his heart. Stricker had an extremely high white blood cell count. 

While he was down by the mysterious illness, he lost 25 pounds. Following the rumors on the web, he was down to 160 pounds when he could swing a golf club again. Nevertheless, his fans were distraught for the athlete when all of a sudden, he had to encounter such a health condition. 

Steven Stricker with his wife Nicki
Steven Stricker with his wife Nicki

The 55-year-old striker also made a joke stating he hoped he would be able to swing the club like Justin Thomas, who also weighs 165 pounds. The athlete mentioned he had texted Thomas humorously, stating that 'I'm at your weight. If I could swing with your speed.'

But unfortunately, he might not be able to swing his club at the same speed the Thomas does. Nevertheless, the athlete has already won seven times after joining the PGA Tour Champions in 2017. 

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Know The Update On Steven Stricker's Health 

Steven's fans are waiting for a health update from the athlete himself as he has returned to the tour championship again. He bagged a victory in the Regions Tradition and will be competing today in Wakonda Golf Course. 

Thus, looking at his performance and the completion he is creating for his opponents, we believe the pro-American Golfer is in good health than he was a couple of months back. Although he has lost weight, he can swing the club and achieve the result as per his expectation. 

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Where Is Steven Stricker Now?

Steven must be in Des Moines as he has a match today in Wakonda Club. He is giving a tough competition to his competitors. Even after he was down by a mysterious illness and had to get hospitalized in November, he is showing great gameplay. After his fourth senior major title win in Briningham, Alabama, he is now looking forward to winning this match. 

Steven Stricker with his life partner and his recent Regional Traditional cup he won after his return from mysterious illness
Steven Stricker with his life partner and his recent Regional Traditional cup he won after his return from mysterious illness

Furthermore, he has 12 PGA Tour wins and eight Tour Champions. He also has won one European tour. Besides, he has won 11 other tours as a pro golfer. Likewise, he was awarded Payne Stewart Award in 2012 and Bryon Nelson Award in 2013. He has also been renowned for other awards.