Sung Kang And His Miki Yim Have Two Kids - Here Is More About Obi-Wan Kenobi Cast

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The famous Korean-American actor Sung Kang has always been a hot topic since his appearance in the Fast & Furious franchise, where he played Han Lue. And this time, the internet is trending with information regarding Sung's kids.

Sung was raised in Gainesville, Georgia after his parents split, and Sung moved in with his mother and African-American stepfather.

He went to a local high school until his senior year. He moved to Barstow, California, and enrolled in 1990 at the University of California, Riverside, but dropped out to pursue his acting career instead of becoming a lawyer.

Who Is Sung Kang Wife - Miki Yim

Miki Yim, Sung Kang's wife, is the love of his life. Miki was born and raised in South Korea, but there is little information on her early life, parents, or siblings. Thus it's presumed that she chooses to keep her life secret.

She attended a local high school and, after graduating in 2008, enrolled at Tokyo's Meiji Gakuin University, where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Arts in 2012.

Sung Kang and his wife Miki Yim
Sung Kang and his wife Miki Yim

Born in South Korea, Miki Yim is a fashion designer who has worked for well-known fashion houses such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton and was an assistant manager for Sephora and Coco Chanel cosmetics.

She works as a general manager for the prestigious company Prada in Honolulu, Hawaii; she is fluent in Korean, Japanese, English, and French.

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Does Sung Kang Have Any Children?

The pair has a lovely marriage at their Los Angeles home; they don't have children, despite rumors that they are hiding them. When Sung arrived at the Bangkok International Film Festival in 2009 with a girl and a boy, the rumors intensified. He disputed all of the allegations, claiming that his nephew and niece were the people in the photos.

Sung Kang with his fan
Sung Kang with his fan

Miki and Sung met in 2002 and began dating soon after, even though they kept their relationship a secret. They announced their wedding on July 8, 2014, in front of their families and friends.

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Net Worth - How Much Does Sung Kang Earn? 

The Cast of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Sung Kang, is yet to reveal his total net worth to the public. Given his successful acting career, his net worth must be hefty.

Sung Kang during the premier of F9
Sung Kang during the premier of F9

However, according to Celebritynetworth (CNW), his total income is around $8 million. CNW points out that the 50-year-old Kang is a former restaurateur and his other business ventures, when coupled with his acting paychecks, add up to make him worth $8 million.

His primary source of earnings is from acting. However, he also earns a major chunk of cash from endorsing brands, sponsorships with big companies, and many more. According to IMDb, he has 67 credits to his name as an actor, including multiple blockbuster movies, tv-series, short movies, etc.