Tammy Thompson's Sings US Anthem and Makes A Cameo In Stranger Things 4 and Fans Are Excited

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Tammy Thompson's appearance in the newest season of Stranger Things has left the fans surprised & excited.

The first installment of the highly anticipated season was released today, and fans are already binge-watching the seven new episodes. Season 4 picks up some months after the events of season 3, with the Byers & Eleven now residing in Lenora Hills, California.

With the exception of Jim Hopper, the remainder of the group is still in Hawkins, Indiana. We thought Hopper had perished in the Starcourt Mall explosion in the season 3 finale, but we now know he's alive & well as a prisoner in Russia!

Who Is Tammy Thompson? Her Cameo In Stranger Things 4 Explored

Tammy is referenced briefly in Stranger Things season 3, although she does not appear until season 4. When they're laying down in the toilet stalls, Robin confesses to Steve that she has a crush on her.

In season 4, Steve mocks Robin for having love for Tammy, claiming that her singing is similar to a Muppet's. Tammy apparently thinks she's a wonderful singer & will sing whenever she gets the chance.

Robin laughs it off but later tries to make Vickie laugh with the same joke. This is when Robin reveals the true identity of her sexuality to Steve.


When Steve & Robin had a heart-to-heart connection in the mall toilet in Stranger Things Season 3, Episode 7, "Chapter Seven: The Bite," Tammy Thompson was first mentioned.

Robin came out to Steve by telling him about her old infatuation with Tammy Thompson, and Steve expressed his romantic emotions for her.

Tammy has arrived on the show, and Steve wasn't lying when he said she'd be a star. Her comeback has left the fans excited & they cannot wait to watch the upcoming episodes.

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Tammy Thompson's US Anthem & Her Role Explored

Tammy comes in to sing the National Anthem before the school's basketball game on one of the afternoons. Robin and Steve chuckle as they meet eyes from their seats, & Tammy whispers to Steve that he was correct; Tammy does sound like a muppet when she sings off-key.


Vickie, who is standing directly next to Robin, hears her and agrees that she sounds like Kermit. Robin begins to tell Vickie that she used to have a crush on Tammy after they share a giggle.

But Vickie fails to hear her properly & when asked what she was saying again, she simply says that they used to share a class together previously.

Vickie & Tammy both have minor roles in Stranger Things season 4 ep 1, but we hope to see more of the former duo in volume 2.

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Explore What A Hellfire Club Is In Season 4 Of Stranger Things

Stranger Things Season 4 starts up 6 months after the events of Season 3's finale, with a six-month time leap. Steve & Robin are still close friends & still work together at the video shop.

Vickie is a member of the marching band, along with Robin, who is a year younger than Steve.

Later that evening, when Steve and Robin attend the championship basketball game, Robin is playing with the band while Steve is out on another date.