20 Taper Fade Haircut For Men

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Taper fade haircuts are one of the most recognizable men's hairstyles. The style works both as a casual cut and a professional cut.

The style features long hair at the crown and the hair on the side is clipped shorter and shorter until it blends with the skin. The clipping is also done at the back of the head but can be customized as per desire.

The versatility, neatness, and professional looks make taper fade haircuts one of the most popular and recognized styles among men.

We have collected 20 such taper fade cuts below and men with any type of face or hair can find something for themself.

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1. Pompadour Taper Fade

Source : pinterest

Pompadour Taper Fade is one of the most iconic hairstyles for men. The taper fade enhances the standing top making it more elegant.

The style has been a top choice for men since the 1950s when it was popularized by the king of rock and roll Elvis making the style timeless and classic. The hairstyle is one of the best to pair with a taper fade as the shorter sides compliment the longer and standing top.

However, maintaining a perfect pompadour style can get tricky as it requires constant trimming and adjusting and extensive use of hair-care products to lock the top hair in a brushed-up position.

2. Disconnected Drop Fade

Source : pinterest

Disconnected Drop Fade features a straight line created to divide the top region of the head with the sides.

As the name suggests, the top of the head is not connected with the sides. The top is left untouched to grow in length while the sides are sloped down, the sides are longest adjacent to the line and gradually get shorter until completely blending into skin.

The line adds a distinct style and creates a unique appearance as shown in the image above. The style suits any hair-type or face-type.

3. Subtle Taper Fade

Source : pinterest

Subtle Taper Fade is a classic masterpiece that looks both casual and professional at the same time.

The style features a long top and faded sides as other taper fade styles but the sides do not completely blend with the skin. However, the sides are a bit longer and other styles only meet the skin at the very end of the hairline.

The subtle taper fade style is perfect for men who work in the corporate sector but want to keep a classic hairstyle that does not look unprofessional. Maintaining the style is also fairly easy due to the shorter length of the hair.

4. Taper Fade Slick Back

Source : pinterest

Slick Backs look great on their own but pairing the style with taper fade takes it to a whole different level.

The hairstyle features taper faded sides with a longer top that is completely pulled backward. The backward pull of the top can be straight or slanted to one side, but most people love keeping it straight.

Slick backs might appear like Pompadour at a glance but slick back style does not achieve as much height as pompadour. Maintaining the hairstyle can get tricky as it requires constant attention and hair gels or sprays to keep the hair locked.

5. Dry Pushed Back Quiff

Source : pinterest

Dry Pushed Back Quiff is one of the most versatile styles involving taper fade. The style is flexible and suits most face and hair types.

Although pushed-back quiff can appear as pompadour at a glance, the two iconic hairstyles have a lot of subtle differences setting them apart. Quiff features hair brushed upwards and forward while pompadour features hair brushed upwards and backward making it sleeker.

The dry pushed-back quiff features tapered sides and a brushed-up top but does not include the wetness or glossy appearance. The style is easy to maintain and versatile.

6. Textured Top Taper Fade

Source : pinterest

Textured Top paired with taper fade makes an attractive hairstyle that suits most face types for men. The style features relatively shorter hair.

The style works best for straight and fine hair as compared to heavy and curly ones. However, both types of hair can be styled as textured tops making it a universal style. Like other styles, the sides are trimmed and the top left is long.

However, the key identifying and differentiating feature of the textured top with a taper fade is the choppy top with spikes scattered all over. The hair is low maintenance and does not require much attention making it easy to wear.

7. Tape Up Taper Fade

Source : instagram

Tape Up is another name for the Taper Fade. The design has no limitations on customizability.

The image above features a simple taper fade or tape-up design with an outstanding neckline making it a unique and attractive design. The sides feature a mid-taper fade and the top is brushed upwards like a pushed-back quiff discussed earlier.

The design is relatively easier to maintain as compared to achieving it, adopting this style requires visiting a highly skilled and talented barber who has done similar cuts before as well.

8. Temple Taper Fade

Source : pinterest

Temple Taper Fade is also famously known simply as temp fade or temple fade. The style features a gradual fade in just the temple region of the head.

Temp fade has been one of the most favorite hairstyles among men of all ages, especially teenagers. The style has been around for decades and will hopefully continue for decades more.

The style is low maintenance and does not require many hair-care products as well, making it a favorite among men. Moreover, the style also suits most face and hair types making it universal and further popular.

9. Faux Hawk

Source : pinterest

Faux Hawk Style is a timeless design made popular in the early 1990s. The style is one of the most recognizable hairstyles for men.

The style falls into the punk category but has not lost its charm even three decades later. The style is characterized by a taper fade and a strip of long hair running from above the forehead back to the neck.

The lengthy bit is styled upwards at the front which helps to add the appearance of length to the round faces making it a suitable cut. Moreover, the haircut is relatively low maintenance but requires the use of hair care products to lock the hair in place.

10. Undercut Brush Up

Source : pinterest

Undercut Brush Up is a timeless design for men of all ages featuring taper fade. The design is suitable for men with round faces as well.

The undercut brush-up hairstyle features taper fade sides and a long top styled to stand. However, the standing part and top area are not well refined on purpose to enhance the natural texture of the hair, the hairstyle also works better with mildly curly hair.

The style is low-maintenance as it only requires timing and adjustment every once in a few weeks and it also does not require applying haricare products.

11. Tapered Mohawk

Source : twitter

Tapered Mohawk despite being quite an old style has not gone out of fashion. The style is timeless and works best with slightly curly hair.

The style features a low-taper fade and a long middle section spanning from above the forehead all the way back to the neck. The long region is styled by standing it up forming spikes in a triangular shape.

Although the style looks excellent, it is difficult to maintain. The tapered mohawk hairstyle requires numerous haircare products to lock it in the standing position but it does not require a regular trimming.

12. Afro Taper Fade

Source : pinterest

Afro Taper Fade only works for men with dense curly hair. The style helps to manage the tangly curls with ease.

While only people with dense curly hair can enjoy the style, it suits all types of face structures be it a round face or an elongated face. The style is also very helpful in managing the dense curly.

The design features tapered sides with the long-standing top as seen in the image above. The haircut is low-maintenance and is best for people who do not have time to take care for their hair.

13. Caesar Taper Fade

Source : facebook

Caesar Taper Fade is a unique hairstyle prepared by combining Ceasar cut with taper fade. The style gets better of both the styles.

The style features a short top cut from the Caesar cut while also incorporating the fading from a taper fade. The hairstyle is highly manageable and perfect for all the busy men who have virtually no time to maintain their hair.

Caesar Taper Fade is very easy to maintain as it does not require any attention apart from trimming and adjustment every once in a few weeks, applying haircare products is optional.

14. Taper Fade Textured Crop

Source : instagram

A taper fade textured crop is a versatile hairstyle that combines a gradual fade on the sides and back of the head with a short, choppy, and layered top.

The style works best for men who want to add some texture and movement to their hair, as well as create contrast and definition. The style features a faded side and a choppy top with natural textures.

Maintaining the taper fade textured crop is also fairly easy as it just requires ordinary hair cream or spray to hold the texture in place and styling can be done with hands or big tooth comb.

15. Spiky Taper Fade

Source : pinterest

Spiky Taper Fade is a combination of a spiky hairstyle with tapered sides. The blend creates an attractive and sophisticated unique haircut.

The hairstyle is characterized by a taper fade on the sides and back while the top is kept a bit longer and faced upwards. The raised top form spikes on the head, hence the name of the style.

However, the haircut is just the first step in achieving the desired look. Men are also required to use hairspray or hair gel to lock the spikes on their position and get a damp and shiny texture. Furthermore, the haircut also requires a few layers for the texture.

16. Waved Top with Taper Fade

Source : pinterest

Waved Top with a taper fade is a hairstyle you want if you have slightly curly and a bit longer hair. The style works for most face types.

The hairstyle is characterized by the short trimmed taper faded sides and longer and wavy top. The curls on the top form a wave just above the forehead swept towards either side or above.

The wavy style looks attractive but can be tricky to maintain. The style requires constant trimming and adjustment from the barber and multiple hair care products to take care of the curls and the shiny look. Moreover, the hairstyle looks better when it has a wet appearance.


17. Brushed Up Taper Fade

Source : instagram

Brushed Up Taper Fade is suitable for short and medium-length hair. The style incorporates elements of spiky cut and pompadour.

The haircut goes well with a round face and even better with a well-maintained thick beard. The haircut is characterized by taper fade on the sides that transition seamlessly with a beard and brushed-up top with layers and occasional spikes here and there.

The style is also suitable for men who have little time to care for their hair or don't want to spend time on maintenance. Unlike pompadour, layered brush-up does not require a ton of haircare products, but occasional hair gels or sprays will make it look better.

18. Taper Fade Curly Bangs

Source : pinterest

Taper Fade Curly Bangs is one of the best hairstyles for men with curly hair. The hairstyle requires men to keep medium-length hair.

The style looks attractive if the hair is a bit longer and able to flaunt the curls and all the texture that comes with the curly hair. Moreover, the shorter taper faded sides also help define the curly texture of longer top hair.

Moreover, the beautiful haircut is easier to maintain than it appears. The style requires trims and adjustments every once in a few weeks and any hair gel or haircream that provides a wet and shiny look works just fine on the hair.

19. Bald Taper Fade

Source : pinterest

The bald taper fade is not exactly as it sounds but the sides are faded completely leaving the top long and voluminous.

However, the style is not for everyone as it might not look good for all face and hair types. Nonetheless, people with smaller and finer hair are well suited to the style, having a beard trimmed in a similar manner also adds to the attractiveness of the design.

The maintenance part of donning the bald taper fade is also fairly straightforward. The style needs trimming every couple of weeks and any ordinary hair gel or cream works fine.

20. Blowout Taper Fade

Source : thetrendscout

Blowout Taper Fade is an excellent choice for men who want a voluminous top and sleek sides. The hairstyle is timeless and classic.

The hairstyle features a neatly trimmed side and a wild and overgrown-looking top, the sides are taper faded while the top is styled as if it was hit by a tornado recently. The top hair is blown backward and locked with hair styling products.

However, there are a few things to consider before opting for the style, the first being you must have voluminous hair and possess a strong hairdryer. Moreover, your styling and haircare product bill might also take a significant spike.