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Taran Noah Smith And Wife Heidi van Pelt Separated After Home Improvement

Taran Noah is best known as Mark Taylor in the sitcom Home Improvement
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Taran Noah Smith wife Heidi van Pelt is the owner of the vegan cafe named Fud in Kansas. Heidi and her second husband opened the cafe in partnership.

Taran was born to his parents, Candy Bennici and David Smith, in San Francisco, California, on April 8, 1984. He is currently 38 years old. Noah is an American actor known for the famous sitcom Home Improvement. 

He played the role of Mark Taylor from 1991 to 1999. He got the role when he was seven years old, and the series ended when he was 16. He left his career as an actor when he was 17 years old.

He played the role of Brian Ferris in Little Bigfoot 2: The Journey Home which was released in 1998, and Timmy Cratchet in Ebbie. He graduated early and went to the University of Southern California.

However, he dropped out shortly after beginning classes. He has an older sister named Ariandrea Hilary Smith is a renowned model.

Where Is Taran Noah Smith Wife Heidi van Pelt Now?

Taran Noah Smith wife Heidi van Pelt now moved back to her hometown in Kansas City in 2005. She and Taran officially separated in 2007.

Heidi later married a man named Jerimiah Rozzo Belle and opened a vegan cafe name Fud.

Heidi and Jerimiah had a child name Vox Belle together. The restaurant is located inside Bad Seed, the crossroads farmers market in Kansas City.

The restaurant started its process as a stand-alone on the Westside in 2010. However, seven years later the cafe had been closed.

Taran with his former partner Heidi Van
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Her partner, Jerimiah owns a 49% stake and Heidi owns 51% in Fud, and without his permission, Heidi decided to discontinue the operation of their business because she assumed that her workers were planning against her.

Rozzo disclosed that he had his spouse was attempting to sort out the legal details of splitting their collaboration in the restaurant. As per Rozzo, ending the long business relationship was traumatic.

Although the restaurant was closed, Heidi said it was only momentary as the business would re-open soon.

However, until now, there has not been any report of the cafe, and neither has there been any information about Heidi. Unfortunately, she has no social media presence.

Sadly, Van Pelt's husband, Jerimiah Rozzo passed away on June 27, 2021. He was 40 years old. Jerimiah was born in Clinton, Missouri to Heather Mathews on November 8, 1980.

He has two beloved children Vox Belle and Beatrix Rozzo. Beatrix was born to his partner, Zoe Marinovich. 

Taran Noah And Heidi Van Got Married In 2001

Heidi and Noah met through an animal rights activist. Zachary Ty Bryan is Noah's friend. Taran and Heidi met when he was still on the program and in the public eye.

In 2000, the pair reconnected and started to like each other. Heidi quickly moved in with Taran and his family, where she lived for two months. Noah had to lie about Heidi's age for them to stay together.

His parents ultimately found Heidi's actual age and kicked her out. Taran went with her, causing quite a disturbance in the household. The couple relocated from Los Angeles to Lawrence, where they privately married.

The wedding occurred in a Topeka strip club on April 27, 2001. Heidi was 33 years old, whereas Taran was not legally considered an adult. The pair returned to Los Angeles and began their own food company.

Smith and his then-spouse founded Playfood, a non-dairy cheese factory, and restaurant focusing on vegan and organic meals, in 2005.

Noah and Heidi picture clicked by Jeff Kravitz while attending 25th Anniversary Gala for PETA and Humanitarian Awards
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Taran had already chosen to retire from acting by the time the Home Improvement program ended. They mostly made vegan meals, repurposed local products, and even contributed to a local charity.

The Couple Separated In 2007

Taran and Heidi have 16 years of an age difference. Taran is 16 years younger than Heidi. Noah was just 17 years old and youth at their wedding. Noah's parents were not in favor of the couple's relationship.

Taran's family lawyer soon tried to have the marriage canceled, but it was ineffective. Heidi was said to be chasing Taran's $1.5 million trust money. Throughout Taran and Heidi's marriage, the pair gave a few interviews in which they defended their marriage.

Despite this, almost everyone believed their marriage was a huge mistake. After six years of marriage, the pair separated on February 2, 2007. According to The Things, the primary cause of the separation was money and cheating allegations, and both spouses blamed one other.

Taran and Heidi gave various reasons for their split after their divorce. Heidi told Taran drank and partied too much, fooled her multiple times, and walked out on their marriage with one of her friends.

Baby Taran got the role of Mark Taylor when he was seven years old
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On the other side, Noah revealed that Heidi was handling their restaurant revenues and investing them into her ventures. He became mad after blaming her for sleeping with girls.

According to Noah, after one such argument, Heidi had a temper and broke all of the dishes in the house. They eventually began working in different cities to avoid each other.

Following their divorce, Noah volunteered with Communitere in the Philippines in 2014. Smith is also the Community Submersibles Project's Technical Manager, where he teaches people how to pilot submarines. Smith joined SpaceX as an integration technician in July 2022.

Taran Noah Appearance On Home Improvement

Taran Noah appeared on Home Improvement when he was seven years old. He played the role of Mark Taylor from 1991 to 1999 for 203 episodes.

The show ended when he was 16 years old and he quit his acting career to marry his girlfriend Heidi Van in 2001. However, the couple separated after being married for six years.

Home Improvement is an American television sitcom that ran on ABC from September 17, 1991, to May 25, 1999, featuring Tim Allen as Tim Taylor. The program contains 204 half-hour episodes over eight seasons.

Home Improvement cast includes Tim Allen along with Patricia Richardson
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In 1990, it was one of the most famous sitcoms in the United States. The Taylor family is centered on Tim, his missis Jill played by Patricia Richardson, and their three sons: Brad played by Zachery Ty Bryan, Randy played by Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and Mark played by Taran Noah.

The Taylors live in Detroit, and they have a neighbor named Wilson, portrayed by Earl Hindman, who is often called upon to solve the Taylors' matters.

Mark was a mama's boy who grew into a teenage misfit who wore dark attire later in the series in the seventh season. Meanwhile, Brad, like his father, got interested in vehicles and started playing soccer.

Randy joined the school theatre club and ultimately the school newspaper before departing for Costa Rica in the seventh season.