20 Attractive Neck Tattoo Ideas for Men

A heavily tattooed man showing interesting and colorful design on his neck.
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Neck tattoos can make a guy look attractive and even scary at times. Neck Tattoos are also a great way of expressing your feeling as well.

Tattoos have been around from the beginning of modern society and even before, archeologists have found evidence of tattooing as early as 3000 BC. Men have inked themself in about every part of their bodies, and the neck is no exception.

A neck tattoo can be an excellent idea for getting inked. We have collected 20 beautiful designs to get inked for guys in this article.

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1. Birth Year

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Birth Year can be a great idea for getting inked. Birthyear tattoos are simple and can have great importance in a person's life.

The simple design with no chance of regret has made the birth year tattoo a favorite thing to get inked for men for a long time. The trick is, to keep the design simple and the tattoo works great on the back side of the neck, just below the head.

Moreover, the design can be customized according to need and can incorporate the year when you met your partner or other important things in life. It can also be the year when someone got a new life or fresh beginning.

2. Initials

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The initials tattoo is another favorite design to get inked on the neck. The design can be made in any part of the neck.

The design is a perfect balance between simplicity and customizability. Guys can get simple initials on their necks or can make an artistic design out of all the letters and boy the designer can create attractive art based on initials.

Furthermore, guys can get inked with their own initials or include their family members or partners as well. It makes a wholesome attractive design for guys.

3. Anchor

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Anchor tattoos have always been one of the top designs to get inked on the neck. Anchors represent stability which is essential for everyone.

The design is also highly customizable making it very attractive. The tattoo can be made very simple as well as complex with multiple colors and added chains as well. It works best on the side of the neck, just below the ears.

Although in general Anchors represents stability in person, they can have a plethora of meaning from person to person. Navy veterans or sailors can also get the design inked on their necks to showcase their passion and connection to their profession.

4. Lucky Number

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Getting your lucky number inked on your neck can make an attractive idea for a tattoo. Lucky numbers also have personal meanings.

Most men get the number 13 inked on their neck as their lucky number, but numbers can vary between people. You can get any number of your choice tattooed on your neck be it a number with significant importance or a number that denotes luck.

The design can also be customized by writing the number in artistic ways, the tattoo artists and designers can make attractive and unique designs based on numbers.

5. Compass

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Compass makes a great design for attractive neck tattoos for men. Compass signifies the bearing of a person in their life.

The design is popular due to its deep meaning and ability for customization. The tattoo can be made very simple or large and artistic depending on the choice of the person getting inked. Compass design works best on the side of the neck, just below the ears.

A compass tattoo signifies the person having it has a strong bearing in their life and does not easily deviate from their path or goal. However, a compass can also have different personal meanings for different people.

6. Butterfly

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Butterfly tattoos are not reserved for females as they make a great design for everyone. The design works best on the back of the neck.

The design holds significant meaning as well, a butterfly can represent going through some terrible times in life and still making out fine or it can also symbolize a new beginning for people getting a fresh start.

Butterfly tattoos can be made elaborate covering all of the rear neck region with detailed patterns on the wings. The arguably the most beautiful insect in the world will definitely make an equally attractive tattoo design for men.

7. Religious Symbols or Motif

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Incorporating religious symbols in a tattoo is a great way of paying respect to your beliefs. Religious symbols make perfect neck tattoos for guys.

The designs can be made with a number of religious symbols and they can well be customized to better fit your needs. Moreover, men can get portraits of gods or religious quotes as well to signify their faith.

Religious symbol tattoos can help people get close to their faith and beliefs all while having an attractive design on their neck.

8. Wings of Angels

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Angel wings work best as neck tattoo for men as it makes an attractive design. It is a great way of memorializing a lost loved one as well.

The wings have deep meaning as most people get the design inked as a symbol of the memory of loved ones. However, the fact that the design can be manipulated and made into attractive art also helps angel wings to become one of the favorite designs.

The design works best on both, the front of the neck and the backside. However, making sure the design is symmetrical and covers a large area as it is very important for an angel wings tattoo to look attractive.

9. Eagle

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Eagle tattoos denote freedom, power, courage, and strength for men. The design works best on the throat region of the neck.

The powerful bird plays an important role in our beliefs and perceptions and has several significant meanings yearned by all men. Apart from the meaning, the design itself is mesmerizing who would not like to get the majestic bird inked to their neck?

However, It is very important to make sure the design is symmetrical in front of your neck. The larger the tattoo the better it seems and adding an artistic touch makes it much better.

10. Heart and Dagger

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Heart and Dagger is an old but attractive tattoo designed and loved for centuries by men and women alike. The design symbolizes good and bad.

At first glance, the idea of getting inked a heart and being stabbed by a dagger seems to be unconventional but the design has been around for centuries and it means the balance between good and bad or pure and evil.

Adding wings to the dagger and some blood-red colors on the heart will make the tattoo truly stand up to its meaning. The design suits best on the back region of the neck but make sure it is perfectly symmetrical.

11. Sacred Heart

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Sacred Heart design is best for men who are thinking of getting a neck tattoo. The design works perfectly on the front side of the neck.

Heart designs are common when it comes to getting inked but by adding some religious symbols and artistry, a talented designer can turn the regular heart into something completely new and unique.

Moreover, sacred heart design is also a great way of showing devotion and attachment to religion in a cool and attractive way.

12. Wolf

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Wolf tattoos make attractive designs for guys to get inked on their necks. The tattoo works great on the side of the neck just below the ears.

There is no denying getting a wolf design inked on your neck will make you look attractive and a bit of an intimidating person, the meaning of the design is also equally deep and worth the pain of the elaborated design.

Wolf tattoos symbolize strength, power, and wisdom. They also hold religious significance in different groups of people as wolves are often considered mediators between gods and people in some religions.

13. Tiger

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Tiger tattoo design signifies power, pride, independence, and courage among others, all qualities yearned by men. The design works best on the side of the neck.

Apart from the fantastic meaning, the design itself looks fierce and dominating. Getting a large tiger inked on the side of the neck will make the person bearing the tattoo automatically look intimidating and powerful.

Furthermore, the design can be customized according to the desire and wish of the person getting inked and made simple or more complex with multiple colors and details.

14. Spider

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Spiders are one of the most feared insects and carrying it on your neck as a tattoo will make you look intimidating. It is great for Spiderman fans as well.

The design signifies the cycle of life and death, birth and renewal. However, apart from the meaning and significance, they also make a great design to cover your neck. Make sure the body of the spider is in the front of the back with its legs wrapping around the sides.

The tattoo can be done in any size or style and it is completely customizable making it a great choice for a neck tattoo.

15. Bat

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Bat tattoos are unique and attractive making it perfect to get inked on the neck. Bats are seen as a symbol of good luck and happiness.

The mammal is a symbol of Goth culture and getting a bat tattooed on the throat with its wings wrapping around the sides is one of the best ways to showcase your love for the goth culture.

Apart from the meaning and cultural significance, Bat designs make an attractive tattoo aesthetically as well.

16. Swallows

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Swallow tattoos on the neck are one of the best designs for men to get inked. The design is timeless and popularized by well-traveled sailors.

Swallow tattoos signify travel, freedom, and return to home. The design was used by sailors to showcase their sailing prowess in the early days but now anyone can get the cute little birds inked on their neck.

Apart from the meaning and significance, the aesthetic of the bird alone should be able to compel anyone to get it inked on their neck. Moreover, the design can incorporate multiple colors making it more attractive and fun.

17. Creepy Motifs

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Creepy Motifs tattoos on the neck can be a great way of showcasing your spooky ways. Creepy tattoos look aesthetic as well.

The design can be anything that looks creepy or spooky ranging from a skull to a ghost. Moreover, seasoned artists can develop something unique and much more frightening on demand to get inked on the neck.

While the creepy designs do not have a significant meaning apart from letting others know of your spooky ways, they are great aesthetically and definitely on the list of every man wanting a neck tattoo.

18. Skull

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Skulls make a great and attractive design for neck tattoos for men. Skulls are one of the favorite things to get tattooed.

The design also carries significant meaning, skull tattoos signify the afterlife, death, or rebellion. However, depending upon the person bearing the tattoo, it can also signify a celebration of life or have a personal relationship with the design.

Skulls are easily one of the most sought-after designs and definitely on a bucket list of things to get inked by every tattoo lover, but getting the design on the neck is completely different as it appears more attractive and powerful.

19. Collage

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Collage neck tattoos can be a great option for men having difficulty deciding and finalizing a particular design.

A collage design can be made by blending numerous single designs into one or it can also be helpful if you already have tattoos on your neck. The collage tattoo design can incorporate anything from religious motifs to satanic designs all based on the likes of the person getting inked.

Moreover, the tattoo can also be made to signify a thing of importance or multiple things of importance in one's life all while looking attractive.

20. Portraits

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Portraits make a great tattoo design for men on the neck. A portrait of your loved one will help you connect with them always.

The design can be inked in many ways, you can choose to ink a picture of your loved one or incorporate your entire family in your design. Getting tattooed by famed and talented artists will help bring the design to life.

Similarly, men can also pay respect to their fallen loved ones by getting their pictures inked on the neck. Portrait tattoo designs are easily one of the best neck tattoo designs for men that are both attractive and meaningful.