Everything We Know About Taylor Heinicke Family

Taylor and his household consists of his mother, sister, and brother-in-law, as seen at a wedding ceremony in December 2019.
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Taylor Heinicke was born to mother Diane and father Brett Heinicke. Heinicke family lost Brett to a heart attack in December 2011.

Taylor also has a sister named Lauren Heinicke who got raised alongside him. 

The Washington Commanders' quarterback has a successful NFL career owing to his close-knit family. From overcoming his father's sudden demise and almost quitting football, each member of the Heinicke bloodline inspired him to look out for a better decision in life.

Heinicke's love for his folks has been a topic of constant media attention since he often mentions them in his public statements.

The other Heinicke's, too, are proud of having an NFL star player-member to their bloodline.

Taylor Heinicke Family

Taylor Heinicke family had a big loss when they lost their father at the end of his freshman season. 

Born to Brett and Diane in 1993 in Lawrenceville, Georgia, the future NFL quarterback saw his parents divorce when he was very young. His mom remarried later, while Heinicke lost his birth father to a heart condition.

Though things may have changed in the Heinicke household, the 29-year-old's respect for his dad has not changed much.

Taylor shared a Happy Father's day post on his IG on June 16, 2019 to remember his father and it also featured Lauren
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Brett was a Green Bay Packers fan 

Brett Heinicke was an American football fan and supported Green Bay Packers of the NFL. 

Brett and Taylor lived together in Atlanta and Diane lived with her new husband. 

The father-son duo grew closer than ever over the decades of their togetherness. Their love and respect for each other are immeasurable even after one of them is no more. 

Talking to the Panthers in 2018, the decade-long head coach of the Old Dominion Monarchs football team, Bobby Wilder, revealed that he had never seen such closeness between a father and a son, unlike the Heinicke father-son duo.

The late Brett was his son's best friend and biggest fan. Hence, his efforts were the main reason behind his son's scholarship opportunity.

A kid Taylor walking with his late father Brett (left) in an old picture shared on his Instagram.
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Heinicke Sr. had made a highlight video for his son and mailed it to 250 colleges around the East Coast. He also took his son to as many as ten to fifteen summer camps each year to make him fit and train for scholarship-fitted college admission.

Sadly, he did not live long enough to see his son graduate from Old Dominion and make his fateful NFL debut. The proud father fell victim to a heart attack in 2011 at 50, one day before his son returned home from college for winter break.

The news of his father's passing broke him though he continued mentioning him in his football endeavors.

Mom Diane Hodsworth Goes By Her Married Name

Diane Hodsworth gained fame as the mother of the All-American honors footballer. 

After Diane separated from Brett, she married her second husband, Mike Dodsworth.

Taylor's mom shares an equally understanding bond with her son and attends each of his games to cheer for him. She and her current husband continued to watch and cheer for their son on TV even during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

QB Heinicke and his mother during the celebration of 2018's 4th of July in Jefferson, Georgia.
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Moreover, Heavy confirms that Mike was a fan of the Heinicke father-son for their personalities. Mike and Brett had connected during their travel for their son's games.

Interestingly, the stepfather also revealed that he takes Taylor's awards to his home to display them. Thus, this blended Heinicke-Dodsworth household is an example of peace and harmony, supporting each other for the best outcome.

They all celebrate each festival together on top of the NFL star player's wins and on-ground achievements.

Diane has a child with new husband

Diane Heinicke shares another child with her new spouse.

Taylor spends quality time with his nephew whenever he returns home.

Moreover, his brother-in-law, Mr. McAndrew, also shares an equally close bond with the Heinickes and the Dodsworths.

This extended family cares for each other and makes the most of their time together.

Taylor Sister Lauren Heinicke

Taylor Heinicke sister Lauren Heinicke stayed together before being drafted to Washington.  

The two are fond of each other, as the quarterback often shares childhood pictures of him with his only sibling. Taylor's Instagram includes many images of them smiling and hugging each other as children.

Taylor Heinicke and his elder sibling Lauren grew up to be as close as best friends all these years.
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Lauren is a few years older than the NFL star and has been a guide in his career. 

Moreover, Lauren and her husband helped him to play well as a player instead of giving up on his football dream.

Taylor faced problems of being in a stable team since he went undrafted in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Hence, with such inspiring people in his life, this Commander was bound to find success. He finally knabbed the sport of the starting quarterback in 2022 after Carson Wentz went on an injury break.

The Heinicke siblings enjoyed face painting around Epcot in February 2019.
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