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The Vamps Members Names And Ages

The Vamps Band members pose together for a professional photoshoot for the Attitude Magazine. (Photo by Markus Bidaux)
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The Vamps members names and ages are Brad Simpson (27), James Brittain-McVey (30), Connor Ball (27), and Tristan Evans (28). The Vamps are a British band.

The band was formed in 2011 after James McVey discovered Bradley Simpson through his YouTube channel and the duo started writing songs together. However, the band was only completed when the duo met Tristan Evans through Facebook the following year and later met Connor Ball via a mutual friend.

The four members uploaded their first cover song on YouTube in the mid of 2012. One of their best-known cover songs is One Direction's Live While We're Young. Their first original song Wild Heart was uploaded to their YouTube channel on July 22, 2013, and gathered 46,000 views in just two days.

The Vamps's debut single Can We Dance was released on September 29, 2013, and ranked number two on UK Single Chart. Similarly, their first album Meet the Vamps was released on April 11, 2014, and ranked on number 2 and number 40 on UK Albums Chart and US Billboard respectively.

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How Old Are The Members Of The Vamps?

The members of The Vamps are Brad Simpson (27), James Brittain-McVey (30), Connor Ball (27), and Tristan Evans (28) years old. James is the oldest of all.

James Brittain-McVey was born on April 30, 1993, making him the oldest member of the band aged 30 years old. He is also the first member to start the formation of the pop band The Vamps in 2011. James was just 18 years old when he embarked on the voyage to form the band.

Tristan Evans is 28 years old and he was born on August 15, 1994, making him the second oldest member of the band. He is also the second member to join James to form the first duo of the band. He was 17 when he met James in 2011.

The Vamps members (L-R) James McVey, Tristan Evans, Brad Simpson, and Connor Ball at a party.
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Brad Simpson is 27 years old and born on July 28, 1995, making him the second youngest member of the band. He will turn 28 years on July 28, 2023. Simpson was the third member to join the band in 2012 at the age of 17 years old. Brad is eight months older than the youngest member Connor.

Connor Ball is the youngest member in the band aged 27 years old, he was born on March 15, 1996, and is only eight months younger than the second youngest member in the band. Ball joined James, Simpson, and Tristan in 2012 when he was just 16 years old making him the last original member of The Vamps.

The Vamps Band Members

The Vamps Band Members are James Brittain-McVey, Brad Simpson, Tristan Evans, and Connor Ball. James started the band and Connor was the last to join.

The band is best known for playing their own instrument and making music themselves without a music producer. They initially started by releasing covers of well-known songs by artists such as One Direction and later started making original music.

James Brittain-McVey was being managed by Richard Rashman and Joe O'Neill of Prestige Management. However, he wanted to form a band and started looking for members when he found Bradley Simpson in 2011 on YouTube. Brad is originally from Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, England.

Brad and James started working on original songs soon after they clicked together, the duo then found Tristan Evans through Facebook. Tristan is a native of Exeter, Devon, England, and also acts as the producer for the band on their cover songs apart from playing drums.

The last member to join the band in 2012 was Connor Samuel John Ball, a native of Aberdeen, Scotland, and the only non-English member of the band. The trio met Ball through their mutual friend and he has been working with the band since their debut album.

Members of The Vamps Band as seen on their initial days of band formation in 2012.
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The Vamps Drummer

Tristan Evans plays the drums for The Vamps. Evans joined the band in early 2012 and has been playing the drums and acting as the producer for the band since his first day at work.

Moreover, Tristan also provides backup vocals to the band's songs while playing the drums. He is found on Instagram with his username @tristanevans where he has a massive following of over 814k followers.

Lead Singer Of The Vamps

The lead singer of The Vamps is Brad Simpsons. He is also the first person to join James to start the formation of The Vamps.

Brad started working with James to write their original songs and albums right after joining him in 2011, he also became the lead singer of the band while James handled the lead guitar. In addition to singing, Simpsons also plays guitar for the band as well.

Simpsons is found on Instagram with his username @bradleywillsimpson where he has over 1.3 million followers.

Where Are The Vamps From?

The Vamps are from the United Kingdom. Three of the four members of the band are from England and one is Scottish.

The British band formed in 2011 but it is not entirely clear where they first made the band official but they have been based out of England since their inception over a decade ago. They are currently signed with Virgin EMI Records.

Japanese Edition cover of the band's album Meet The Vamps.
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Three members, Brad Simpson, James Brittain-McVey, and Tristan Evans come from Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, Bournemouth, Dorset, and Exeter, Devon, in England respectively while Connor comes from Aberdeen, Scotland, making him the only non-English member of the band.

Since the inception of the band, they have been labeled as a boyband, according to their Wikipedia profile, and have been compared to other British bands including One Direction. The band members have stated they have drawn inspiration from other English and British bands and singers like McFly, Ed Sheeran, and Mumford & Sons, among others.

The Vamps Songs - Top 10 Best Of All Time

The Vamps top 10 songs of all time are 1. Somebody to You 2. All Night 3. Oh Cecilia and seven others. Their debut single Can We Dance was 2nd on UK Charts.

The pop band Vamps has numerous hits in their over a decade-long successful career, but here are the best ten songs they have released over the years.

  1. Somebody to You ft. Demi Lovato
  2. All Night ft. Matoma
  3. Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) ft. Shawn Mendes
  4. Wake Up
  5. Just My Type
  6. Can We Dance
  7. Personal ft. Maggie Lindemann
  8. Wild Heart
  9. I Found a Girl
  10. Married in Vegas

Four out of the ten songs are from their debut album Meet The Vamps released in 2014, the songs Somebody to You, Oh Cecilia, Can We Dance, and Wild Heart, all come from their 2014 album.

Personal ft. Maggie Lindemann and Just My Type are from their fourth album  Night & Day (Day Edition) released in 2018, the album was released as the second part of the Day Edition to their Night & Day album.

Their second album Wake Up which was released in 2015 produced two of their top 10 hits, the eponymous song Wake Up and I Found A Girl. Their latest album Cherry Blossom released in 2020 has one of their top ten hits Married in Vegas and All Night ft. Matoma comes from their  Night & Day (Night Edition) released in 2017.

The Vamps Albums In Order

The Vamps Albums In Order are Meet the Vamps, Wake Up, Night & Day (Night Edition), (Day Edition), and Cherry Blossom. The Vamps have released 5 albums.

Here is a table with the name of the album and their release date.

Name of AlbumRelease Date
1. Meet The VampsApril 11, 2014
2. Wake UpNovember 27, 2015
3. Night & Day (Night Edition)July 14, 2017
4. Night & Day (Day Edition)July 13, 2018
5. Cherry BlossomOctober 16, 2020

Their debut album Meet the Vamps features 15 base tracks running for a total of 51:00 minutes. However, the band has added several treats in the form of bonus tracks for people getting a copy of the album from different stores.

Listeners from iTunes Store get additional three tracks and people purchasing DVDs get one more added track. Moreover, the album is also available in the Christmas version and US Version which are different from the original version. The album Meet The Vamps achieved second position on UK Albums Chart and was ranked 40 on US Billboard 200.

Their latest album Cherry Blossom runs for a total of 32:07 minutes and features 11 base tracks with one added as a Japanese edition bonus track. The album charted at number on at UK Albums Chart.

The Vamps Tour 2023

The Vamps Tour 2023 started on February 1, 2023, for this year in Brisbane, Australia. The Vamps nearest performance is at Cheshire Balloon Fiesta on August 6, 2023.

Here is a list of their upcoming tours for the remainder of 2023.

Name of the Venue or EventDate
Cheshire Balloon Fiesta (UK)August 6, 2023
Stronger Together Festival (Norway)August 10, 2023
Wild LIVE (UK)August 12, 2023
Collins Barracks (Ireland)August 25, 2023
Rocking the Daisies (Cape Town, South Africa)October 6, 2023
Rocking the Daisies (Johannesburg, South Africa)October 10, 2023

Apart from their current tour, The Vamps have also headlined numerous past tours and festivals and have also performed as opening artists for well-known names including McFly, Selena Gomez, and Taylor Swift, among others.

Here is a list of tour and events where The Vamps performed as headliners.

  1. Meet the Vamps Tour (2014-2015)
  2. Wake Up European Fan-Fest Tour (2015)
  3. Wake Up World Tour (2016)
  4. Middle of the Night Tour (2017)
  5. Night & Day: Up Close and Personal Tour (2017)

The four members of The Vans pictured together in Thailand in February 2023 during their World Tour.
Source : instagram

Are The Vamps Still Together?

Yes, The Vamps are still together and all the four original members of the band play together.

In fact, the band is constantly on tours and performing at events and festivals around the world together while they make new albums and music every few years. Furthermore, they are actively on a tour together as of July 2023.

The Vamps Net Worth

The Vamps net worth is $10 million as of 2023. The band has made their fortune with their commercially successful five albums and numerous tours.

According to Wealthy Genius, The Vamps have a multi-million dollar fortune estimated at $10 million as of 2023. They have amassed their fortune with the sales of their five hit albums, numerous tours which are often sold out, and record deals with Virgin EMI Records.

Moreover, the band also has merch and goodies available through their digital store which adds to their revenue. They sell merch ranging from Bandanas to Sweatshirts and hoodies. They also have t-shirts, caps, and tote bags available on their digital store.

The cheapest item available in their store is a bandana at $13.10 (10 GBP) and the most expensive item is a hoodie at $65.49 (50 GBP).

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