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Who Is TikToker Hannah Stella Husband Patrick Stella? Are They Getting Divorced?

TikTok star Hannah Stella is a real estate agent
Source : instagram

Hannah Stella is a licensed real-estate agent turned TikTok star. Upon her marriage, she has recently been the talk of the town.

Stella is associated with Leonard Steinberg Team. She is a fantastic seller at Compass with excellent communication abilities.

She has gained over 164K followers on TikTok under the username @hannahstella, with 6.4 million likes overall.

Before getting married, the 30-year-old cyber celebrity went by the name Hannah Thompson. Now, she has adopted her husband's surname, Hannah Stella.

TikTok: Who Is Hannah Stella Husband Patrick Stella? 

As per reports, Hannah Stella's husband, Patrick Stella, is a businessman who operates a Good Wine Credits company.

The two began dating in 2015, and on October 31, 2018, they announced their engagement. After only a few months, they tied the knot at the City Clerk's Marriage Bureau.


I love you guys. Whether you chose to respect my privacy or not i hope youll respect him. Xx

♬ original sound - Hannah Stella

Their marriage is currently being discussed on the internet. Regarding their relationship, many rumors are circulating.

Hannah claimed in a now-deleted Instagram Story that her husband gave to the Ted Cruz Campaign in 2016 to annoy his parents.

According to Open Secrets, a company that disseminates information on political campaign contributions and lobbying, Patrick contributed $1,000 in two installments of $500, one in September 2013 and the other in October 2014.

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Hannah Stella And Her Husband Patrick Stella Divorce Rumors

Recently, there have been numerous rumors of Hannah and Patrick Stella's divorce. Their marriage has also been the subject of numerous accusations.

She just shared a TikTok video on her life as a housewife trying to figure out which way is up in a world on fire.


Hannah asserted that they were separated and hadn't seen her husband recently. She stated that I don't think it's polite or respectful to him; I've always kept our relationship private.

She also added that she would keep the situation's specifics a secret while waiting to see what would unfold.

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Hannah Stella & Patrick Stella's Net Worth 2022 Comparison & Their New York House

Hannah Stella is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million as of July 2022. She also has a luxurious home in New York.

After earning her degree from New York University, she began her career as a real estate agent.

Her annual compensation at Compass as a seller is approximately $93,934. She must be making more money now that she is becoming more popular on TikTok.


On the other hand, Patrick Stella must also have a good income from his firm. His exact yearly income hasn't been disclosed, though.

Most of Hannah's social media content is upbeat and consists of videos about her marriage. Also, her fashionable life in New York City has created a buzz on the TikTok platform.

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