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Tom Burke and Alexandra Dowling Relationship In BBC Show Musketeers

Alexandra Dowling and Tom Burke at the Press Night After Party for ‘A Lie Of The Mind’ on May 8, 2017
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Tom Burke and Alexandra Dowling relationship was co-stars in the BBC series The Musketeers. The pair had scored the leading roles.

The 2014 adventure drama has Burke playing Athos, one of the three musketeers, and Dowling plays Queen Anne, the wife of King Louis XIII. The period flick became one of the most enduring recreations in the modern world, growing to the same standards as Downton Abbey and Bridgerton.

The three seasons for the BBC production got based in 17th-century Paris but issued a relatively modern and fun take on the classic story. Accompanied by the brilliant brain of Adrian Hodges, the series brought justice to the book after 200 years after its initial publication, maintaining a focus on political intrigue.

Critics say they combine humor and tension to make each moment a gripping occasion, with nuances of sword-fighting, gallant adventures, stunning sets, and costumes. They made the Czech Republic landscape their set with gorgeous yet luxurious palace grounds.

Tom Burke and Alexandra Dowling Relationship

Tom Broke and Alexandra Dowling from the Musketeers were said to be in a relationship. They have never acknowledged their coupling. 

Burke and Dowling were speculated to be dating when they worked together for the BBC period dramas, but they never admitted a word to the media.

But there were whispers of something brewing on Tumblr, as even diehard fans could not pinpoint their emotions. 

Alexandra and Tom Burke, Girl from the North Country Party in 2018
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They often were spotted together, as Tom arrived to support her in 2017 during the press night after party for A Lie Of The Mind at The Southwark Playhouse.

Some fans have even met them during intimate date nights with picture proof of them hanging out together. Over time, their burning flames frazzled out with no notice as they moved on with their lives.

The pair shared screen space when they worked together in the 2018 mini-tour of Don Carlos. The reenactment took inspiration from Schiller's 1787 tragedy of passion and dark politics of the Spanish court as it was Tom's Passion's project.

He convinced Paul Jepson to put together a cast and executed it at the Northcott theatre in Exeter. After its success, they added Southampton and the Rose, Kingston as their next locations, with people outside London reacting better to their work.

Alexandra got selected to play Princess Eboli, while Burke played Rodrigo, the Marquis of Posa.

Cast of BBC's The Musketeers for event at Liverpool ECHO arena in 2014
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Tom Was One Of The Musketeers

Tom was one of the four main character of the BBC drama The Musketeers as Athos. 

He was said to have reckless tendencies, with his feelings dictating his actions. He got angry at himself when falling for others' deceptions, confiding his feelings only towards his partner Milady de Winter.

Tom as Athos in the Musketeers
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She was a mysterious figure, with Athos having reserved feelings for her, carrying around her neckless as a symbol of his fondness. We found out later that she was his lover until she brutally murdered his brother, leading her to get punished with hanging. 

Despite her crimes, he was unable to watch her in pain and bribed the executioner to let her live. He has a similar respect for Captain Treville, siding with him when things do not work in their favor. 

Alexandra Got Selected For Queen Anne

Alexandra was in her 20s when she got the script for The Musketeers for the role of Queen Anne. 

The action-packed sequences with the fun storytelling attracted her as the modern twist was a breath of fresh air. Her character, Queen Anne, was a married woman, the spouse of King Louis. They wedded when they weres still very young, with her still having difficulty grasping power within the court. 

Alexandra Dowling as Queen Anne in The Musketeers
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While outsiders may see them as a loving pair, they have a more familial bond as the pressure to produce an heir becomes daunting. She finds the atmosphere suffocating and respects the Musketeer, Captain Treville.

They have reached a common ground, as she protected him, even if it meant going against Louis's words. 

Tom Burke Dating History

British actor Tom Burke has kept mum about his dating history since he entered the industry.

He is quite passionate about his work, hoping that his turmoils do not oversee the phenomenal work he has done over the years. At just 36 years old, he became a household name after finishing the third installation of Strike, adapted from the Robert Galbraith books, when he admitted to having a lady. 

Tom for Wake up call in 2019
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He candidly told Tatler that his girlfriend often complains about him having more clothes than her. He added that they had been dating for the past two years and that she belonged in the same industry.

Their residence at dandelion tea Hackney is a haven, with no plans to have kids. 

Indeed, he must obtain his dream of starting his own theatre company before settling down with a family. 

Besides, Striker changed his life for the better by other means as he finally got to work alongside Brian Cox, who played General Kutuzov. Their connections go way back, as he was responsible for bringing Tom's parents together.

He was a classmate of his mom Anna Calder-Marshall in drama school and saw the sparks, creating the environment for them to have a chat. 

Tom Burke reveals co-star Brian Cox played cupid to his parents
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The rest was history as they produced a child who became his co-actor. 

Alexandra Dowling Has Not Publically Dated

Unlike her co-actor, Alexandra Dowling has not publicly dated anybody.

The 22-year-old from Falmouth, Cornwall, has yet to call someone her lover despite the rumors surrounding her name.

She got her breakthrough as Queen Anne in the BBC One historical action drama series The Musketeers and worked as Roslin Frey in HBO's Game of Thrones. Since entering the industry in 2012, she has never had a scandal except for one instance.

Fans hope to see Dowling as Sophie Beckett for Bridgerton seasons 3 & 4
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On Jan 2023, the English Sun-Times reported that she and her longtime boyfriend got spotted looking for engagement rings and visited a couple of jewelry stores.

A source close to the actress also said that they were madly in love as early wedding bells were not far away though. 

Meanwhile, the PR answered with no comment, as people speculated if there were any truths to the rumors. Regardless, her fans have shown their full support, with one saying they cannot wait for her to find her true love.

Others mourned for the loss of her single life but assured to send her congratulatory messages.