Tom Stoltman Parents Ben and Sheila Stoltman

Ben has been a great cheerleader for his two sons who have become great strength athletics
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Tom Stoltman parents are Ben Stoltman and Sheila Stoltman. Tom Stoltman parents live in Invergordon Scotland.

Strongman competitor, Stoltman, is the title holder of World's Strongest Man and Britain's Strongest Man. He became the first Scot to win the World's Strongest Man competition in 2021. 

2017 was his breakout year, as he was ranked second in the Strongest Man Competition in the United Kingdom. After this incredible display, Stoltman was invited to compete in the World Strongest Man finals. 

Tom has several records to his name, such as the world record for the heaviest Atlas stone ever lifted over a bar at 631 lbs. He has been crowned Scotland's and Britain's Strongest Man two times.

Tom Stoltman Parents

Tom was born to parents Ben Stoltman and Sheila Stoltman in May 1994.

The 28-year-old is blessed with supportive parents who financed travel and tickets for competitions to fulfill his dream. 

Stoltoman's mom Shelia passed away in 2016 at 56. He posted on Facebook,"  I have amazing parents. The reason I do what I do is to make them proud. Thank you for everything, and I love you forever."

Tom's dad Ben and mom Sheila
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Stoltman and Luke have always recited their mother has played a crucial part in their life to make them what they are now. Tom said to STV News that she was his biggest fan, and it drove him to be the best.

For everything their dad, Ben, has done, Tom and Luke gifted him his dream car in April 2021. They posted a video on Youtube filming all processes and reactions.

Tom Stoltman Brother Luke Stoltman

Luke Stoltman is a fellow strongman competitor who has clinched Scotland's Strongest Man title 5 times. 

Tom grew up in a family of five siblings.

Tom and Luke are officially named the World's Strongest Brothers. 

Luke was announced as Europe's Strongest Man in 2021. He has won Scotland's Strongest Man title five times in his career.

On Tom's recent world records, Luke said, "We have unconditional love, and I could not be prouder of him." on news TV.

Tom with Luke have shared their athletic passion for being strongmen
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Luke and Tom run a Youtube channel, The Stoltman Brothers, where they share their knowledge about being Strongman. They jointly kickstarted a commercial gym in 2018. 

Luke inspired Tom to pursue weightlifting and training at 16 years of age. Tom wanted to become Scotland's Strongest Man like his sibling. After a year of progress, Luke took him under his wing and helped Tom in his journey. 

Inside Tom Stoltman Family Life

Tom spent his childhood with his family in Invergordon, Cromartyshire.

The strongman has four siblings: Luke, Jodie, Harry, and Nikki Stoltman.

Stoltman is ten years younger than their eldest kin Luke. His junior kin Harry manages and works for the Stoltman Brothers' business. Harry also aims to compete in a strongman competition. All the siblings set some time to be together. Luke eve posted a 'Siblings Day' on Facebook, discussing prioritizing his family needs first.

Tom's grandfather was a Polish war refugee from World War II. He could not return to Poland after the war ended, so he settled in Invergordon.

Tom's grandpa Dominik was a Polish war refugee from the World War 2
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