Who Is Tommy Edman Wife Kristen Edman? Does The Cardinals Baseball Player Have Any Kids?

Tommy Edman is seen with his wife Kristen in his office and practice ground as well ( Source : Instagram )

Tommy Edman's team St. Louis Cardinals, who hold the second position in NL central, are currently having a final match with Milwaukee Brewers. The MLB fans have already taken their seat and are enjoying the game. 

We believe, like always, Kristen Edman, wife of Tommy, is also among the crowds cheering for the team. He is the third baseman in the game. 

Who Is Kristen Edman? Is She Tommy Edman Wife? 

Kristen Edman is the wife of Tommy Edman, an American professional baseball payer. The couple seemed to be college lovers and had dated for quite a while before finally deciding to marry on 23 November 2019. 

As mentioned in the athlete's Wikipedia, the pair first planned their wedding for 5 October, but they had to reschedule it because the Cardinal participated in the 2019 National League Division. 

Nevertheless, sneaking inside the couple's social media handle, both look happily married. We believe their love for each other has always flourished throughout the years. Additionally, they can be seen traveling together and spending time with their family. 

Further, Kristen seems to be a very supportive partner to the athlete. She seems to be going on every game of the athlete with her friend and loved ones. During his matches, she can be found cheering for him on the side of the field. 

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Know The Ethnicity & Nationality Of Tommy Edman

Tommy, an American pro baseball athlete, has not revealed his ethnicity, but judging by his looks, he might be from a mixed family decent. Nevertheless, he was born in Pontiac, Michigan, and raised in San Deigo. Also, looking at his wife's side, she carries the Asian heritage. 

Furthermore, some MLB fans get confused about how he looks and look forward to his openness about his ethnicity and nationality. But those fans of the Cardinals might know his race and ethnicity. He got more attention after winning a Gold Glove Award in 2021. 

Talking about his religion, he is a Christian. He has stated himself as the Servant of Jesus on his social media bio. Also, in an interview, he mentioned his goal is to impact as many people using the baseball platform and spread the words of God as much as he can. 

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In-Depth About Tommy Edman Parents Maureen Kwak And John Edman

Tommy, the birth name Thomas Hyunsu Edman was born to his parents, John and Maureen Kwak, on 9 May 1995. The 29-year-old athlete might have walked on his father's path as he also played college baseball while studying at William College in Massachusetts. His dad is a varsity baseball coach at La Holla Country Day School. He is also a teacher.

Tommy Edman wished Merry Christmas with his siblings
Tommy Edman wished Merry Christmas with his siblings ( Source : Instagram )

His mother, Maureen, moved to the United States as a child but was born in South Korea. He also has a sibling. His elder brother John works for Minnesota Twins in Baseball R&D. His minor sister Elise is also an athlete and played volleyball at Davidson College. Currently, she is recruited as a System engineer for the Cardinals.