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Tony Hinchcliffe Net Worth

Tony performed stand-up comedy at Ice House Comedy Club
Tony performed stand-up comedy at Ice House Comedy Club( Source : instagram )

Tony Hinchcliffe net worth as an American comedian is $5 million. Tony earns a good amount of money from his successful career. 

Throughout the years, Tony has proven to be a famous yet incredibly controversial stand-up comedian based out of Los Angeles. While many people argue about the merit of his comedic talents, the fact that he has achieved considerable success is beyond doubt. 

He often performs in sold-out venues. Outside of stand-up comedy, Tony Hinchcliffe is an established writer with several notable credits on IMDb

He is mostly active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. He has around 379k followers on his official Instagram handle, 173k on Twitter, and 27k on Facebook. 

Early Life

Tony Hinchcliffe was born in Youngstown, Ohio, on June 8, 1984. He is a single son to his parents. 

He was shy and introverted as a child. However, things changed when he first tried stand-up comedy in 2007 and performed at open mics at the Comedy Store in Hollywood. 

After a few years, he was hired to work the phones and the cover booth at the venue, eventually becoming a paid regular artist. 

As his professional career grew, he started working as an opening act for famous comedians Jeff Ross and Joe Rogan. He became famous for insulting other comics and audience members during shows while working at the Comedy Store. 

Moreover, Tony's best selling point is his roasting style and dark humor jokes. Fellow comedian Jeff Rose appreciated him for his unique comic style.

Tony's comedy special is presented in one continuous shot of stand-up from the Ice House in California
Tony's comedy special is presented in one continuous shot of stand-up from the Ice House in California( Source : instagram )

Tony Hinchcliffe Net Worth In 2023

Tony Hinchcliffe has a net worth of $5 million. 

Tony started his career as a writing staff of the Comedy Central Roasts in 2008 and also appeared as a roaster on the All Def Digital Roast of Snoop Dogg, which aired On Fusion in 2016. He is the host of the weekly live comedy podcast Kill Tony. 

He is famous for The Burn With Jeff Rose (2012) and Super Bowl Greatest Commercials (2019), which means he is no stranger to saying things that many people around the world find controversial, some find hilarious, and others can not find any humor in. 

He has a long working career that traversed from 2007 to the present, but he is currently in the headlines for making comments in deplorable taste. This is not fun, so people dragged him into the mud. 

During Covid, BetterBox Studios has provided production services to the Los Angeles comedy community. The number one live podcast in the world, 'Kill Tony' hosted by Tony Hinchcliffe, moved to BetterBox when the Comedy store closed.

Besides being a comedian, he is among the most famous and respected punch-up writers for TV and standups. Some of the best comedians like Jeff Rose, Joe Rogan, and more trust him in Hollywood. 

How Much Money Does Tony Hinchcliffe Make? 

Tony Hinchcliffe gained worldwide recognition for posting dark-humor jokes, roasting, and comedy-related content on his official YouTube channel.

He has received a Silver Play Button from YouTube for reaching over 400k Subscribers as a reward. He earned his fortune from his YouTube and standup comedian career.

Monthly and Yearly Earning From YouTube
Monthly and Yearly Earning From YouTube ( Source : socialblade )

His official YouTube channel, Kill Tony, has over 411k Subscribers as of 2023. He joined the video-sharing platform on December 15, 2015, and the view count of this channel has already crossed 85 million. 

According to SocialBlade, his monthly earnings from his YouTube channel are around $1100 to $18,000. He makes around $13,000 to $218,000 per year. 

Apart from his YouTube channel, he did a standup comedy show that the audience liked. He hosts his weekly live show and podcast, Kill Tony, with over a million monthly downloads and tours worldwide. 

He has joined Joe Rogan and Jeff Ross on their international tours. Not only that, he started an online roasting class called RoastMaster Class. 

The RoastMaster Class started as just a parody video and then became an actual project that he began to enjoy doing it. 

Tony Hinchcliffe Movies And TV Shows

Tony movies and Tv show career mainly started in 2012. 

In 2016, his first standup special titled One Shot premiered on Netflix. His comedy special was named One Shot because it was shot with one camera without any edits. 

Tony was trending on Twitter in 2017 because he toured 20 American cities in 22 days in 'The Monster Energy Outbreak Tour.'

In 2021, he was performing standup at a local place in Texas. The comedian who introduced Tony was Peng Dang. When Peng finally came on stage, Tony unleashed a slew of hateful comments that were short of degrading and did not like by the audience.

Comedian Tom Segura Joins Him On YouTube
Comedian Tom Segura Joins Him On YouTube ( Source : instagram )

Some of the popular TV shows of Tony Hinchcliffe are: 

  • The Burn with Jeff Ross (2012)
  • Comedy Central Roasts (2013)
  • Treez (2014)
  • Bill the Therapist (2016)
  • One Shot (2016) 
  • Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials (2018) 
  • The Bobby Roberts Project (2018)
  • Super Bowl Greatest Commercials (2019)
  • Making Friends (2020)

Tony Hinchcliffe Wife Charlotte Jane

Tony announced that he would be marrying Charlotte in 2017
Tony announced that he would be marrying Charlotte in 2017 ( Source : instagram )

Charlotte Jane appears to be a pin-up model and Instagram influencer. She has become famous after her wedding to American comedian Tony Hinchcliffe. 

She is also an entrepreneur. Charlotte is selling wearable products on the Depop platform. 

Depop is the fashion marketplace where you can explore your style. Buy clothing from a diverse community of sellers who brings fashion to life.

She listed many wearable items on the platforms, like Slippers, Jackets, Tops, Jeans, etc. The price range of the clothes varies from $10 to $560. 

Charlotte is an Australian model and social media influencer. She is primarily active on social media platforms like Instagram, with around 28.3k followers, and follows 941 people. 

She handled two more Instagram accounts BabyJane and _4twen, where she shares fashion-related content and many memes. 

Tony Hinchcliffe And Charlotte Jane Married In 2015

During his show, Comedian Tony first mentioned that he was married in 2015, and his audience did not believe him.  

He announced that he would marry Charlotte Jane through his Instagram post on November 10, 2017. The couple posted a photo of them together, showing an engagement ring to their fans.  

Recently, the couple stopped sharing each other's photos on social media, which created lots of questions about their marital relationship.

They did not talk much about their relationship and kept it private. 

Tony and Charlotte share so many photographs on Instagram without their wedding ring, creating confusion among fans about their marriage. 

There are claims on social media that Tony's wife left him after he allegedly cheated on her with a person in Toronto. 

Charlotte shared the photo of her new boyfriend on December 4, 2022, through her social media handle.

On the occasion of valentine's day, she expressed her love through an Instagram post she captioned 'I am the luckiest girl' and shared a couple of photos. 

Charlotte Jane Is The Daughter Of Australian Entrepreneur Bob Jane

The former Australian race car driver and entrepreneur Bob Jane is the father of Charlotte Jane. 

Bob was not only famous as an Australian car race driver, but he was a successful businessman. He opened the first Bob Jane T-marts store in Melbourne. The company remains a family-owned business to this day.

He has three children Rodney Jane, Georgina Jane, and Charlotte Jane. His only son Rodney is the CEO of the T-marts store.  

Daughter of Australian race car driver Bob Jane
Daughter of Australian race car driver Bob Jane ( Source : instagram )

His T-marts store is the only retailer of Ina Diffen's world of Tyre in Australia, and they do not sell retread tyres for personal reasons. Bob Jane's second eldest daughter Georgina passed away in an accident in 1991 due to a retreated tyre blowing out. 

Furthermore, he was married to his wife Laree Jane, for 20 years. He met Laree when he performed Grand Marshal duties for the 1986 James Hardies at Bathurst. Bob passed away from prostate cancer at 88 on September 28, 2018.