How Did Tony Siragusa Lose So Much Weight Before His Death? Was He Suffering From Any Illness?

Tony Siragusa was a defensive tackle for the Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens. ( Source : Tmz )

Tony Siragusa, aka the "Goose" of the NFL, was known for his precious time with the Indianapolis Colts and the Baltimore Ravens.

He played six seasons with the Colts and was a vital part of the team that lost the 1995 AFC Championship Game. After that, he played another four seasons with the Baltimore Ravens.

Goose helped lead the Ravens to beat the New York Giants for their first Super Bowl in franchise history in Super Bowl XXXV. As he retired in 2001, Tony was thoroughly involved with the NFL media and other TV appearances.

Sadly, the news of his death on June 22 has hit the NFL universe, saddening his fans and TV viewers.

Did Tony Siragusa Undergo Weight Loss?

Tony Siragusa recorded a weight measurement of 340 lbs during his days as an athlete. He was some of the big-sized defensive tackles on the field, becoming the game's highlight.

The Goose was notable for his unique and impressive game skills despite his heavyweight and dominating size compared to other players.

Tony Siragusa was a sideline analyst for NFL games broadcast on the Fox Network from 2003 to 2015.
Tony Siragusa was a sideline analyst for NFL games broadcast on the Fox Network from 2003 to 2015. ( Source : Wikidata )

He maintained his size and weight in the upcoming years though there could have been a few changes in his weight evaluation. However, any drastic change or significant weight loss transformation in him was never noticed.

Tony was proud of his appearance and maintained his weight throughout his life. Thus, it is safe to say that Goose did not opt for any weight loss program; instead, he focused on a healthy lifestyle.

Was Tony Siragusa Sick? More On The NFL Player Cause Of Death

As reported by Daily Mail UK, Tony Siragusa's passed away in his sleep on June 22. The beloved NFL defensive tackle's exact cause of death remains undisclosed.

Goose's former Baltimore Ravens teammate, Jamal Lewis, first confirmed his passing away to TMZ Sports.

He was 55 years old, having been born on May 14, 1967, in Kenilworth, New Jersey. The close associates of Tony have yet to reveal the precise particulars of his death and health issues.

Fans and netizens are tense about the news as they believe Tony might have been sick before passing away. Further notice on the incident is still pending to be revealed to the unrest public.

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Tony Siragusa Health Condition Details

Tony Siragusa was reported not suffering from any severe health condition before passing away.

He had initially maintained a healthy lifestyle with physical exercise when he was in NFL. After he retired in 2001, he became devoted as an NFL games media person for FOX.

Any reports on his bad health and poor choice of lifestyle did not hit the news after his 2001 farewell to football.  

Tony Siragusa also hosted DIY Network's
Tony Siragusa also hosted DIY Network's "Man Caves" with Jason Cameron. ( Source : Zimbio )

Hence, the Goose set forward a positive message of not indulging in any wrong choices in life to get through poor health. Aside from that, his considerable weight also brought no problems to his body, a sign of a healthy lifestyle.

Thus, Tony was a man from whom many lessons could be learned from him. His NFL legacy remains intact, while his media career days are equally impressive and fun to watch.

As his intrigued fans wait for more clarification on his death, social media have been filled with tributes and obituaries to the late NFL powerhouse.

The whole NFL, including players, his former playing partners, and the fans, are currently mourning the sudden loss of the Ravens' beloved defensive lineman.