Meet Tori Anderson Husband Mitch Myers: More About Campfire Christmas Actress Married Life & Relationship

Picture: Tori Anderson and her husband Mitch Myer at the 2019 Canadian Screen Awards Broadcast Gala
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Anderson and her husband Mitch Myers married in mid-January of 2018 in a beautiful wedding ceremony. The couple has some of the most envious Instagram pictures with their travel and holiday series.

Tori began gaining immense fame after appearing in NCIS: Hawai’i as Kate. The Canadian actress began her career in 2003 and has acted in several movies and TV shows, including No Tomorrow, Blindspot, The Other Kingdom, and many more.

Tori has had some interesting projects in the past couple of years, including Television films Campfire Christmas, A Bridesmaid in Love, The Secret Sauce, and A Chance for Christmas, as mentioned on her Wikipedia.

Quick Facts About Tori Anderson

Full NameVictoria Anderson
Age33 years old
Date Of BirthDecember 29, 1988
HusbandMitch Myers
ParentsSheelagh Anderson (Mother)

Tori Anderson And Her Husband Mitch Myers Live In Hawaii

Tori's husband, Mitch Myers, is a travel fanatic based on his Instagram pictures. His bio on the social media platform says, 'Buckle up, buckaroos', a fairy old slang that has connotations of adventure, leadership, preparation, and fun.

Even though the couple has known each other for more than a decade, they grew closer over the past few years. Tori and her spouse frequently posted each other on social media even when they were dating and were each other's boyfriend and girlfriend.

They spent so much time with each other during the Covid that now it has gotten to a point where a few days apart feel like a few months to them.

Photo: Mitch Myers and spouse Tori during the holidays in 2019.
Source : instagram

Anderson's partner Myers posted on Instagram that 2021 was a year's roller coaster for them with a seemingly endless onslaught of challenges and uncertainty. He believes that his wife makes everyone in her aura feel special and loved.

He never forgets to appreciate her for being in his life. He is always in awe of her perseverance, compassion, and sense of adventure.

According to his Instagram bio, Mitch is originally from Toronto, Canada, but currently lives in Hawaii.

The couple walked the Canadian Film and Television Awards in 2019 together and looked quite splendid. 

Tori And Myers' Wedding Pictures Looks Straight Out Of A Fairytale

Tori and her husband Mitch married in the Caribbean at a very dreamy wedding. They tied the knots sometime around mid-January 2018, as per Distractify.

The pictures from the wedding looked straight out of a fairytale movie as the newlyweds looked breathtaking. Anderson wore a beautiful pinkish ivory mermaid gown, and Mitch wore a three-piece bright navy blue suit.

Myers posted his wedding pictures on Instagram for his wife's birthday.
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Myers shared a very sweet birthday post for his wife Tori on Instagram in 2018, which revealed that the couple even moved across continents during their relationship. They have been together for about 12 years and are always there for each other through thick and thin. 

Mitch believes his wife is an inspiring and brilliant woman who has grown into an incredible person today. 

Who Is Tori Anderson Married To? Mitch Myers Age And Bio

Anderson’s current age is 33 years, as she was born on December 29, 1988. Her husband Mitch might be in his mid-30s, and his birthday is July 2. The lovely pair might have an age gap of about 1-2 years.

Tori's height is 1.73 m and her husband might be around 1.8m. 

She recently posted a heartwarming video and pictures on the occasion of her partner’s birthday. She used the song; We’re Going to Be Friends by The White Stripes. Many of her friends and fans commented on the post wishing Myers on his birthday.

Last year for his birthday, she posted her partner’s picture from their time in Honolulu, Hawaii, and even added a sweet message for him. She added that he keeps her grinning, at ease, and wildly in love every single day.

Tori wished her husband on his birthday on July 2, 2021
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Anderson is grateful that she gets to experience life with Mitch by her side. She even added that the world is a brighter place with him in it, and their house is inevitably filled with more music.

Tori does not like her birthday, and she does not enjoy being made a fuss of, but it means the world to Mitch to get to celebrate his best friend and wife. 

Does Tori Have Children? Meet Her Canada-based Family

Tori and her partner Mitch do not have any children yet. They are busy with their respective careers and are putting a hold on starting a family.

Anderson was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and most of her family still lives there. The actress’s full name is Victoria Anderson. Her parents, Mr. Anderson and Sheelagh, are very proud of their daughter’s achievements in the acting world.

Anderson's Childhood picture with her dad and family
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She went to Frances Kelsey Secondary School in Mill Bay, British Columbia. She later moved to Toronto, Canada, to go to York University, where she earned a fine-arts degree and graduated Magna cum laude in acting in 2011.


Tori Anderson Net Worth

Anderson has a net worth of over $1 million. The Kate Whistler actress has worked on numerous significant projects and a few Christmas movies. She is grateful for being part of the Hallmark movies. 

Anderson and her husband live and work in Hawaii. She credits hard work, family, and agents for helping her get Hollywood roles.

 Kate Whistler actress, Tori Anderson, with her castmates from NCIS: Hawaii
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She is trained in the dramatic sense and initially found comedy intimidating. She believes that TV and theatre are very different as an actor follows the character's arc in theater and does it with time, and TV actors have tight timeframes.


Is Tori Anderson Leaving NCIS: Hawai'i?

Tori is not leaving NCIS: Hawai’i anytime soon. She plays the role of Kathrine Marie “Kate” Whistler, a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Officer and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Her character has seen some impressive storylines and growth in recent episodes.

NCIS: Hawai’i is a police procedural television series based on the Naval Criminal Investigate Service agents. The fictional team works out of the Pearl Harbor Field Office and is led by Jane Tennant, Special Agent in Charge. They navigate and investigate criminal activities related to national security and the military.

Tori as the stern and ambitious DIA Agent Kate Whistler in NCIS: Hawai'i
Source : outsider

In recent episodes, Kate goes undercover, and the actress is loving the change in her character. Even though Kate has always proved herself, the recent developments have put her out of her comfort zone, and is pushing the boundaries.

NCIS: Hawai’i’s fans are going to see more about her family, and especially her brother, as the cause of his passing is a significant storyline in Season 2. Losing someone so special permanently has changed Kate, which is why she has so many walls.

Some FAQs

Is Tori Anderson Leaving NCIS: Hawai'i?

Anderson is not leaving NCIS: Hawai'i as Season two has some major plotlines for her character. 

What Is Tori Anderson Height And Measurements?

Tori's height is 1.73 m and she weighs about 132 lbs. She has blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

Is Tori Anderson Married?

Anderson got married to Mitch Myers in January 2018. The couple has known each other for over a decade.