Trey Calvin Wikipedia And Age, How Old Tall Is Wright State Raiders Point Guard?

Trey Calvin is a professional basketball player currently playing for Wright State Riders. He has been playing basketball since he was young and we have all the scoop about him.

Trey Calvin is a prprofessionalasketball player who is currently playing for Wright State Rider.

Trey has always been interested in playing basketball since he was young. He has always been into sports and wanted to become a professional player someday.

He is currently a junior for Wright State Rider and managed to lead his teams with 24 wins and a perfect record in the East Suburban Catholic Conference.

Wright State Raiders: Trey Calvin Wikipedia And Age Explored

Trey Calvin does not have a Wikipedia to his name yet.

However, he has been covered by various other articles and news outlets. He has been gaining fame recently with his playing skills and has garnered a huge fanbase.

He has not revealed his age yet but he should be somewhere in his early twenties considering he is still a junior. He went to St. Viator for Highschool and was born in Glendale Heights, United States.

Calvin has been shocking everyone with the amazing performance that he brings to the court. His team is more than happy to have him.

Trey Calvin Height And Parents

Trey Calvin stands about 165cm tall.

He is exactly 6 foot and he weighs about 165 lbs. He has a good physique for a basketball player and he mostly plays as a guard on the court. 

Trey has not revealed any details about his family to the media yet, but considering his career at such a young age he should be from a very supportive household.

Calvin's parents must be very proud of the basketball player's achievements at such a young age. He is going to continue to make everyone proud.

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Meet Trey Calvin Girlfriend On Instagram

Trey Calvin appears to be single at the moment.

The basketball player has not been associated with anyone who could be his girlfriend. He has also not been seen out with anyone who could be a potential significant other.

Judging from his social media, he appears to be single. Most of his posts are of himself on the court.

Trey's Instagram handle goes under @trey.calvin___. He has about 1.5k followers at the moment and he follows back about 423 people. He is not very active on his Instagram account but he is more active on his Twitter account.

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