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Trinity Whiteside Wife and Three Children Make Up His Family

Trinity attends the film premiere of Georgia Sky on 16 December 2021
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Trinity Whiteside and wife Nikkia Whiteside got married on 13 September 2002. Trinity and Nikkia have three children together.

Trinity is an American actor born to Mickie Whiteside and Cynthia Ray in Asheville, North Carolina.

After revealing his life's passion, he decided to follow a profession in acting in 2013 at the urging of his partner.

In 2013, he made his debut appearance on BET's "The Game" as a football player.

Shortly after, he got roles on The Originals, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay as Peacekeeper, Lila and Eve as Bodyguards, Masterminds as Prisoner, and Barbershop 3 as Customer for the CW.

It wasn't until he started working on The Fate of the Furious as Cipher Guard and Stunt Performer that he scored his most significant part yet, earning SAG-AFTRA eligibility.

Nikkia Whiteside Is Mother Of Three

Trinity Whiteside wife Nikkia Whiteside was born on 27 February. The couple went to Montego Bay in Jamaica for the celebration.

Trinity and Nikkia got married on 13 September 2002. The couple has been together for 20 years now.

They are blessed with three children: Makaiya Young, Nikolas Trinity Whiteside, and Skye Jordan Whiteside. 

Makaiya was born before Trinity married Nikkia in 2002. The couple had Makaiya in 1999. Nikkia is Pieces. She is Afro-American and was born in the United States of America.

Trinity feels blessed to have Nikkia in his life
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She is a stay-at-home mom. Trinity is so in love with his spouse and is never shy to flex her. Nikkia encouraged her husband to do acting. He did not become an actor until 2013, 11 years after his marriage.

He told  Nikkia about his enthusiasm for performing and how being an actor was something he had desired to do for a long time.

She suggested that Trinity try it and see if he could flex his lifelong goal into a reality, which he accomplished.

After becoming an actor, Trinity was once out of town for filming and his partner gave him a surprise visit. He shared a post using the hashtags #BestPartOfMe and #MrsWhiteside.

He even surprised his partner with the brand-new BMW X3 luxury car in 2021 she has no idea about the surprise and her reaction was priceless. 

Nikkia is active on her Instagram under the name @nikki_whiteside. She has 7265 followers and has shared 14 posts. She frequently shares Bob Marley's posts and quotes.

Their Children Are Into Sports

Trinity and Nikkia have three children together. They are Makaiya Young, Nikolas Whiteside and Skye Jordan Whiteside.

Their daughter Makaiya Young was born before their marriage in 2002. Makaiya was born on August 28, 1999. She is currently 23 years old.

Makaiya is often featured on her father's Instagram. Makaiya is active on her Instagram under the name @makaiya_young where she has only posted three times.

Makaiya Young is the oldest daughter of Trinity and Nikkia
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Makaiya loves horror movies. She is the oldest child of her Whiteside family and often spends quality time with her father. 

The couple's elder son Nikolas Whiteside was born on June 26, 2003.

He is currently 19 years old and loves playing basketball. The family joins him for his game to cheer him up. He is not so active on his Instagram, however, his handle is @nikwhiteside. He has 781 followers and has posted nothing.

Trinity and Nikkia with their elder son Nikolas Trinity graduation in 2021
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Nikolas graduated high school in 2021. He received two cords, one for graduating with honors and one for being a North Carolina scholar and he will be attending Appalachian State University on an academic scholarship in the fall.

His whole family joined him on his big day. His parents were proud of him. 

Trinity and Nikkia's youngest son Skye Jordan Whiteside was born on May 1, 2008. Skye is currently 14 years old and plays baseball and basketball. 

He has been a straight-A academic all-star from his early days. Skye has spent most of his time in sports and had his dad as a coach. His father was also his biggest fan.

Skye has played football and basketball every year since he was 5 years old. The streak ended in 2020 when he missed his entire 7th-grade year of sports due to the pandemic.

Skye Jordan is the youngest sibling of Nikolas and Makaiya
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For his 8th-grade year, he had to have surgery due to a birth defect in one of the bones in his right foot. This pretty much kept him inactive until January 2022. 

He went to every off-season football workout over the summer and every practice since the season began. In August 2022, he took the field as the starting quarterback of his high school football team and played extremely well. 

His father and mother were proud of him and shared a lengthy post on his Instagram.

Trinity Was Raised In A Supportive Family

Trinity was born to parents Mickie Whiteside and Cynthia Ray on 17 July 1982. His parents are his biggest supporters. 

His father is his role model and often feels blessed to have him as his dad. Trinity's father along with his spouse supported him pursue a career in acting. 

Father Mickie Whiteside

Mickie Whiteside was born on 31 December 1959. He is currently 63 years old. He recently celebrated his 63rd birthday. The father-son duo celebrated his father's big day by having dinner together.

Mickie is African-American. He is a native of North Carolina's Lake Lure. Despite his fame as a celebrity parent, he has maintained a private life. He and his spouse have only one child named Trinity. 

Trinity wished his father Mickie Whiteside a Happy Father's day
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Trinity's father is a man that has had perfect attendance at work his entire life. He never asks for anything and as a matter of fact, when Trinity gives him money for his birthday, Father’s Day, etc he always attempts to give it back. 

Trinity has never let his father down. Even though he believes in a man working and having a traditional 9-5, Mickie has supported his son to pursue his dreams every step of the way.

Mickie was the strongest, funniest, coolest, best-looking person in the world to his son and he still is. 

Mother Cynthia Ray

Cynthia Ray is the mother of Trinity and partner of Mickie Whiteside. She is a native of Asheville and is Caucasian. Ray follows Christianity as her religion. 

Trinity was born in Asheville, where his mother is from.