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Troy Landry Has Three Kids With Wife Bernita Landry

Troy and his three sons have a very strong bond
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Troy Landry has three kids Jacob Landry, Chase Landry and Brandon Landry with wife Bernita Landry. Jacob and Chase work with their father on Swamp People.

He is renowned as one of the most courageous alligator hunters in the bayou. Troy grew up with gator hunting in his blood because he is the son of a fisherman and seafood distributor. 

He is also the main star of the show Swamp people and in each season, the Landry gang runs an armada of boats to assist reduce the gator population. 

The show includes his sons Jacob and Chase as well as a large group of family and friends. They are the reason of maintain the population of alligators in their area.

However, he recently received a prostate cancer diagnosis, and his loved ones are always there to encourage him through this trying time.

Troy Landry Kids Visits Him Very Often

Troy Landry kids Jacob and Chase Landry helped him fight through his cancer journey. Jacob and Chase are alligator hunters while Brandon is working on his own business.

Even though they spend the majority of their time searching for fish, alligators, and other creatures in between, the entire Landry family enjoys a luxurious lifestyle.

When they are not filming their popular reality show or worrying about the killing alligators thing, he and his wife, Bernita, a teacher, live the kind of life many people only dream of.

He and his two sons telling people to watch Swamp people
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Their children occasionally travel there to unwind and find the place to be really peaceful when they visit. Troy likes to have the kids over and cook them delicious meals.

Troy Landry family spends most of the time on his boat fishing and capturing and selling crawfish, but he also spends it tinkering about his house with his wife and children. His family has only 30 days each year to bag and tag as many gators in the Louisiana swamp as he can.

Troy Landry wife put a lot of love and effort into the house they built. They saved their money for three decades while residing in a trailer and saving every single piece of cypress that her husband discovered in the bayou.

Son Jacob Landry

Jacob has a lot of responsibility to make his father Troy proud as the eldest son in the Landry family.

He has claimed a place among the best captains of the swamp as he has become one of the best hunters in the family. Together, he and his dad are an irresistible force.

Therefore, Jacob's decision to emulate his father's career path was not a surprise. Over the bayou, he has collaborated closely with his father and siblings. Even the second boat that his father set up was under Jacob's supervision.

Jacob with his family and kids
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Jacob on swamp people had some zeal for taking over the family business. As a result, he gained complete knowledge in lumberjacking, hunting, trapping, and shrimp fishing.

He worked on laying up bait and shooting the poisonous snakes as part of his work. He depends on the annual seasonal hunting period to generate income, just like the majority of other hunters.

His interests go far beyond alligator hunting. In addition to co-starring with his family in "Swamp People," he has contributed to a few other endeavors.3

Jacob Landry wife Lyndsi Landry is a mother to his two sons and is living very happily together. He also shared a picture of them spending Christmas together on Facebook.

Chase Landry

Chase is on a special mission in order to bring in more money for the Landry family. 

He is skilled at removing enormous, centuries-old logs from the swamp's floor and selling them for a healthy profit. But his daily life is in danger because he works in gator-infested waterways.

Chase Landry swamp people is as unrelentingly excited about gator hunting as the rest of his family. While doing so gave him the opportunity to have some mind-blowing life experiences and to become even closer to his grandfather Troy, it also occasionally put him into trouble.

Chase with his hair stylist while they met at the store
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At least once, the committed gator hunter found himself in serious legal jeopardy. Chase tried to attack a shrimp boat that was rapidly approaching his vessel, as the outlet stated at the time.

The 31-year-old opened fire and began shooting at the rapidly approaching boat after being too overcome with panic. 

Chase laundry wife Chelsea Kinsey Landry was a part of his life before they got divorced however they gave birth to a baby girl Blake Landry on March 18, 2017.

Brandon Landry

Brandon Landry has always prioritized success just like his father.

He also had the chance to join the cast of the show, and in 2012, he played his first uncredited role.

Later, he made another 14 appearances between 2013 and 2014, totaling 14 episodes. He would go after the Gators on the show together with his younger siblings Jacob and Chase Landry and his instructor Troy.

Brandon with his wife and kids
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He hasn't been on the show since leaving in 2014, so far. After its launch on January 5, 2023, Swamp People is presently running its 14th season on History Chanel.

Moreover, he joined Conrad Shipyard in Morgan City, Louisiana, as the estimating manager in December 2013, and he is still employed there, according to his Facebook account.

Brandon and his wife Sheli Lynn Pavlick no longer live together but they do have two stunning kids, Rayne and Miley Hotard.

Troy And Bernita Live In A Small Town

Troy Landry and his wife Bernita tied the knot on September 26, 1981.

It was a small, private ceremony with only a few friends and family present. They are currently commemorating 39 years of marriage. The happy pair resides in Pierre Part, sometimes known as the "Swamp town."

The Landry family picture at Tory's home
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There are slightly more than 3000 people living in this small town. The majority of program viewers are aware that her husband Troy constructed their home on his own utilizing a variety of Cyprus boards, wood, and other materials.

Bernita and her husband are the parents of three sons. Jacob Landry, their first child, was born on December 27, 1983. He is currently 36 years old. About seven years later came Jacob's younger brother.

The whole family is together and has a very strong bond and can be seen together in the tv show Swamp people.