20 Twist Hairstyles Men Must Try to Look Apart From Others

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Twist hairstyles men have gained popularity in recent years as a stylish and unique option for men to stand out from the crowd.

People often confuse twists and braids, although they are close relatives, they have many differences setting them apart. The most important difference between braids and twists is, that twists are done by winding two equal-volume locs together while braids require three locs.

Similarly, braids are tighter and difficult to achieve while twists are relatively easier to prepare but don't last as long as braids. Although, that being said, twists are not far behind braids in terms of styles as so much can be done with the style.

In this article, we will dive into some of the most eye-catching and fashionable twist hairstyles that men can try to look apart from others.

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1. Short Twist Hairstyle For Men

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The short twists hairstyle male is a trendy and textured look. Achieving it involves tightly twisting small sections of hair to create defined twists. This style pairs well with a clean, faded haircut on the sides and back for a sharp contrast. To enhance it, consider adding a low fade or even a subtle line-up for a polished finish.

While maintenance involves re-twisting the hair periodically to keep the definition, it's relatively easy to care for and can be an excellent choice for those looking for a distinctive and stylish appearance.

2. High Top Twist

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The high-top twist for men is a unique and bold hairstyle that features tightly twisted curls on top. To achieve this look, the hair is first divided into small sections and twisted to create defined curls at the apex.

This style pairs well with a clean, faded cut on the sides and back, enhancing the contrast. While maintaining the twists requires regular care and moisture, the high-top twist is a striking and manageable choice for those seeking an eye-catching look.

3. Sponge Twist

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The sponge twist for men is a distinctive and textured hairstyle known for its natural, coiled appearance. This look can be achieved by using a special sponge or brush designed for curls. To create sponge twists, simply rub the sponge or brush in a circular motion over damp hair.

The result is a unique texture with defined curls that can be left relatively short. While maintaining the sponge twists requires regular moisturizing and occasional re-twisting, it's a manageable choice for those seeking a fashionable and low-maintenance look.

4. Comb Twist For Men

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The twist hairstyles for men comb twist is a stylish and versatile hairstyle characterized by neat, twisted curls. The styling process starts with clean, damp hair, apply a curl-defining product, and use a comb or your fingers to twist small sections of hair into coils.

Maintaining comb twists is relatively easy; regular moisturizing and re-twisting as needed keep the curls defined, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a sleek and manageable appearance.

5. Twists With Temp Fade

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Twists With Temp Fade is a hairstyle that features a short temple fade on the sides and longer twisted hair on the top. The hairstyle can be styled by first cutting and trimming the sides to create a temple fade and twisting the remaining longer top.

The hairstyle goes hand-in-hand with a beard or similar faded beard but Twists and temp fade also pair really well on their own. However, maintenance can be a bit tricky as twists requires regular care and re-twisting every once in a while to retain the shape and look.

6. Twists With Undercut

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Twists With Undercut flaunts a neat and well-groomed short undercut and twisted longer top. The look can be achieved by getting a clean undercut in the beginning followed by the process of twisting the top into desired shape.

The undercut automatically pairs with twists as it provides more definition to the curls and locs at the top and a clean and sophisticated look at the undercut part making the style attractive. Maintenance is also relatively easy as the sides and back only require trimming once in a while and the top needs to be cared for with haircare products and occasion re-twisting.

7. Box Twists For Men

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Box twist hair for men involves creating neat, rectangular-shaped sections of twisted hair. To craft this look, begin with clean, damp hair, and twist small hair sections with your fingers or a twisting tool.

This style pairs well with a simple, clean-shaven face for a polished appearance. While it demands regular care to retain its defined shape, box twists are a practical and appealing choice for those seeking a structured and tidy look.

8. Twists With Beads

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Twists With Beads are exactly as they sound, the twists are held together by beads placed through the hair. The style that displays a retro look can be prepared by first twisting the hair and placing beads on the twists to lock them together, more beads provide a striking appearance.

The hairstyle goes hand-in-hand with the traditional bead and twisting techniques and displays the homage of the African-American hairstyle culture. Maintaining the twists with beads is much simpler as compared to other styles as the beads hold the twists together and last longer.

9. Brushed Back Twists

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Male hair twist styles are incompleted without Brushed back twists entail creating orderly, twisted locks that are then gently brushed back. To create this look, hair sections are twisted into coils and, when dry, brushed backward for a sleek appearance.

This style pairs well with a well-groomed beard or sideburns to amplify its sophistication. While it does demand regular care to sustain the twists, brushed-back twists are a practical and attractive choice for those seeking a refined and sleek appearance.

10. Medium Length Hair Twists

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Medium Length Hair Twists are an attractive hairstyle for men with semi-long hair that involves twisting the hair into small sections. The hairstyle can be made by dividing hair into small chunks and twisting two strands together.

The hairstyle keeps that stubborn hair from falling in front of your eyes and keeps the distraction at bay, the hairstyle can be paired with a fade to enhance the top curls. Maintaining the style requires regular care and the use of haircare products to keep curls sturdy, re-twisting every now and then is also a must.

11. Kamikaze Twists

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Kamikaze twists for men involve creating tightly coiled, small twists that radiate from the scalp like mini-explosions. This look is achieved by sectioning the hair and carefully twisting each section into these distinct coils.

To enhance its flair, consider pairing Kamikaze twists with a well-trimmed beard or goatee. Keeping these twists looking sharp requires regular moisturizing and care, making it somewhat demanding. However, for those who value a unique and striking hairstyle that stands out, the Kamikaze twists are worth the effort, showcasing individuality and confidence.

12. Blonde Rope Twists

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Among male twist hairstyles, the blonde rope twist is a unique hairstyle featuring long, twisted locks in a blond hue. Crafting this look involves segmenting the hair and tightly twisting each section into thick, rope-like spirals.

To infuse some style, contemplate blending blonde rope twists with a subtle undercut or fade on the sides and back. However, preserving this hairstyle requires regular moisturizing and upkeep to keep the twists in shape, making it somewhat demanding.

Nonetheless, for those seeking a bold and eye-catching appearance with a touch of originality, blonde rope twists can be an impressive choice that exudes confidence.

13. Faux Hawk Twists

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Faux Hawk Twists is a hairstyle that features a long top and sides trimmed very short from the middle running all the way to the neck. The style can be crafted by first cutting the hair like a regular Faux Hawk and then twisting the top section while leaving the sides, keeping the top much longer helps in the twisting process.

The hairstyle can be paired with some designer lines shaved into the sides to add a sophisticated look. Maintaining faux hawk requires regularly applying hair care products to the twists to help them retain their shape and re-twisting every once in a while.

14. Flat Twists

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Flat twists for men are a hairstyle characterized by tightly woven twists that lie flat against the scalp. To create this look, hair sections are divided and then woven into flat, twisted patterns, closely hugging the head.

This style pairs well with a clean, short haircut on the sides and back for a polished finish. While regular moisturizing and periodic re-twisting are necessary to keep the twists defined, flat twists offer a unique and neat appearance that showcases confidence.

15. Middle Part Twists For Men

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Middle Part Twists For Men is characterized by parting the twists from the middle in two parts as the name suggests. The hairstyle can be achieved by first parting the hair from the middle and creating several twists on each side according to the volume of the hair.

The hairstyle can also be done with beads or undercut to add sophistication and attractiveness. Maintenance of parted twists is relatively easy, although the hair still requires re-twisting every once in a while and daily use of haircare products, the parting helps them from getting messy.

16. Half Up Twist

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The twists hair men half up is a hairstyle featuring a blend of twists and loose hair. To create it, divide the hair into two sections, with the top half being twisted into neat coils while the bottom half remains unaltered.

This look pairs well with a ponytail or half-bun for men to enhance its appeal. Though it necessitates regular moisturizing and care to retain the twist's definition, the half-up twist is a unique style that brings a touch of sophistication and confidence to your appearance.

17. Twists Into Ponytail

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Twists into a ponytail for men is a unique hairstyle that combines twisted locks at the crown with the rest of the hair pulled back into a ponytail. To create this look, start by twisting the hair at the top into defined coils. Then, gather the remaining hair and secure it into a ponytail.

This style pairs well with a clean, tapered cut on the sides and back, emphasizing the contrast. The style also goes hand-in-hand with twists braids men. While it requires regular moisturizing and re-twisting, twists into a ponytail offer a distinctive appearance that exudes confidence and individuality.

18. Long Sleek Twists

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Long sleek twists for men is a distinctive hairstyle characterized by long, neatly twisted locks. To achieve this look, hair sections are tightly twisted into defined coils. This style can be paired with a well-groomed beard or goatee to enhance its appeal.

However, maintaining long sleek twists demands regular re-twisting and use of haircare products to enhance the twists and help them retain shape, making it somewhat high-maintenance. Nevertheless, it offers a polished and refined appearance that showcases confidence and individuality.

19. Loose Twists

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Mens twist hairstyles, Loose twists for men are a hairstyle defined by relaxed, lightly twisted locks that exude an effortless charm. To create this look, gently twist small hair sections, allowing for a more casual and natural appearance.

These twists can be paired with a clean, tapered cut on the sides and back, emphasizing a neat contrast. While loose twists require occasional moisturizing and are relatively straightforward to care for, they offer a laid-back yet fashionable appearance that showcases confidence and a touch of carefree individuality.

20. Long Hair Twists

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Long hair twists for men are a captivating hairstyle featuring extended, gracefully twisted locks. To create this look, begin by gently twisting sections of your long hair, which naturally results in a charming, textured appearance. 

While long hair twists require periodic use of haircare products to maintain the twists and twisting upkeep, they provide a captivating and free-spirited appearance that showcases a confident and unique sense of self-expression. This hairstyle embodies an effortless blend of individuality and elegance that leaves a lasting impression.