What Is The Story On Sedat Peker And Cem Küçük Twitter Video? Ilhas Holding CEO Update

Infamous Turkish mafia leader Sedat Peker ( Source : Arabobserver )

After an uncensored video of individuals having illegal relations surfaced on social media, Sedat Peker has become the subject of a massive influx of searches.

Turkish mafia leader and whistleblower Sedat Peker have made a number of accusations on his own YouTube channel regarding Turkish politicians and multiple instances of illicit government involvement.

In addition, he identified as a Turanist and Pan-Turkist who began a YouTube confession video series in May 2021.

He accused Tolga Aar, the son of the late interior minister Mehmet Aar, of raping and killing Yeldana Kahraman, a Kazakh student.

Additionally, a new viral film on social media featuring suspicions of homosexuality has gone viral. Let's find out more about the story's details.

Twitter Video On Sedat Peker And Cem Küçük

In the conflict between Cem Küçük and Sedat Peker, a video has just been released! It was asserted that Cem Küçük's boss, IHLAS Holding CEO Rasim Kaan Aytou, was the subject of the 18+ video circulated on social media.

Following Cem Küçük's assertion that Sedat Peker was "bluffing" and "didn't have anything essential," film of Rasim Kaan Aytou, CEO of Hlas Holding and AKP deputy candidate, with a group of men was leaked.

Sedat Peker, who revealed his interests in politics, the media, and bureaucracy and was found guilty of leading an organized crime group, disclosed the s*x images of a well-known person on social media after Cem Küçük singled him out, as per sources. 

According to reports, the subject currently serves as the CEO of a Turkish media outlet and was formerly an AKP member of parliament.

While many people have criticized the video, some have even claimed that it is inappropriate for someone to publish videos of their personal lives online.

Viral Images Of Ilhas Holding CEO 

A video with 18+ content has been making the rounds on the internet recently. Three people are seen engaging in explicit sexual activity in the video clip.

A number of images of Rasim Kaan Aytou, CEO of IHLAS Holding, became viral after the video went popular on social media.  A Twitter account purported to belong to Sedat Peker released s*x shots of the leader of a Turkish media group on social media this evening.

On the other hand, it was said that the name was briefly a contender for the AKP deputyship.



In addition, he is reportedly the CEO and a member of the board of Dubai's Tanmiyat Investment Holding Group.

He held positions as Kiler Real Estate Investment Trust's Board Member, Kiler Holding Group of Companies' Finance Group Head, and President of the Finance Group of Jeddah City Kentsel Gelişim Investment Holding, as per sources. 

Given that he is described as a married guy with a wife and kids, the viral video may have transpired in his personal life.

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Sedat Peker's Wife: Is He Married?

Sedat Peker married his wife, Ozge Yilmaz, a lawyer, on May 30, 2008, while he was still a prisoner and is said to be a part of the secret Turkish group Ergenekon, as per reports.

Additionally, according to her Instagram bio, she graduated from the Marmara University Faculty of Law with a law degree and currently resides in Istanbul, Abu Dhabi.

Even though her Instagram profile has been set to private mode, a dataset and details about her family can still be seen in her bio.

Additionally, Ozge Peker uploaded a video on her Instagram account showing Peker watching her daughter compete in gymnastics. Peker added a message to his portion that read, "Our father is a little emotional."

The couple have five children named Celal Han Peker, Serdar Han Peker, Filiz Lina Peker, Boğaçhan Talha Peker, and Mila Peker.

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Inside Sedat Perker's Family Facts

Sedat Peker was born to his parents, Ahmet Peker, Meryem Peker. In the Turkish province of Sakarya, Adapazar, he was raised in a Turkish household.

Both of his parents are claimed to have passed away; his mother passed away on April 18, 2009, in Bostanc, Istanbul, Turkey, while his father, Ahmet is said to have died in the year 2002.

Sedat is also mentioned as being the only child of his parents. Though it is difficult to confirm specifics regarding his parents, it is said that Sedat spent considerable time in Germany.

Furthermore, Peker was acquitted of the 1997 drug trafficker Abdullah Topçu murder charge. The two further suspects in the same case, who were allegedly Peker's workers, received life sentences.