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Tyler Posey Siblings Jesse Posey and Derek Posey Both Have Successful Careers

The Posey brothers have been in the entertainment industry for a very long time
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Tyler Posey siblings Jesse Posey and Derek Posey are both in the entertainment industry. Jesse is an actor and Derek is a county music artist.

While he has been acting since he was a small child, his younger sibling developed a passion for baseball at a young age and rose to the top of the Santa Clarita Valley's baseball skills.

The American actor was nominated twice for a Young Artist Award for his early work in a variety of children's film and television roles.

Posey is quite pleased with his early success because he received numerous honors for young acting, including a Teen Choice Award, and was nominated for numerous more.

He has been performing music since co-founding the band Lost in Kostko in 2009, where he was an active member for a number of years.

Tyler Posey Siblings Are All Entertainers

Tyler Posey has two siblings. His brothers Jessey Posey and Derek Posey also work in the entertainment industry.

The Posey brothers grew up in Santa Clarita, California where they had a great bond with each other. 

Tyler, the oldest of the three siblings, has constantly worked in cinema and television since they were little.

He made an appearance in the movie Collateral Damage in February 2002, and in the romantic comedy Maid in Manhattan in December of the same year, he played the lead character's son.

Younger brother Jessy childhood picture while he was climbing on the fridge
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In contrast, Derek bought his first guitar and taught himself how to play it after concluding his college football career at Trine University in the fall of 2013.

He did this to pass the time during his final semester and at that time he didn't know that he would become a famous country music singer.

His songs are well appreciated by his fans and can be listened to it on Youtube and Soundcloud.

Tyler Posey brother Jesse began playing basketball as a youngster but later switched to acting and directing. He currently plays the role of Chris Perez in the television series Selena.

Jesse Posey Is An Actor And A Producer

Jesse Posey is the younger brother of the actor. Jesse stars in the famous television series Selena.

In contrast to his former role, which included three short films and two television appearances, he now has a recurring part in the show. 

He played baseball for the Hart baseball team before he began his acting career and continued to play for Hancock College and College of the Canyons after high school.

Jesse shooting for his television series Selena
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He also enjoys playing the guitar and is passionate about music. He has always felt a little out of place because he likes genres of music that most people don't, such as punk and rock.

Posey developed a love for Selena's music while filming the show and picked up the guitar to play like her.

He claimed in an interview that playing the guitar is basic and uncomplicated, mainly consisting of up and down notes, and found it very easy while he was learning it through Youtube.

Derek Posey Is A Country Music Singer

In the suburbs of Newark, where he was born and raised, Derek Posey first picked up a guitar.

Three chords and a few broken strings later, he was playing rhythm guitar in a student bar band that had just formed the night before their debut show at 2 am in a nearby dive pub.

Derek returned back to Mt. Vernon, Ohio after graduating in May 2014, where he started The Derek Posey Band.

The band gained experience playing pubs, clubs, festivals, and corporate events throughout the United States between 2015 and 2019 in places like Denver, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and San Antonio.

Derek Posey with his wife and mother in law in a bar
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Derek has performed as the opening act for several country music stars, including Ray Scott, John Michael Montgomery, Aaron Tippin, Lee Greenwood, and Craig Campbell.

Derek is best characterized by his unapologetically red-dirt-tinged country music. He had a natural talent for writing authentic country music for the working class while growing up in a blue-collar family in Newark, Ohio.

His Parents Are Of Mixed Descent

Tyler Posey parents John Posey and Cyndi Terese Garcia Posey are of mixed descent. 

John, 60, initially toured with his performance when Tyler was a young child.

The two brothers not only serve as producers of the play but also play roles in their father's one-man show which was loved by their fans all around the world.

Tyler Posey father was quite happy with his sons because he has always produced his show alone, so it has been good to delegate some of the production to them.

In an interview, John in an interview with People said, "It's great to watch them develop into the men they've become."

Father John Posey

American actor John Posey is the father of Tyler and two more kids.

His six appearances as Dr. Conrad Fenris in Teen Wolf, a show that features his son, may have made him the most well-known in his long career in guest roles in episodes of other television series.

He also appeared frequently in the first two seasons (2014–2015) of How to Get Away with Murder as Judge Will Millstone.

He was selected to play Danny Tanner on the TV show Full House and was cast in the unaired pilot; however, Bob Saget took his place for the show's premiere.

He and his dad during their road trip on their motorcycle
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In 1981, he received his degree from the University of Florida, where he and a friend established the comedy troupe "Comedia" in Atlanta, Georgia. 

On Full House, John was initially slated to portray Danny Tanner. Posey was, however, replaced by Bob Saget following the completion of the original pilot episode filming.

Tyler started acting alongside his father when he was six years old, and up until the age of 20, he acquired several minor roles that helped him gain notoriety.

He always credits his father for the skills he taught him and for not letting fame get into his head.

Mother Cyndi Terese Garcia Posey

Tyler Posey mother Cyndi Terese Garcia Posey being of Mexican descent, was born in Hollywood, California, USA.

But unfortunately, he lost his mother to cancer on 12 December 2014, which was hard for him and his family. He said that his mother was the glue that held his whole family together.

He with his mother during her visit to the high school
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He was very depressed after losing his mother and in the same period, he ended his engagement with his childhood lover but focusing on his work saved him from various mental pressure.

She was Tyler's closest friend, and when she passed away at age 55, he struggled to get over the loss. The young actor paid tribute to his late mother on her 60th birthday, which would have been in 2019.