Ultra Kay Bernstein Wikipedia- Who Is The New President Of Bundesliga Soccer Club?

Kay Bernstein is the new Hertha President ( Source : Zdf )

Kay Bernstein was just chosen President of the Bundesliga Soccer Club, and everyone is curious about the president's Wikipedia bio.

Bernstein has been appointed as the next President of Hertha BSC. The election at the extraordinary general meeting is a success for the club's active fan base - and a resounding setback for the club's hierarchy.

Hertha has chosen a new president. And what a kid of the curve he is. Kay, a former ultra who was barred from entering stadiums, is now a communications entrepreneur.

The club establishment that was voted out received a slap in the face. It is to be hoped that those who chose the extreme break did so for more than merely protest.

Because the organization's tasks are immense, and Bernstein has no expertise in leading such a large organization.

More On Ultra Kay Bernstein Wikipedia Bio

Kay Bernstein has been appointed as the new president of the Berlin Bundesliga club. The 41-year-old should guide Hertha BSC to success in the future.

The 41-year-old was voted to the significant position during the Berliners' extraordinary general meeting on Sunday.

Bernstein was elected with 1670 votes out of 3040 casts. Bernstein is the owner of a marketing firm and a former Hertha Ultra player.

Former ultra Kay Bernstein has been chosen as the club's new president
Former ultra Kay Bernstein has been chosen as the club's new president ( Source : Premierseason )

The club's fans applauded as Bernstein's victory was announced. He took over for Werner Gegenbauer, who retired at the end of May after 14 years on the job.

The election had been awaited for fourteen years under Werner Gegenbauer. It's a success for the active fan base and a disaster for the club's hierarchy.

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Who Is The New President Of the Bundesliga Soccer Club, Kay Bernstein?

Kay Bernstein was the lead singer of the East Stand of the Bundesliga football team and is still involved in fan social programs.

He has never played for a top or legitimate Bundesliga team. Bernstein stated that he could not do it alone. He wishes to form a group.

Everyone inside and outside the club needs a break. Lars Windhorst, an investor, is also on the team. And now, the fans of Hertha Berlin elect a former ultra as club president, Bernstein.

Huge cheers and screams of "Ha Ho He, Hertha BSC" erupted from Bernstein's followers when the outcome was announced.

The 41-year-old, who defines himself as a "child of the curve," was visibly moved and blew many times through the stage.

"I appreciate your trust," he remarked. Everyone can contribute to regaining the club's "blue and white essence."

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Who Are Ultra Kay Bernstein's Wife And Family?

Kay Bernstein, the recently chosen president of the Bundesliga Soccer Club, appears to be a private person since the ex-ultra player has not made any public comments about his personal life.

However, the president has been shown with a baby hatch twice on his official Instagram account, implying that Kay is a married man with a child.

Bernstein has also published a family photo on Instagram under the alias kay.bernstein, however, is unclear if he is married or not from the photo.

Despite this, no additional information on the ex-ultra player can be located. Kay has managed to keep his personal life as low-key as he like.

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