Who Is Vico Ortiz? Everything To Know About The Actor

Vico Ortiz is a genderqueer actor from a Caribbean island. Learn more about their biography and more in this article.

Vico Ortiz is a well-known non-binary actor from Puerto Rico. Vico is known for appearances in the shows like Vida, American Horror Story, S.O.Z: Soldados o Zombies, and Everything's Gonna Be Okay. 

Moreover, in 2014, they had acted in the TV series Transparent as Cindy in the sequence Best New Girl which made them recognized in the audience and grasp an opportunity to the LGBTQ and entertainment community.

Who Is Vico Ortiz? Know Their Age On Wikipedia

Vico Ortiz is a bigender actor who had recognized themself as an actor from childhood age. They had grown up and were raised in Puerto Rico by actors Gerardo Ortiz and Evelyn Rosario. They had grown up in the entertainment background with stage performers. 

Vico is 30 years old as of October 2021. Vico was growing up on the stage where their mother and father used to show the stage performances while doing homework. They used to love their parent's acts and had helped with props and customs. 

Moreover, Vico was in the arts and had represented Puerto Rico to the World. Although Vico is a new sensation non-binary actor, Wikipedia has not featured him on its official page. Despite this, their information is accessible on other social sites.

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Vico Ortiz Net Worth 2022 Revealed

Vico Ortiz's Net Worth is under review. They had not disclosed their cash flow to the public. So, we are unable to provide you the detail about their salary. However, we can estimate they had acquired husky amount from their profession.

Moreover, Vico had gained sixty-three credits as an actor and seven credits as a stunt performer. Through the breakthrough of their national fencing team, they break out into the film industry as a stunt performer.

Also, They had worked as a casting assistant, boom operator, and additional choreography. They had started their acting career in 2011 at age 19 in a short video Oprah's Audience Moves on as Victoria Ortiz.

After the breakout in the Transparent, they had made their acting more efficient from their role in other well-known series Lucifer, Criminal Minds, and more. 

Meet Vico Ortiz On Instagram

Vico Ortiz is actively using Instagram under username @puertoricaninja and gathered 14.4k followers. Also, Vico got verified by Instagram.

Analyzing Vico's profile, besides acting, they love to travel and party with their friends. Also, they had posted their family, friends, and cast member on their Social page. 

Vico is so grateful as they have people in their life that they feel safe with and who feel safe with them. Also, Vico mentioned being a vulnerable one. They had gone through human experience and the opportunity to connect and love outside of the binaries and expectations.

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