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Wardell Leaving TSM Valorant After Mutual Separation From The Team, Where Is He Going?

Wardell is a social personality who is leaving the TSM Valorant team after the mutual decision with the organization.

Wardell is a social media influencer active on social sites like Twitch, Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube. He was a previous member of the Global gaming and entertainment organization.

Moreover, Wardell, also known as Matt" Wardell" Yu, is one of the finest players in the North American region who had left TMS Valorant. Due to the community pressure held by TMS, where they had to lose the player, Wardell.  

Where Is Wardell Going After Leaving TSM Valorant?

Wardell had left TSM Valorant in March but has not disclosed his future provision. He may be more involved in his social account and make more videos and posts. Also, ZMM OgSlym had welcomed Wardell to ZMM, which means he may be joining the ZMM.

On March 24, 2022, the TSM team had mutually parted from the webstar, Wardell. He had decided to leave the team after the team decided to move to Texas. He had taken his step out of the TMS. 

Moreover, Wardell was a vital part of the TSM organization. Also, TMS had wished him and wanted him to succeed in his career. Although he had left the team, his team supported him in his future goals. 

Further, On March 29, 2022, he had shared the video saying Why I left TSM on his Youtube Channel. Also, he had shared various games video after leaving the team. He has not left his content work. Also, he came to live on his Twitch account. 

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What Happened To Wardell? Is He Going To Be Replaced?

Wardell has left the TMS after the announcement of moving the whole team to Texas for hard work.TMS wants to improve the performance of their roster, so they decided to move along with all players and Coaches. 

Moreover, they had decided to move in February after their poor performance, and finally, Matt parted from the group in March. The act of the organization led him to leave the team. So, he was not replaced but left the roster team for good.

Further, the community-led Wardell expects to go separate from the organization. He was the prospective player who got in a high position being the roster. But after living with the team, the case has changed. 

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