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Was Zfancy Arrested Again Over Pranks? Youtuber & Content Creator Gets Into Trouble Over His Videos

Zfancy is undoubtedly Nigeria's finest prankster who was arrested by the military. He's a talented comedian, videographer, content developer, and social media influencer.

On his YouTube channel, ZfancyTV, Zfancy is well-known for making prank films. The trickster is known for his skill to surprise his viewers with his material.

Zfancy has been pranking since he was a child, but he took his pranking business seriously in 2017 when he launched his YouTube account and began producing videos about pranks.

The goal of picking a job is to bring smiles to people's faces and improve the planet.

Unfortunately, Zfancy has faced many obstacles and difficulties in his profession, as conducting pranks has not always been simple. He has been beaten by individuals who did not acknowledge it was a gag at first.

Was Zfancy Arrested Again Over Pranks?

Yes, Zfancy was arrested for his pranks in November last year. 

According to a video uploaded, the risk-taker was caught in one of Lagos' streets where he carried out his pranks, apprehended by military personnel, and led to their van.

His tricks and jokes must have gone awry on someone he was playing, and his reaction resulted in the prankster's arrest.

As anticipated, some internet users have backed his arrest, claiming that it will serve as a lesson to Zfancy for his costly joke, leaving some mentally unwell.

The prankster was caught in a shopping center in Lekki, Lagos State, in 2018 after pranking on a man and forcing his girlfriend to see his filthy underwear. As a result, Zfancy was detained and held in a police cell for several days.

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More on Zfancy Youtube Video & Reactions From Fans

Zfancy is known for his costly jokes and pranks that make people laugh; even though almost all of his performances are risky, he still succeeds in amusing his viewers.

Some of his fans positively respond to his videos and pranks, while some people do not like him for it. 

While he was arrested by the military last year, many people reacted, so here are some of the comments:

Some of their antics are pointless. It's not funny, and it's much too pricey. While our military is not well-coordinated, some of these pranksters must stop!!

All for the sake of a joke, putting people's physical and mental well-being at risk.

What Is Zfancy Real Name, And Who Is His family?

The real name of Zfancy is Zion Ubani Chibuike, but most people know him by his nickname. 

Zfancy comes from Abia State, but he and his family raised him in Lagos State, where he had elementary and secondary schooling. In the year 1995, he was born on August 18th.

Zfancy had a reputation for accosting his siblings and cousins since he was seven years old.

His mom has always been a strong supporter of his work; nevertheless, he had a severe dad who often prevented him from pranking his siblings, and at the age of 17, he left his family's home because he couldn't stand his stern dad any longer.

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